Streetfight: Handbook for an Urban Revolution  eBooks & eLearning

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Streetfight: Handbook for an Urban Revolution

Streetfight: Handbook for an Urban Revolution
Language: English | AZW3 / EPUB | ISBN-10: 0525429840 | 2016 | 368 pages | 16 MB / 16 MB

An empowering road map for rethinking, reinvigorating, and redesigning our cities, from a pioneer in the movement for safer, more livable streets

Urban Combatives Volume 1: Counter-Knife Tactics  

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Urban Combatives Volume 1: Counter-Knife Tactics

Urban Combatives Volume 1: Counter-Knife Tactics
2—ÖDVDRip | AVI/XviD, ~1197 kb/s | 560x416 | Duration: 02:35:26 | English: MP3, 128 kb/s (2 ch) | 1,36 GB
Genre: Sport, Martial Arts, Self-Defense

Relying on unarmed combatives against a knife is dangerous business. A streetfight is hostile, unpredictable, and downright vicious. In this exclusive video from Paladin Press, Urban Combatives instructor Lee Morrison teaches you how to remove the unpredictability and unleash a bit of viciousness yourself. Learn how to deal with a threat both before the knife is out and when the knife is in play, as well as how to prevail in holdups and ambushes. In a streetfight that involves an edged weapon, it's Russian roulette as to what happens to you. If avoidance, escape, and de-escalation are not options, this video will show you how to shut down the threat quickly and decisively. Be warned: this video does not sugarcoat the reality of a knife attack. While acknowledging the very real possibility that you will get cut, Lee shows you real-world situational control and damage-limitation strategies to increase your odds of survival. Reverse the confrontational dynamic, derail your assailant's intentions, and change your status from prey to predator. For information purposes only.

Dominion - Conflict 1 No More Noise (2008)  Comics

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Dominion - Conflict 1 No More Noise (2008)

Dominion - Conflict 1 No More Noise (2008)
English | CBR | 161 pages | 193.80 MB

"Welcome to the future of vast bio-constructed cities with crime so severe that the cops drive tanks! For top tank-cop Leona Ozaki (and her trusty tank, Bonaparte), the day-to-day is a tall order already, but when the villainous and sexy (and super-powered androids!) Puma sisters become duly deputized officers of the law and are assigned to "help" Leona catch Urushi-Maru, "The Skyscraper Pirate," things are bound to get out of hand, especially in the midst of a full-on, tank-on-tank streetfight between Leona and a corrupt arms manufacturer bent on getting the city's police tank contract! Produced by international comics superstar Shirow Masamune, creator of Appleseed and Ghost in the Shell, Dominion is an ecological-dystopian-police procedural adventure/comedy as only Shirow can create!"

Madness in Bloom (2002)  Video

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Madness in Bloom (2002)

Kyoki no sakura/Madness in Bloom (2002)
DVDRip by VoMiT | AVI/RAR | 592 x 320 | 1600kbps | 1253kbps XviD 23.976fps | AC-3 CBR 192kbps (2 chnls) | 699.61MB | 699.08MB
Language: Japanese | Subtitle: English | Runtime: 54min | 67min
Genre: Drama | Action

Yamaguchi (Yosuke Kubozuka), Ichikawa (Rikiya) and Kosugi (Genki Sudo) dress in white military-style uniforms to clean the streets of Shibuya from bad elements. After right-wing gang boss Aota (Yoshio Harada) takes an interest in the three, the boys gradually become influenced by him, but start to go their different ways. Yamaguchi has a fateful meeting with high school student Keiko (Mariko Takahashi) in the midst of a streetfight. Then war breaks out between Aota's gang, the Seishu Domei, and rival gang Konishi-Gumi, after the three attack a nightclub that was supposedly selling drugs. The three are drawn into the mess, and Yamaguchi loses Ichikawa and Kosugi. Then Yamaguchi gets shot when he's with Keiko…