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Steven Saylor - Wrath of the Furies  eBooks & eLearning

Posted by stabiq at March 15, 2016
Steven Saylor - Wrath of the Furies

Steven Saylor - Wrath of the Furies
2016 | EPUB/MOBI | 320 pages | ASIN: B012D65P2Q | ISBN-10: 1250015987, 1250105781 | English | 2.4 MB

With its expert mix of comedy and tragedy, Wrath may be Saylor's most thought-provoking work, a book that shows sympathy for all while asking us to ponder mankind's seemingly limitless capacity to do terrible things.

Steven Saylor "Roma"  eBooks & eLearning

Posted by TimMa at June 27, 2011
Steven Saylor "Roma"

Steven Saylor "Roma"
Publisher: La Esfera de los Libros | 2009 | ISBN: 8497347048 | Spanish | True PDF | 344 pages | 3.73 Mb

En esta nueva novela, Steven Saylor ”escritor aclamado por la crítica internacional gracias a sus recreaciones del mundo romano” da vida a la epopeya de los primeros mil años de existencia de la ciudad de Roma, desde antes de su fundación por los gemelos Rómulo y Remo hasta su increíble ascenso como capital del Imperio más poderoso de todos los tiempos.

Steven Saylor - Catalina's Riddle  eBooks & eLearning

Posted by chukim84 at March 1, 2010
Steven Saylor - Catalina's Riddle

Steven Saylor - Catalina's Riddle
English | AudioBooks | MP3 64Kbps | 530.05 MB

Saylor ( Arms of Nemesis ) has written another gripping and entertaining historical whodunit. Narrator Gordianus, disillusioned by the corruption of Rome circa 63 B.C., has fled the city with his family to live on a farm in the Etruscan countryside. But this bucolic life is disrupted by the machinations and murderous plots of two politicians: Roman consul Cicero, Gordianus's longtime patron; and populist senator Catalina, Cicero's political rival and a candidate to replace him in the annual elections for consul. Claiming that Catalina plans an uprising if he loses the race, Cicero asks Gordianus to keep a watchful eye on the radical. Although he distrusts both men, Gordianus is forced into the center of the power struggle when his six-year-old daughter Diana finds a headless corpse in their stable. Shrewdly depicting deadly political maneuverings, this addictive mystery also displays the author's firm grasp of history and human character.

Steven Saylor - The Venus Throw  eBooks & eLearning

Posted by chukim84 at March 1, 2010
Steven Saylor - The Venus Throw

Steven Saylor - The Venus Throw
English | AudioBooks | MP3/64Kbps | 358.03 MB

Saylor has established a fine reputation with his mystery novels set in ancient Rome and starring Gordianus the Finder, an early PI. In his fourth adventure, in 56 B.C., Gordianus is visited by Dio, his teacher of Greek philosophy 30 years earlier in Alexandria, who is now on an Egyptian delegation to Rome. Dio, whose fellow delegates are being killed, fears being poisoned; so Gordianus offers him an untainted dinner. Poor Dio dies that night anyway, stabbed and poisoned. Gordianus looks into the doings of his late teacher's companion, the eunuch priest Trygonion, who had accompanied Dio that evening. A beautiful, sex-hungry widow accuses Gordianus's neighbor, a young, loudmouthed lawyer, of murdering Dio, and she hires Gordianus to prove her charges. Saylor gives the widow a gloriously handsome, incest-inclined brother and sets his tale simmering with eroticism, adding engrossing historical filler about Roman law, politics and goddess cults. The result is a talky, absorbing brew of Rome's decay. The title refers to luck at dice.

Steven Saylor - A Murder on the Appian Way  eBooks & eLearning

Posted by chukim84 at March 1, 2010
Steven Saylor - A Murder on the Appian Way

Steven Saylor - A Murder on the Appian Way
English | AudioBook | MP3/64Kbps | 456.91 MB

Turmoil strikes Rome in A.D. 52 in this stand-out novel by the author of The Venus Throw. Once again, Gordianus the Finder is put in the delicate position of having to solve a crime and keep his own counsel amid the scheming and duplicitous rulers of Rome. Publius Clodius, a powerful populist politician with an unsavory personal life, is murdered while traveling on the Appian Way. The prime suspect is Clodius's arch rival, patrician Titus Milo, and the repercussions are many-for the state, the judicial system and the military. Gordianus is brought into the case by his neighbor, Cicero, who is defending Milo and needs a bit of discreet detective work. Gordianus doesn't have much use for "lawyers," especially not for the silver-tongued Cicero, whose motives he distrusts, but the case is too intriguing to turn down. An unusual and morally sturdy character, Gordianus is honest without being sanctimonious, a savvy observer of the political scene who never loses his integrity. He's also a clear and faithful narrator. Soon, he finds himself dealing with the likes of Pompey, Caesar and Mark Antony as he unravels the complicated threads of the crime. Meanwhile, Rome is burning as Clodius's followers riot to avenge their murdered leader. The suspense never lags as Saylor spins a sophisticated political thriller that also brings his readers up to speed on their Roman history.
Steven Reinhardt Quartet - Thaissy Bolero (2018) [Official Digital Download]

Steven Reinhardt Quartet - Thaissy Bolero (2018)
FLAC (tracks) 24-bit/48 kHz | Time - 37:00 minutes | 455 MB
Studio Master, Official Digital Download | Artwork: PDF info

Steven Reinhardt is a French Gipsy guitar performer. Steven is the descendant of legendary guitar master Django Reinhardt's cousin. He is a member of this broad family that carries around the world, generations after generations, a special way of playing music. Listening to Steven's music is like hearing centuries of Manouche tradition: A way of life, a unique culture. He is actually performing in quartet. Steven Reinhardt's second album, "Thaissy Bolero", dedicated to his daughter Thaissy.

Steven Universe S05E06  TV Series

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Steven Universe S05E06

Steven Universe S05E06
WEB-DL | MKV | 1280x720 | English | H264 @ 3740 kbps | AAC @ 157 kbps | 11 min 8 s | 311 MiB
Subtitles: English
Genre: Animation, Comedy

A young boy takes his mother's place in a group of gemstone-based beings, and must learn to control his powers.

Empire: An Epic Novel of Ancient Rome (Rome 2) (Repost)  eBooks & eLearning

Posted by advisors at May 1, 2013
Empire: An Epic Novel of Ancient Rome (Rome 2) (Repost)

Empire: An Epic Novel of Ancient Rome (Rome 2) By Steven Saylor
2010 | 576 Pages | ISBN: 1845298586 | EPUB | 2 MB

Roma: The Epic Novel Of Ancient Rome (Rome 1) (Repost)  eBooks & eLearning

Posted by advisors at May 1, 2013
Roma: The Epic Novel Of Ancient Rome (Rome 1) (Repost)

Roma: The Epic Novel Of Ancient Rome (Rome 1) By Steven Saylor
2008 | 800 Pages | ISBN: 1845295668 | EPUB | 2 MB

Roma: The Novel of Ancient Rome (Novels of Ancient Rome) (Audiobook)  eBooks & eLearning

Posted by interes at Nov. 17, 2012
Roma: The Novel of Ancient Rome (Novels of Ancient Rome) (Audiobook)

Roma: The Novel of Ancient Rome (Novels of Ancient Rome) (Audiobook) By Steven Saylor
English | 2008 | ISBN: 0312377622 | MP3 | 606 MB

Spanning a thousand years, and following the shifting fortunes of two families though the ages, this is the epic saga of Rome, the city and its people.
Weaving history, legend, and new archaeological discoveries into a spellbinding narrative, critically acclaimed novelist Steven Saylor gives new life to the drama of the city's first thousand years – from the founding of the city by the ill-fated twins Romulus and Remus, through Rome's astonishing ascent to become the capitol of the most powerful empire in history. Roma recounts the tragedy of the hero-traitor Coriolanus, the capture of the city by the Gauls, the invasion of Hannibal, the bitter political struggles of the patricians and plebeians, and the ultimate death of Rome's republic with the triumph, and assassination, of Julius Caesar.