BBC - Rosslyn Chapel: A Treasure in Stone (2010)  Video

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BBC - Rosslyn Chapel: A Treasure in Stone (2010)

BBC - Rosslyn Chapel: A Treasure in Stone (2010)
HDTV | 1920 x 1080 | .MP4/AVC @ 3218 Kbps | 58mn 53s | 1.40 GB
Audio: English AAC 187 kbps, 6 channels | Subs: English
Genre: Documentary

The exquisite Rosslyn Chapel is a masterpiece in stone. It used to be one of Scotland's best-kept secrets, but it became world-famous when it was featured in Dan Brown's the Da Vinci Code.

The Secrets of Rosslyn (Repost)  eBooks & eLearning

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The Secrets of Rosslyn (Repost)

Roddy Martine, "The Secrets of Rosslyn"
2009 | pages: 161 | ISBN: 1841587885 | EPUB | 2,3 mb

Secrets of Rosslyn  

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Secrets of Rosslyn

Roddy Martine, "Secrets of Rosslyn"
ISBN: 1841587885 | 2006 | EPUB/MOBI | 224 pages | 2 MB/2 MB

John Taylor / Marc Johnson / Joey Baron – Rosslyn (2003)  

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John Taylor / Marc Johnson / Joey Baron – Rosslyn (2003)

John Taylor / Marc Johnson / Joey Baron – Rosslyn (2003)
Jazz | EAC Rip | FLAC, image+cue+log+covers | 265 MB
Label: ECM 1751 | 2003 | Total Time: 51:41 | RAR 5% Recovery | Host:

Taylor's subtle but energized touch and flowing melodic inventions find a ready response from Johnson and Baron, two players who excel in the kind of unexpected twists and turns and intricate textural interplay so typical of the pianist's musical imagination. Taylor's original inspiration lies deep in the central jazz tradition, whatever the complex weave of influences and new directions he may have added. Lyrical, intelligent and hugely resourceful music-making, with pristine recorded sound to match.
~ Jazzwise, Kenny Mathieson

Tim Wallace-Murphy - Il codice segreto dei Templari (repost)  eBooks & eLearning

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Tim Wallace-Murphy - Il codice segreto dei Templari (repost)

Tim Wallace-Murphy - Il codice segreto dei Templari
Italian | Newton Compton | 2013 | ASIN: B00CQBU1XW | 392 pages | EPUB | 4 MB

La vera storia del simbolismo nascosto nell’arte rinascimentale è assai più affascinante di qualsiasi romanzo. Queste pagine, attraverso la decifrazione dei messaggi segreti celati in grandi opere architettoniche – come le magnifiche cattedrali di Chartres, Reims e Amiens, la misteriosa cappella di Rosslyn in Scozia, l’enigmatico villaggio di Rennes-le-Château – portano alla luce una storia fatta di complotti e intrighi, di poteri corrotti e di valorosi eroismi, di disinformazione, tradimento e cavalleria: una storia “altra” che la Chiesa dell’epoca ha provato in tutti i modi a tenere nascosta.

Telemann - La Changeante (Simon Standage)  

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Telemann - La Changeante (Simon Standage)

Telemann - La Changeante (Simon Standage)
Classical | EAC | Flac(Image)+Cue, Logs, Scans | 311.96 MB
CD:63’20 | July 29, 1991 | Chandos

Recorded in 1990 at Rosslyn Hill Chapel, Hampstead (London), this beautifully produced CD contains six lesser-known works for violin(s) by Germany’s most prolific 18th century composer, Georg Philipp Telemann, who was, during his lifetime, considerably more famous (and more in demand) than any of the Bach dynasty. But as Nicholas Anderson points out in his rather brief introduction to this music, “Telemann did not altogether avoid in his own music those features which he criticised in others; sometimes his harmonies seem sparse, his passagework perfunctory.” Telemann was a great musician, but the violin “seems to have been that in which he was least fluent”. It is also well-known that Telemann’s facility in composing has gained him a reputation for producing quantity rather than quality – a reputation which, on the whole, is undeserved…
Antonio Vivaldi - Viola d'amore Concertos - Catherine Mackintosh/OAE

Antonio Vivaldi - Viola d'amore Concertos
Classical, Baroque | 1 CD | EAC | FLAC, CUE, LOG | Scans | 342 MB | RS
Recorded: 12-14 Feb. 1995, Rosslyn Hill Unitarian Chapel, Hampstead, London, UK
Released: 2004 [1995] | Label: Hyperion/Helios CDH55178 | TT: 67:18

Catherine Mackintosh (viola d'amore, dir.) - Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment

Mackintosh, on top form, acts her role with the utmost virtuosity, lovely tone, unimpeachable intonation, and fine style - with some elegant embroidery. The OAE rise to the occasion, making this splendidly engineered recording one to treasure. […] It has all the advantages that the passing of time can (but does not always) bring in this field in relation to the development of both period performance and of recording technique. (, April 1996)
William Byrd: Gradualia - The Marian Masses (The William Byrd Choir, dir. Gavin Turner) (Helios)

William Byrd: Gradualia - The Marian Masses (The William Byrd Choir, dir. Gavin Turner) (Helios)
1 CD | EAC Rip | APE, IMG+CUE, LOG | 304 MB in 4 parts | TT 79:39| Covers, Complete Booklet, Bonus Material
Early Music | Vocal (Mass) | Label: Helios | Cat.Nr: CDH55047 | RAR 3% Rec. | Sharebee = Badongo, Megaupload, DepositFile, zShare (NO Rapidshare)
Recorded in Rosslyn Hill, Chapel, Hampstead, on 27 28 February, 1 March 1990

"If you didn't get this disc first time round, don't hesitate to buy it now" (Early Music Review)

"The singing is exquisite, the balance always right, the intensity of devotion always present" (Fanfare, USA)

"Byrd at his most impressive and sublime here in the glorious Nunc dimittis and in the delicate intricacy of Optimam partem. The recording and performances are superb." (BBC Music Magazine Top 1000 CDs Guide)
Secrets of the Da Vinci Code ( Respected British Royal & Origins of Christianity )

US News "Secrets of the DA VINCI CODE (Respected British Royal & Origins of Christianity)"
US News | 2006 | ISBN: 7148602300 | Pages: 92 | PDF | 7.18 MB

An dweller professor, a bonny land cryptographer, a reputable nation Royal and the genuine origins of faith are the primary characters in the best-selling newborn The Da Vinci Code. It has embellish a world-wide phenomenon, with over 40 meg copies sold, supported on its provocative assertions.But this 24 distance stimulate mate finished “pseudo-history” has also lighted a firestorm of questions most religion, sex, the Church, revival art, and modify the story of the Western World. Plus, the newborn blackamoor histrion flick has created modify more controversy.
So U.S. News & World Report has updated our fascinating in-depth inform that answers some of the questions and controversies presented in the example book.
Here are meet a some of the stories you’ll find:
* Behind the Code. Follow the dawdle from the Louvre in town to Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland
* All About Mary. Find discover if Jewess Magdalene was a saint, a sinner, or the spouse of Jesus
* History’s Greatest Coverup? Discover the Gospels that were unseeable for 1,600 years

Da Vinci Code Decoded (Audiobook)  eBooks & eLearning

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Da Vinci Code Decoded (Audiobook)

Da Vinci Code Decoded (Audiobook)
By Martin Lunn

2005 | MP3 84 kbps (avg) | 44 Khz | ID3 | 80MB

This deluxe 2 CD audiobook brings Lynn Picknett, Clive Prince, Henry Lincoln, Margaret Starbird, Dan Burnstein, Karen Ralls, and Martin Lunn (author of the original Da Vinci Code Decoded) together to discuss everything from the Priory of Sion to Rennes-le-Chateau, Rosslyn Chapel to Mary Magdalene.