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Udemy - Excellence in Excel! Create a dynamic Gantt Chart in Excel!  eBooks & eLearning

Posted by naag at Oct. 16, 2015
Udemy - Excellence in Excel! Create a dynamic Gantt Chart in Excel!

Udemy - Excellence in Excel! Create a dynamic Gantt Chart in Excel!
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Excel tools, create a Gantt Chart that is 100% dynamic and helps you earn more in you profession or business.

OrgBusiness Gantt Chart 1.8  Software

Posted by hoorny at Jan. 18, 2009
OrgBusiness Gantt Chart 1.8

OrgBusiness Gantt Chart 1.8 | 15,2 MB

The Gantt Chart is a modern and extremely easy-in-use project plan system. This system allows you to specify complex tasks sequences - a task or multiple tasks can be required to be completed before other tasks can be started. This modern and extremely handy program makes project management a real pleasure. It allows any specialist to create a profile to run a personal schedule. The program enables users to switch between profiles to view the schedule of any staff member, it is also possible to view multiple profiles simultaneously or open the schedules of several specialists at the same time. Once you've specified a required sequence, it is automatically visualized across a horizontal timeline. Task dependency is shown via connector lines.

Lynda - Gantt Charts Explained  eBooks & eLearning

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Lynda - Gantt Charts Explained

Lynda - Gantt Charts Explained
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What is a Gantt chart? A Gantt chart is an incredibly helpful way to illustrate the critical deadlines associated with any project—connecting start and end dates of individual tasks and their interdependencies. In this course, project management trainer and Gantt chart aficionado Chris Croft explains how to create and use a Gantt chart for a variety of purposes, using different Gantt chart software.

Think-Cell Chart 5.1.17959  Software

Posted by sky_0926 at Dec. 21, 2009
Think-Cell Chart 5.1.17959

Think-Cell Chart 5.1.17959 | 9.36 MB

Creating data-driven charts in Microsoft PowerPoint is painstaking and cumbersome. Frequently used graphical elements are not integrated into the charts, automatic placement of labels does not work, and some chart types are simply not available. This results in large amounts of manual work and endless adjustments of graphical elements.

iMindQ Corporate 8.1.2 Build 51847  Software

Posted by Dizel_ at March 26, 2017
iMindQ Corporate 8.1.2 Build 51847

iMindQ Corporate 8.1.2 Build 51847 | 90 Mb

iMindQ is a dynamic and exciting mind mapping software tool for visual thinking, brainstorming, planning and organizing ideas. iMindQ helps you map out information and improve your memorization, productivity and creativity. It is great for solving problems, planning, decision making, improving communication and collaboration.

MindView 6.0.9  Software

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MindView 6.0.9

MindView 6.0.9 | MacOSX | 206 MB

MindView Mac is a powerful mind mapping software that assists users in brainstorming, organizing and presenting ideas visually. MindView Mac has 6 interchangeable views including a Gantt Chart and Timeline, helping you turn ideas into action faster than ever before! With unique project management features and the industry's best MS Office integration, MindView Mac is the leader in Mac mind mapping software.

Critical Tools WBS Schedule Pro (WBS) 5.1.0020  Software

Posted by Givaraa at Feb. 16, 2017
Critical Tools WBS Schedule Pro (WBS) 5.1.0020

Critical Tools WBS Schedule Pro (WBS) 5.1.0020 | 30.04 MB

WBS Schedule Pro (WBS Version) is the same software as WBS Schedule Pro with the same overall features and the same user interface. The only difference is that the Network Chart and Gantt Chart features have been disabled. If you only need to plan and manage your projects using WBS Charts then this is a great low price alternative to the complete WBS Schedule Pro package.

CreativeMarket - Creative Elements and Format Painter  Graphics

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CreativeMarket - Creative Elements and Format Painter

CreativeMarket - Creative Elements and Format Painter
PowerPoint PPTX | 15 MB

PowerPoint Pro [repost]  eBooks & eLearning

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PowerPoint Pro [repost]

PowerPoint Pro
HDRips | MP4/AVC, ~165 kb/s | 1024x768 | Duration: 7 hours | English: AAC, 53 kb/s (2 ch) | 815 MB
Genre: Economics and finances

PowerPoint Pro teaches you everything you need to know about PowerPoint Pro for investment banking and private equity, from navigation basics and slides, text, and objects up through pasting in Excel data, grouping and aligning shapes, and then putting the finishing touches on your presentation.

XMind 7 Pro 3.6.1 build 201512240104 Multilangual (Win/Mac)  Software

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XMind 7 Pro 3.6.1 build 201512240104 Multilangual (Win/Mac)

XMind 7 Pro 3.6.1 build 201512240104 Multilangual (Win/Mac) | 149 MB / 181 MB

XMind is the most popular mind mapping tool. Millions of people use XMind to clarify thinking, manage complex information, run brainstorming and get work organized. We want all platform users to have the same experience. It couldn’t be easier to get started.