Finishing Techniques for Crochet: Give Your Crochet That Professional Look

Finishing Techniques for Crochet: Give Your Crochet That Professional Look by Pauline Turner
Publisher: Anova Books | 2009 | English | ISBN-10: 1843404737 | 112 pages | JPG | 93 MB

Professional and seasoned crocheters know how to make well-crafted garments, and as a knitter, you deserve the same polished look from your designs. Finishing Techniques for Crochet provides enthuasiasts with the technical know-how to create garments which fit as well as they look. From creating a slip knot to slipping your first stitch, from working with colour to joining new yarns, the book provides a one-stop foundation to the most popular techniques and explains how to work each method properly. When you're ready to move on, discover techniques for proper shaping and sizing as well as seaming. Furthermore, if you're looking for a decorative finish to your garments, one chapter features examples of how to embellish your projects with beads, pompoms, fringes and tassels. What about tailoring? Creating the perfect buttonholes or a lining to your latest jacket will never be easier. Whether you're a student learning how to cast on your first stitch or an expert knitter who simply wants to improve an old skill, Finishing Techniques for Crochet will be an invaluable addition to any crochet library.

Pascal Comelade - Mètode de rocanrol (2008)  

Posted by tahita at Sept. 18, 2009
Pascal Comelade - Mètode de rocanrol (2008)

Pascal Comelade - Mètode de rocanrol (2008)
Experimental Exotica | EAC | FLAC, CUE, LOG | art | 322 Mb | RS
Becose Music under exclusive license to Discmedi, DM 4475-02 - DL: B 902-2008

An inspiration both popular and academic. His musical world seems made of odds and ends, reminiscent of country dances in the small hours, while the last pompoms fade away, or a smoky cabaret club where the artists sing their numbers on a wobbly stage. Comelade’s compositions have a rare evocative power, they depict sibylline atmospheres that leave the listener’s imagination free to roam with the melodies. "My music is very like painting. I don’t like giving signposts, it is up to each person to hear in it what they want to hear." he says, smiling.

Fluffy Critters  Graphics

Posted by Alexpal at May 6, 2009
Fluffy Critters

Fluffy Critters | 16 Mb

'Fluffy Critters' is a set of 15 cute and fluffy critters for any decorative and festive occasion, 300dpi, .png, around 800x800px
You will fall in love with these fuzzy cutes. Honestly. They are just perfect for any sort of decoration where you would like to add some cuteness.

If you want to make more, they all have the same base - 'Lots of PomPoms' that can be found in my store. So these 15 darlings can be just the start of a cute (!) fluffy craze of your own.