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Twilight - New Moon Calendar 2010  Graphics

Posted by Mitsu at Oct. 14, 2009
Twilight - New Moon Calendar 2010

Twilight - New Moon Calendar 2010
13 JPG | 2100 x 2275(UHQ) | 8.99 MB

Full Moon - Simple Moon Phases Calendar and Lunar Calendar 1.2 for ios  Software

Posted by mohzohdi25 at Jan. 25, 2016
Full Moon - Simple Moon Phases Calendar and Lunar Calendar 1.2 for ios

Full Moon - Simple Moon Phases Calendar and Lunar Calendar 1.2 for ios | 14.1 MB

Full Moon is the most simple and easy to use Moon Calendar on the App Store.

Deluxe Moon HD Moon Phase Calendar 1.34  Software

Posted by Темный Повелитель at July 15, 2012
Deluxe Moon HD Moon Phase Calendar 1.34

Deluxe Moon HD Moon Phase Calendar 1.34 | Mac Os X | 10 MB

Deluxe Moon is a beautifully crafted moon application with innovative lunar design. The application combines traditional lunar themes with modern technology to bring you the best: style, convenience of the moon in a pocket and a feature rich interface. Comprehensive moon information, precise moon phase times, animated Zodiac circles, moon horoscope and calendar, sunset and sunrise times and moon day descriptions and much more. Are there connections between the moon and plants, human emotions, blood pressure, health or finance? Discover new amazing relationships with Deluxe Moon application!

My Moon Phase Pro v1.1.3  Software

Posted by Orten at Jan. 27, 2017
My Moon Phase Pro v1.1.3

My Moon Phase Pro v1.1.3 | 22.2 MB

My Moon Phase Pro is the best app for tracking the lunar calendar. It has a sleek dark design which makes it easy to view information such as the current moon cycle, moonrise & moonset times as well as extras such as when the next full moon will be. If you're interested in moon photography, you can also find out when the golden hours and blue hours are so you can take the most beautiful photos.

VeBest MoonLight 3.0.21  Software

Posted by HDPRo at Dec. 21, 2016
VeBest MoonLight 3.0.21

VeBest MoonLight 3.0.21 | 20.7 Mb

Looking at the pure night sky we used to admire the wonderful view of moon disk. It may appear before us in all its beauty… It may hide in the shade of Earth partly… But it is always beautiful. Almost everyone knows that the Moon is able to influence not just flood and ebb, but the state of health of the habitant of our planet (people, plants, animals i.e. all alive organisms).

VeBest MoonLight 3.0.21 Portable  Software

Posted by big1ne at Dec. 10, 2016
VeBest MoonLight 3.0.21 Portable

VeBest MoonLight 3.0.21 Portable | 21.1 MB

People have always been fascinated with the sky and some of them still believe that the movement of the stars has an influence over the general state of all living organisms on the planet. Perhaps the most significant of the astral bodies that are influencing many processes on Earth is the Moon. As the name suggests, VeBest MoonLight is a Moon calendar designed to help those who need to find guidance or want some piece of advice regarding the best time to take a trip, move into a new house or make an investment, for instance.

Jungbauerntraume - Erotic Calendar 2017  Graphics

Posted by Mitsu at Nov. 3, 2016
Jungbauerntraume - Erotic Calendar 2017

Jungbauerntraume - Erotic Calendar 2017
14 JPG | 1900 x 1321 (HQ) | 15.35 MB

Living the Lunar Calendar (Repost)  eBooks & eLearning

Posted by enmoys at June 16, 2016
Living the Lunar Calendar (Repost)

Living the Lunar Calendar By Jonathan Ben-Dov, Wayne Horowitz, John M. Steele
2012 | 350 Pages | ISBN: 1842174819 | PDF | 13 MB

Country Calendar - 50 Golden Years (2016)  Video

Posted by notbanned at March 9, 2016
Country Calendar - 50 Golden Years (2016)

Country Calendar - 50 Golden Years (2016)
HDTV | 1280x720 | .MKV/AVC @ 3399 Kbps | 44mn 20s | 1.20 GiB
Audio: English AC3 384 kbps, 6 channels | Subs: None
Genre: Documentary

Rural life has changed enormously since Country Calendar first went to air in black and white in March 1966. To celebrate Hyundai Country Calendar’s epic milestone of 50 Golden Years, Jim Hickey presents a special hour-long programme, revisiting farming families filmed in the past to see what has changed and what has stayed the same. 50 Golden Years shows people in New Zealand’s rural heartland continue to face challenges, but they have what it takes to overcome them and enjoy the journey along the way.
Milla Jovovich by Dimitri Daniloff for Campari Calendar 2012 (Repost)

Milla Jovovich - Campari Calendar 2012
13 jpg | 2362*2736 | UHQ | 10.68 Mb
American actress