Les Monstres de Mayuko  Comics

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Les Monstres de Mayuko

Les Monstres de Mayuko
French | CBR | 66 pages | 17.7 MB

Mayuko Yasuda & Romain Descharmes - Estampes (2017)  Music

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Mayuko Yasuda & Romain Descharmes - Estampes (2017)

Mayuko Yasuda & Romain Descharmes - Estampes
Classical, Vocal | WEB FLAC (tracks) & d. booklet | 61:48 min | 274 MB
Label: Arties Records | Tracks: 25 | 2017

Hymne sensuel à la nature et voyage suspendu à la voix étonnante de Mayuko Yasuda qui colore un répertoire franco-japonais de pastels orientaux. Cette suite d'estampes est le reflet d'un voyage fait de moments suspendus. Une sorte d'hymne à la nature avec ses ambiances, ses parfums, ses êtres vivants et tout l'amour et la sensualité qui en découlent. Ainsi, la coccinelle et les papillons répondent au colibri et au rossignol flûté dans l'ivresse printanière et la douceur du clair de lune, tandis que l'étrange Rondel chinois de Debussy trouve sa place parmi les bambous et les allées de cerisiers japonais.

Summer 04 - Mayuko Iwasa (August 2004)  Graphics

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Summer 04 - Mayuko Iwasa (August 2004)

Summer 04 - Mayuko Iwasa (August 2004)
99 JPG | 2033 x 1400, … | 35.52 MB

Mayuko Iwasa (born February 24, 1987 in Nerima, Tokyo, Japan) is a Japanese entertainer/model.

Calligraphie by Petter Hegre  Girls

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Calligraphie by Petter Hegre

Mayuko & Saki - Petter Hegre Photoshoot
14 jpg | up to 1200*1590 | 2.24 MB
Japanese models

Serial Rapist (1978) Jûsan-nin renzoku bôkôma  Video

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Serial Rapist (1978) Jûsan-nin renzoku bôkôma

Serial Rapist (1978)
DVDRip | AVI | 624x480 | XviD @ 1639 Kbps | 59 min | 755 Mb
Audio: Japanese MP3 @ 120 Kbps | Subs: English, German, Italian
Genre: Horror, Pinku

Chronicle thirteen brutal murders of random people following one after another. Anonymous man, inherent bicycle, living in an abandoned shed by the river, spending time on the observation of factory chimneys, listening to the sounds of airplanes taking off. Among raped and murdered victims of the silent man are different people - from police officers lured to the shed.

Musume no Iede (2012) Ongoing  Comics

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Musume no Iede (2012) Ongoing

Musume no Iede (2012) Ongoing
Japanese | CBR | Pages: 199 | 55 MB

The remarried mother. After their divorce, the father who lives with his "boyfriend". Living surrounded by such family, hig- schooler Mayuko is now at the height of her adolescence. Beginning from Mayuko's "runaway", intersecting various life, these are the runway story which will dye in to your heart.

NieA_7 (2000) Complete  Comics

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NieA_7 (2000) Complete

NieA_7 (2000) Complete
Japanese | CBR | 3 Issues | 104.8 MB

In the 21st century, aliens have arrived on Earth and live among humans. In sleepy Enohana, the dirt-poor student Chigasaki Mayuko finds herself living together with NieA, a low-caste ("Under Seven") alien. While Mayuko struggles diligently to make ends meet, NieA seems to be totally unconcerned with the consequences of her actions.

Heaven's Door (2009)  Video

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Heaven's Door (2009)

Heaven's Door (2009)
DVDRip | Lang: Japanese | Subs: English, Japanese | avi | 640x356 | XviD @ ~1380 Kbps | AC3 @ 448 Kbps, 6 Ch | 106 mins | 1,40 Gb
Genre: Drama | Asmik Ace Entertainment; Japan

A young man Tomoya Nagase and a girl Mayuko Fukuda both learn that they have an untreatable illness and are nearing death. When one reveals that they have never been to the ocean, they embark on a comical adventure to see the sea.
This is a remake of the German movie "Knocking' on Heaven's Door".
Alan Curtis, Il Complesso Barocco, Sonia Prina, Ann Hallenberg, Max Emanuel Cencic - Gluck: Ezio [2011]

Gluck - Ezio (Alan Curtis, Sonia Prina, Ann Hallenberg, Max Emanuel Cencic) [2011]
Classical | Erato 5099907092923 | TT: 69.27+77.26 | EAC (FLAC, cue, log) | Covers | 642 Mb

Alan Curtis, described by the New York Times' as "one of the great scholar-musicians of recent times", conducts a brilliant cast including Sonia Prina, Ann Hallenberg, Max-Emanuel Cencic and Topi Lehtipuu in the original, 1750 version of Gluck's Ezio, described by Curtis as "from a dramatic point of view, perhaps the finest of Gluck's pre-Orfeo operas".
Written to a libretto by the prolific and influential Metastasio, Ezio exemplifies the formal opera seria that Gluck sought to leave behind with his so-called reform operas such as Orfeo and Alceste; but after Orfeo's epoch-making premiere in Vienna in 1762 he revised Ezio for performance at the city's Burgtheater in 1763…

Twilight Dinner (1998)  Video

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Twilight Dinner (1998)

Twilight Dinner (1998)
DVDRip | AVI | 720 x 384 | XviD @ 1374 Kbps | 62 min | 745 Mb
Audio: Japanese AC3 2.0 @ 192 Kbps | Subs (idx/sub): English, French, Spanish
Genre: Drama, Horror, Pinku

A pale-looking man, Kazuhiko, is being questioned by the police following the extremely bloody murder of a young woman. He begins his story with the day that two sisters, Akiko and Mayuko, moved into the house across from his. After helping the pair move in, he starts talking with the younger sister, and soon they become intimate. The relationship continues for a while, but one day the sisters suddenly pack up and disappear, but not before sharing their secret with Kazuhiko. What kind of secret could have caused him to commit such a murder? Or did he?