Ember.js 2.0 Workshop with Mike North  eBooks & eLearning

Posted by FenixN at Jan. 2, 2016
Ember.js 2.0 Workshop with Mike North

Ember.js 2.0 Workshop with Mike North
HDRips | MP4/AVC, ~581 kb/s | 1280x720 | Duration: 08:56:00 | English: AAC, 160 kb/s (2 ch) | 3.24 GB
Genre: Development / Programming

Ember.js is a framework well-suited for complex and highly interactive apps. Its “convention over configuration” philosophy can end up saving developers from spending time and energy, having to write boilerplate code. With ember’s recent release of the “2.0” version, the framework is are, more performant, and more complete than ever. Over this two day course, we’ll learn about the ember ecosystem, and build a rich cross-device app together step-by-step from scratch.

Diario de una Femen, de Dufranne y Lefebvre  Comics

Posted by Coda at Dec. 22, 2016
Diario de una Femen, de Dufranne y Lefebvre

Diario de una Femen, de Dufranne y Lefebvre
Norma Editorial, 2016 | Spanish | CBR | 131 págs. | 104 MB

“Ahora sé que me estoy ahogando. Tengo la sensación de que cada día me siento más y más apretada por un corsé que ya no quiero llevar más. Siento que, desde que me levanto, hay una pequeña voz en mi cabeza que todas las mañanas me dice otra vez preocupada: no eres más que una mujer, así que deja de sonreír, ten miedo y alégrate de vivir en Francia con la boca cerrada… ¡He decidido decir basta!”

Joe Pass - Guitar Interludes (1969)  Music

Posted by RAMM1981 at Nov. 5, 2009
Joe Pass - Guitar Interludes (1969)

Joe Pass - Guitar Interludes (1969)
Jazz | 320Kbps MP3 | 73 Mb

This is a recording from 1969 by guitarist Joe Pass, it was released on Discovery Records and features Joe Pass on guitar in solo and ensemble settings, additional players are Mike Melvoin on keyboards, Monte Budwig on bass, Colin Bailey on drums, Victor Feldman on percussion and Vincent Terri on rhythm guitar, plus voices.