Japp Andrea H. – I delitti della cattedrale  eBooks & eLearning

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Japp Andrea H. – I delitti della cattedrale

Japp Andrea H. – I delitti della cattedrale
Italian | Newton | 2014 | EPUB | Pages 327 | ISBN: 8854169064 | 2.07 Mb

Monasterium – Andrea H. Japp  eBooks & eLearning

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Monasterium – Andrea H. Japp

Monasterium – Andrea H. Japp
French | 2009 | 600 Pages | ISBN: 2253122955 | EPUB | 399.41 KB

1288. Al Iskandarïyah, Égypte. Un marchand récupère la lourde besace d’un voyageur agonisant, ignorant qu’il vient de signer son arrêt de mort. Il est égorgé alors qu’il tente de vendre le sac à l’intermédiaire du comte Aimery de Mortagne.1307, abbaye de femmes des Clairets, France. Une moniale, Angélique, est découverte étranglée. Sans doute parce qu’elle ressemblait beaucoup à l’une de ses sœurs, Marie-Gillette d’Andremont, qui a fui l’Espagne après l’assassinat de son amant. D’autres meurtres surviennent.Se peut-il que le meurtrier soit le même que celui de l’amant de Marie-Gillette ? Et quel est donc le rôle exact du comte de Mortagne, qui arrive très à propos à l’abbaye ?Construit comme un huis clos, Monestarium est un thriller historique haletant.

The Alphabet Murders (1965)  Video

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The Alphabet Murders (1965)

The Alphabet Murders (1965)
English | DVDRip | AVI | 704x400 | XviD @ 2109 kb/s | 1.46 GB
Audio: AC-3 @ 192 kb/s | 2 channels | 01:30:22 minutes
Genre: Crime, Mystery, Comedy

The Belgian detective Hercule Poirot investigates a series of murders in London in which the victims are killed according to their initials. The first victim is A.A. the second B.B. and so on. Poirot is assisted in his investigations by Captain Hastings and Inspector Japp.
Agatha Christie - The Mysterious Affair at Styles - BBC full-cast dramatisation

Agatha Christie - The Mysterious Affair at Styles
MP3 | 128kbps | ~2hrs20mins | ~120Mb
BBC full-cast dramatisation

This is the very first Poirot/Hastings story. Set in 1916, we meet Captain Hastings as he is invalided out of the Great War and goes to convalesce at Styles Court, the family home of his great friend, John Cavendish. By an extraordinary coincidence, billeted in the village is a brilliant little retired detective with an egg-shaped head, who made a considerable impression on the Captain when he was in Belgium. Styles is not a happy household and in the blistering summer heat, tensions mount. Even so, the tragic murder which occurs is not expected. The entire family is drawn into the case but with their reluctant permission, Hastings calls upon the services of the diminutive Belgian. Thus begins one of the great partnerships and friendships in the history of crime. John Moffatt stars as Hercule Poirot, Simon Williams as Captain Hastings and Philip Jackson as Detective Inspector Japp, who already has reason to be indebted to the distinguished and unique hero of so many mysteries. A destroyed will, a shattered coffee cup, an old envelope, such are the seemingly unrelated details surrounding the murder of Mrs Inglethorp, mistress of Styles Court. With a thoroughness that is to become legendary, Hercule Poirot, the methodical little Belgian, begins his first, and perhaps most fascinating, investigation. Cast includes Philip Jackson, Nicola McAuliffe and Simon Williams.

List of 1000 Kanji +продолжение темы (чем богаты..)  eBooks & eLearning

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Первое: это собственно - словарь. Недурной словарь.

Второе: Была на AvaxHome книжица занятная "Read Japanese Today" от Len Walsh - если вы хоть немного знакомы с английским - читайте в оригинале - очень доходчиво написана и жажду японского утолите и свой английский, несомненно, улучшите..