Intego Backup Express 1.2  Software

Posted by Темный Повелитель at Oct. 15, 2012
Intego Backup Express 1.2

Intego Backup Express 1.2 | Mac Os X | 5 MB

Intego Backup Express is the powerful, flexible backup program from Intego, the Mac security expert. Backup Express goes beyond your Mac's built-in backup capability, allowing you to back up your valuable files to external hard drives, DVDs, network volumes and more.

VirusBarrier X6 v10.6.23  Software

Posted by Detvora at June 9, 2015
VirusBarrier X6 v10.6.23

VirusBarrier X6 v10.6.23 | MacOSX | 125 MB

VirusBarrier X6 is much more than just an antivirus. It's the only antivirus program for Mac that includes full anti-malware protection as well as a firewall and network-protection features. No other antivirus for Mac includes as many features as VirusBarrier X6. While viruses, Trojan horses, worms and other forms of malware are a constant threat to computers of all kinds, cyber-criminals are turning to new techniques to infect and control your Mac.

Washing Machine 2.0  Software

Posted by Темный Повелитель at Jan. 23, 2011
Washing Machine 2.0

Washing Machine 2.0 | Mac Os X | 9.4 MB

Cleans up files created by web browsers and other programs that access the Internet. When you surf the web, or use other programs that access the Internet, these programs record where you go and what pages you browse. Your web browser and other programs also store information about you and your browsing in "cookie" files. And many programs store temporary files in "cache" folders that can take up space and slow down your browsing.