VA - Synthesize The Soul Astro​ ​Atlantic Hypnotica From The Cape Verde Islands 1973​-​1988 (2017)

VA - Synthesize The Soul Astro​-​Atlantic Hypnotica From The Cape Verde Islands 1973​-​1988 (2017)
MP3 CBR 320 kbps | 01:16:02 | 192 Mb
Genre: Soul, Latin, Cumbia, Breakbeat, Brokenbeat, Swing / Label: Ostinato US

In Cape Verde, we had no access to electronic instruments, said Tchiss Lopes, a Cape Verdean singer based in Rome. In Europe, we had access, but we had to adapt. Audiences expected electronic sounds, but we still stayed true to our sound. In the 1980s, that feeling transpired across Lisbon, Paris, Rotterdam, and Boston, as one the largest waves of migration from a single country, propelled by political instability and economic uncertainty, sent thousands of Cape Verdeans to the West’s cities.

Hypnotica - Master's Circle  eBooks & eLearning

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Hypnotica - Master's Circle

Hypnotica - Master's Circle
Audio CDs in MP3 / English: MP3, 128 kb/s (2 ch) | Duration: ~80 hours | ISBN-10: N/A | 4.5 GB
Genre: Dating, Relationship, Sex, Psychology

You’re just seconds away from listening to The Collection of Confidence. Meaning you’re about to absorb the same knowledge & beliefs that helped both Neil Strauss and David DeAngelo become masters with women… and go on to become multi-millionaires who are successful in every area of their lives. The Collection of Confidence really is everything you need to have the kind of success with women that you’re looking for. Just before you start listening, I want to let you know that because you’re a new owner of The Collection of Confidence, you’re eligible to join The Masters’ Circle, which is a place where you can get your questions answered, and get personal assistance from me, and other guys who share your path.

Empire - Hypnotica (2001) (Japanese KICP-862)  Music

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Empire - Hypnotica (2001) (Japanese KICP-862)

Empire - Hypnotica (2001)
Year & Label: 2001, King Record Co., Ltd. Japan | CD#: KICP-862
Flac (image) | MP3 CBR 320 Kbps | Artwork (JPG, 300 dpi) | File-hosts: FilePost
Heavy Metal/Hard Rock | FLAC: 410 MB | Artwork: 50 MB | MP3: 120 MB | 5% WinRAR Recovery

EAC Secure-rip with LOG+CUE+COVERS | Source: eMule
Japanese 1st Press CD with bonus track

Hypnotica Steve Piccus: Awakening Dominant Male Attitudes  eBooks & eLearning

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Hypnotica Steve Piccus: Awakening Dominant Male Attitudes

Hypnotica Steve Piccus: Awakening Dominant Male Attitudes
Flash Video | VP6, ~400 kb/s | 544x306 | Duration: N/A | English: MP3, 96 kb/s (2 ch)
Audio CD in MP3 / 256 kbps | English | 07:19:06
PDF Guide
Size: 3,52 GB | Genre: Dating, Relationships, Sex

'Awakening Dominant Male Attitudes' is a part of the 'Becoming A Powerful Man Series'. You will learn how to be dominant male by building a strong link within yourself, your identity, and your behaviors.

Benny Benassi ~ Hypnotica (2003)  Music

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Benny Benassi ~ Hypnotica (2003)

Benny Benassi ~ Hypnotica (2003)
Electronic | Eac | Flac (separate tracks)
Cue & Log | Scans | 694 Mb | 1 Cd + Bonus Cd
Total 21 songs | Label: RMG Records

Hypnotica - The Attractor Factor  eBooks & eLearning

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Hypnotica - The Attractor Factor

Hypnotica - The Attractor Factor [Audio Book]
Hypnotica | ASIN: N/a | 2002 | MP3 | 29 Mb each

Build Your individual magnetism for self-assurance, attraction and sex appeal.
Have you noticed how some people radiate with calm self-assurance… how they project a presence that projects charisma?
That is personal magnetism.
Listen to this CD to discover on your own unique personality. As you listen on a regular basis, your newly discovered magnetism will develop. Soon your charisma will become automatic and compelling.
Have you ever noticed how some people just seem to have a natural attractive quality and a strong presence about them?
They are somehow directing their personal energies—their magnetic energies—in unique ways.
This is what The Attractor Factor focuses on.

Hypnotica - Deep Phone Seduction (Repost)  Video

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Hypnotica - Deep Phone Seduction (Repost)

Hypnotica - Deep Phone Seduction (Repost)
English | 02:35:56 | 524×482 | DivX | MP3 - 128kbps | 1118 MB

Hypnotica - Ultimate Inner Game (VIDEO)  Video

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Hypnotica - Ultimate Inner Game (VIDEO)

Hypnotica - Ultimate Inner Game (VIDEO)
English | 02:25:56 | 724×482 | DivX | MP3 - 128kbps | 1018 MB
Denver Clay & Hypnotica - The Sphinx Of Imagination (Full Album)

Denver Clay & Hypnotica -The Sphinx of Imagination
March 4, 2003 | MP3 320kbps | 118 MB | Duration :51:50

What greater adventure is there than exploring the enigmas of your own unique destiny? What if I were to tell you a magical bedtime story? A story to awaken you inside your dreams? Allow yourself to evolve within your mind to places far greater than your imagination could ever conceive.By listening to the Sphinx of Imagination you can:

Hypnotica's deep phone seduction  Video

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Hypnotica's deep phone seduction

Hypnotica's deep phone seduction
DVD | RS | 1.3 GB | MPG | 600x800