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Fleetwood Mac – “1-2-3” - Fleetwood Mac - Mr. Wonderful - The Pious Bird of Good Omen – 3-CD Box

Fleetwood Mac – “1-2-3” – 01. Fleetwood Mac (1968) – 02. Mr. Wonderful (1968) – 03. The Pious Bird Of Good Omen (1969) (3-CD Box)
Columbia | 1968-1969 | Blues | EAC RIP | FLAC+CUE+LOG+HQ-Covers (400Dpi) | 01. 233+13Mb 02. 248Mb+25Mb 03. 215Mb+12Mb

The Blues has always been popular in England. Performers like Screamin' Jay Hawkins, Howlin' Wolf and even Freddie King and Bo Diddley were stars in England before making it big in their own country. When John Mayall formed the Bluesbreakers it was out of respect and admiration to those performers; and he's stayed with the blues, cultivating a number of fine young blues musicians including guitarists Eric Clapton and Peter Green. After Clapton left Mayall, moving on to form Cream, Peter Green replaced him. Now Green has formed his own group, Fleetwood Mac (along with another former Bluesbreaker, bassist John McVie).
Whereas Clapton expanded onto new horizons with Cream, Green has chosen to remain dedicated to the blues, and on this, their first recorded effort, Fleetwood Mac have established themselves as another tight English blues band—joining Mayall's Bluesbreakers, Ten Years After and Savoy Brown as chief practitioners of blues in England.
Green, like Mayall, has studied the records and performances of Howlin' Wolf, Memphis Slim, Junior Wells and Elmore James carefully. The piano riffs on "Hellbound on My Trail" are lifted directly from Slim's classic "If You See Kay," but it's done well, if perhaps a little too self-consciously. Fleetwood Mac (the name is a combination of the names of members of the group), know what they're doing, they dig the music they're playing and that's great—but the drawback here is that they don't put enough of themselves into it instead of what they've heard from the original artists.
Green is a more than competent guitar player, and the Mac's treatment of "Shake Your Moneymaker" is just as powerful as the first Butterfield version (on the Paul Butterfield Blues Band album). The harp work is proficient in most places but rather weak on "Got to Move," the old Sonny Boy Williamson song. Green's composition "Long Grey Mare" is one of the best cuts on the album, anchored by McVie's strong bass line. The record has a strange, prematurely vintage (if there can be such a thing) sound to it, like an old classic recording made in the late Forties or early Fifties.
Like most modern white bluesmen, Fleetwood Mac try very hard to live the kind of music they play—not picking cotton in the Delta, but maintaining the hard-life blues tradition, gigging at small clubs in Northern England and in scruffy halls in the East End. Their music retains an unaffected rough quality. They play well, and if it sounds a little scratchy at times it's because that's the way they happen to feel at that particular moment. The licks they've copied from other performers are natural enough—it's more of a tribute than an imitation.
The English continue to prove how well into the blues they really are, and know how to lay it down and shove it back across the Atlantic. Fleetwood Mac are representative of how far the blues has penetrated—far enough for a group of London East-Enders to have cut a record potent enough to make the South Side of Chicago take notice.
Fleetwood Mac - 3 Original Album Classics (2010) {3CD Box Set, Reissue}

Fleetwood Mac - 3 Original Album Classics (2010) {3CD Box Set, Reissue}
EAC Rip | FLAC (Tracks) + Cue + Log + m3u ~ 667 Mb | MP3 CBR320 ~ 274 Mb
Scans (JPG, 600 dpi) ~ 38 Mb | RAR 5% Recovery
Blues, Rock | Sony Music / Columbia / Legacy #88697625922

This three-disc box set from Sony gathers up the first three long-players from Peter Green-era Fleetwood Mac. Released in 1968, Fleetwood Mac (often referred to as Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac) was a blues-rock juggernaut that stayed on the U.K. charts for nearly 40 weeks, while that same year's Mr. Wonderful beefed up the band's already meaty sound with a full horn section. Appearing in 1969, Pious Bird of Good Omen offered up a collection of B-sides and singles that were recorded between 1967 and 1968.

The Omen Collection (1976-2006)  Video

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The Omen Collection (1976-2006)

The Omen Collection (1976-2006)
English | x264 @ 8735kbps | DTS 5.1 1510kbps | 4 x 8,6 GB | 436 mins
Genre: Horror | Thriller

Movie fans have become accustomed to the physical representation of terror resembling a hulking, merciless, unrelenting beast of a man, a Michael Myers or Jason Voorhees type that stalks his victims with heavy footsteps, a menacing demeanor, a large bladed weapon, and some sort of supernatural invulnerability. The four films presented in The Omen Collection portray a villain just as dastardly, invulnerable, and horrific as any masked madman, but instills these terrifying attributes not in a beastly killing machine, a wise-cracking villain, or even a criminal mastermind, but inside the body of a boy, a teenager, a man. Young, adorable, carefree Damien Thorn, with nothing more than a stare, a smile, an innocent countenance, grows into one of cinema's more enduring powerhouses of evil over the course of three films, a character both at once charming and repulsive, the very definition of innocence, yet with a future of Biblical importance, a destiny that nothing – or nobody – can alter. He is pure evil, the antichrist, the final representation of terror, an abomination so tremendous that even the greatest of the horror icons shiver in his presence. 20th Century Fox's The Omen Collection contains four films bundled together, three representing the original Omen trilogy (1976-1981) along with the 2006 remake of the original classic. Not included here, but available in a previously released DVD boxed set, is 1991's made-for-television film Omen IV: The Awakening.

The Omen (1976)  Video

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The Omen (1976)

The Omen (1976)
BRRip 720p | 1h 51mn | 1280x544 | MP4 AVC@1500Kbps 23.98fps | AAC@224Kbps 6CH 48KHz | 1.34 GiB
BDRip 1080p | 1h 51mn | 1920x816 | MKV AVC@8735Kbps 23.98fps | DTS@1509Kbps 6CH 48KHz | 7.95 GiB
Language: English | Genre: Horror | Subtitles: English

Robert and Katherine Thorn seem to have it all. They are happily married and he is the US Ambassador to Great Britain, but they want nothing more than to have children.

Funkadelic - Standing On The Verge Of Getting It On (1974)  Music

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Funkadelic - Standing On The Verge Of Getting It On (1974)

Funkadelic - Standing On The Verge Of Getting It On (1974)
Funk | 1cd | EAC Rip | Flac + Cue + Log | covers
Westbound, CDSEWM 040 | rem: 1991 | 265Mb

Expanding back out to a more all-over-the-place lineup – about 15 or so people this time out – Funkadelic got a bit more back on track with Standing on the Verge. Admittedly, George Clinton repeats a trick from America Eats Its Young via another re-recording of an Osmium track, namely leadoff cut "Red Hot Mama."

BBC - Terry Pratchett: Back in Black (2017)  Video

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BBC - Terry Pratchett: Back in Black (2017)

BBC - Terry Pratchett: Back in Black (2017)
HDTV | 1280x720 | .MKV/AVC @ 1767 Kbps | 49mn 21s | 671 MiB
Audio: English AAC 129 kbps, 2 channels | Subs: None
Genre: Documentary

When the writer Sir Terry Pratchett died in 2015, he was working on one last story - his own. But Terry's Alzheimer's meant he never got to finish it. This poignant and humorous film starring Paul Kaye as Terry finally tells the story of this hugely popular author, creator of Discworld, whose books have sold over 85 million copies worldwide. Back in Black reveals Terry's road to success was not always easy, from his troubled schooldays to being dismissed by literary critics, to his battle with Alzheimer's. But knighted by the Queen, adored by millions of fans and with a legacy of 41 much-loved novels - Terry Pratchett is still having the last laugh.
Jerry Goldsmith - The Final Conflict (Omen III) (1981) (OST, Deluxe Edition)

Jerry Goldsmith - The Final Conflict (Omen III) (1981) (OST, Deluxe Edition)
Soundtrack | 1cd | EAC Rip | Ape + Cue + Log | covers
Varese Sarabande, VSD-6289 | rel: 2001 | 320Mb

Jerry Goldsmith won an Oscar for his memorable score to The Omen. For this, the third Omen picture, Goldsmith cranked up the volume and delivered an epic score to accompany the final struggle between good and evil. The original CD release featured poor sound and a limited running time, burying a brilliant score within a mediocre presentation.
Jerry Goldsmith - Damien Omen II (1978) (OST, Deluxe Edition)

Jerry Goldsmith - Damien Omen II (1978) (OST, Deluxe Edition)
Soundtrack | 1cd | EAC Rip | Ape + Cue + Log | covers
Varese Sarabande, 302 066 309 2 | rel: 2001 | 395Mb

The second film in the Omen trilogy reunites composer Jerry Goldsmith with that mischievous, rambunctious kid Damien for what would prove the most experimental and challenging score in the series. Its otherworldly choral elements and discordant electronic effects boast a palpable sense of malice and dread.

Jerry Goldsmith - The Omen (1976) (OST, Deluxe Edition)  Music

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Jerry Goldsmith - The Omen (1976) (OST, Deluxe Edition)

Jerry Goldsmith - The Omen (1976) (OST, Deluxe Edition)
Soundtrack | 1cd | EAC Rip | Ape + Cue + Log | covers
Varese Sarabande, VSD-6288 | rel: 2001 | 280Mb

Jerry Goldsmith's score for The Omen, which earned him an Academy Award, combines incidental scene-setting music, classic horror and suspense motifs (Bernard Herrmann's wild violins à la Psycho are a probable influence), and – most notably – forms of the requiem mass as they have been interpreted over the centuries.

Legacy of Kain: Blood Omen 2 (2002)  Games

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Legacy of Kain: Blood Omen 2 (2002)

Legacy of Kain: Blood Omen 2 (2002)
PC Game | Developer: Crystal Dynamics / Square Enix | 1 GB
Languages: English
Version GOG:
Genre: Action - TPP - Platformer