Handel - Floridante (Alan Curtis) [2007]  Music

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Handel - Floridante (Alan Curtis) [2007]

Handel - Floridante (Alan Curtis) [2007]
Classical | Archiv Produktion 289 477 6566 | TT: 58.28+50.21+54.53 | EAC (FLAC, cue, log) | Covers | 763 Mb

Handel wrote Floridante in 1722 for a London audience infatuated with Italian opera. The plot, like that of so many Baroque operas, was taken from ancient history and concerns romantic liaisons thrown into turmoil by political rivalries, in this case between Persia and Tyre. Handel wrote over 50 Italian operas, and it's remarkable that he was consistently able to summon such a high level of inventiveness and inspiration when faced repeatedly with librettos that must have come to look depressingly alike in the conventions of their labyrinthine plots. Handel, however, had strong enough musical and dramatic convictions that he refused to make alterations to the score of Floridante that would have changed the opera's character, after London's Royal Academy of Music informed him that changes in the performing personnel would require him to rewrite the vocal parts. Handel eventually made some adjustments, but stood firm about others – a bold position, considering the relatively low status of composers in the world of opera at the time. After the premiere with a less-than-ideal cast, Handel restored the score to his original intentions and it's that version that's heard on this recording.

L'Élève Ducobu - Intégrale Tomes 1 à 12  Comics

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L'Élève Ducobu - Intégrale Tomes 1 à 12

L'Élève Ducobu - Intégrale Tomes 1 à 12
French | Zidrou et Godi | 12 Tomes | PDF | 214.43 MB

L'Élève Ducobu est une série de bandes dessinées et de romans belge créée en 1992 par Zidrou (scénario) et Godi dont le héros est un enfant rondouillard, cancre en polo rayé jaune et noir, employant toutes sortes de techniques pour tenter de copier sur sa voisine qu'il surnomme « Miss 10 sur 10 ».

Handel - Floridante [Curtis] 3CD  Music

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Handel - Floridante [Curtis] 3CD

Handel - Floridante [Curtis] 3CD
Classical, Baroque | 3 CD | EAC | APE+CUE, no LOG | Covers + Booklet | 746 MB | RS | TT 163:42
Recorded: September 2005, Chiesa di San Silvestro, Tuscania, Italy | Released: 2007 | Label: DG Archiv
Marijana Mijanovic, Joyce DiDonato, Roberta Invernizzi, Vito Priante, Sharon Rostorf-Zamir,
Riccardo Novaro, Il Complesso Barocco, Alan Curtis (conductor)

". . . this is a highly successful traversal of the opera¿s score. Curtis is, as ever, a remarkably fine stylist who never loses track of the innate theatricality of the score. He is capable of great rhythmic verve and articulation . . . Curtis knows that the exhilaration a listener feels from hearing great singing derives not merely from agility at reckless tempos . . . but from expressiveness, tonal quality, and sustained length of line, as well." (Barry Brenesal, Fanfare)

Handel - Partenope (Christian Curnyn) [2005]  Music

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Handel - Partenope (Christian Curnyn) [2005]

Handel - Partenope (Christian Curnyn) [2005]
Classical | Chaconne CHAN 0719(3) | TT: 77.57+55.49+56.29 | EAC (FLAC, cue, log) | Covers | 844 Mb

Partenope is mature Handel, and belongs in the top flight of his stage works. A comedy from 1730, which was first rejected as too frivolous by the Royal Academy of Music in London, the text had been set 20 years earlier by Caldara for an opera that had been a major influence on the young Handel. The tone is light and the action - all disguises and cross-dressing, with everyone ending up with the right partner - is swift moving; there are relatively few extended arias but a number of ensembles, as well as the obligatory sinfonia and march for the battle scene at the beginning of the second act. This performance under Christian Curnyn hits the right spot from the very start. There are no outstanding performances, but a whole collection of first-rate ones - Rosemary Joshua in the title role of the queen with so many admirers, Hilary Summers as the princess Rosmira, Kurt Streit as Emilio, the one prince who doesn't get the girl. (Andrew Clements)

L'élève Ducobu Tome 20 - 0+0=Duco  Comics

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L'élève Ducobu Tome 20 - 0+0=Duco

L'élève Ducobu Tome 20 - 0+0=Duco
French | 55 Pages | PDF | 57 Mb
Genres: Humour | Auteurs: Godi / Zidrou | Editeur: Le Lombard | Collection: Hors Collection Le Lombard | Tome: 19/21 | Cible: Enfants

Pour son 20ème album, Ducobu a décidé de… ne pas changer du tout. S'il est en apparence décidé à s'amender, il n'en oublie pas pour autant d'inventer de nouveaux procédés pour tricher en toute discrétion.

L'élève Ducobu Tome 19 - Ducobu, élève modèle  Comics

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L'élève Ducobu Tome 19 - Ducobu, élève modèle

L'élève Ducobu Tome 19 - Ducobu, élève modèle
French | 49 Pages | PDF | 29 Mb
Genres: Humour | Auteurs: Godi / Zidrou | Editeur: Le Lombard | Collection: Hors Collection Le Lombard | Tome: 19/21 | Cible: Enfants

Ducobu ne recule devant rien pour changer d'image et passer pour un élève modèle : il fait appel aux services de Mme Futurina voyante aux prédictions concoctées par lui-même, pose pour une photo avec Léonie, il joue même au ping-pong avec M. Latouche. Mais il n'en oublie pas pour autant d'inventer de nouveaux procédés pour tricher en toute discrétion et copier les réponses de sa chère voisine.

Mario Schlanser - L'amore ha sempre le ali  eBooks & eLearning

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Mario Schlanser - L'amore ha sempre le ali

Mario Schlanser - L'amore ha sempre le ali
Italian | Mario Schlanser | 2011 | EPUB | Pages 193 | ASIN: B00A7093JM | 2.03 Mb

Alpha Tiger - iDentity (2015)  Music

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Alpha Tiger - iDentity (2015)

Alpha Tiger - iDentity (2015)
Year & Label: 2015, Steamhammer/SPV HmbH | CD#: SPV 268190 CD
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Handel - Partenope (Sigiswald Kuijken) (2009)  Music

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Handel - Partenope (Sigiswald Kuijken) (2009)

Handel - Partenope (Sigiswald Kuijken, La Petite Bande) (2009)
Classical | Eac. Flac, Image+Cue, Log | Scans | 867 MB
Label: Deutsche Harmonia Mundi | TT: 192:20

This is the best recording so far of Partenope. Krisztina Laki is splendid in the lead role as is Helga Muller-Molinari as Rosmira and John York Skinner as Armindo. Rene Jacobs in the counter-tenor role of Arsace does a fine job considering the date of this recording. The orchestra plays with great vitality. This is the recommended recording of this opera.
Graun - Cleopatra e Cesare (René Jacobs, Concerto Köln) [1996]

Graun - Cleopatra e Cesare (Rene Jacobs, Concerto Koln) [1996]
Classical | EAC Rip | FLAC, IMG+CUE, LOG | Covers | 937.02 MB
Label: Harmonia Mundi | Catalog Number: 901561.63 | TT: CD1:79:01; CD2:57:12; CD3:62:14

Carl Heinrich Graun was court composer to Frederick the Great of Prussia, and this opera was chosen to open the new opera house in Berlin in 1742. It was a great success, but Handel's opera on the same subject had appeared less than two decades before, and had anyone been familiar with that one, Graun's might have come as a disappointment. Handel gets under his characters' skins–Cleopatra's eight arias tell us everything we have to know about her, for instance–while Graun (merely) offers some beautiful, well-orchestrated, at-times exciting music. Any composer would have been proud to compose Cesare's heart-stoppingly vengeful last-act aria "Voglio strage", and any Read more mezzo (or castrato or countertenor) would be happy to sing it. Here, Iris Vermillion is spectacular, and elsewhere in the opera she's as heroic, romantic, and colorful as our hero ought to be… Robert Levine