Det gode og det onde / Good and Evil (1975)  Video

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Det gode og det onde / Good and Evil (1975)

Det gode og det onde / Good and Evil (1975)
Danish | DVDRip | AVI | XviD, 1301 Kbps | 720x432 | 25.000 fps | 752 MB
Audio: MP3, 50.0 Kbps | 2 channels | 22.05 KHz | Runtime: 01:17:07 minutes | Subtitles: English (srt)
Genre: Documentary

Jørgen Leth can squeeze poetry from a stone and wit from dust, and he can find love where the milk of human kindness runs dry. In a series of tableaux of Life in Denmark, he carries absurdism to a happy extreme. To act out his minuscule non-dramas, he uses a motley crew of professional actors like Ghita Nørby and Claus Nissen, writer Dan Turéll plus a snake charmer, a bicycle racer and a circus queen.

Leo Leonardo - Diana Amante (Vito Paternoster)  Music

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Leo Leonardo - Diana Amante (Vito Paternoster)

Leo Leonardo - Diana Amante (Vito Paternoster)
Classical | EAC | Flac, Img+Cue, Logs, Scans | 553.87 MB
CD1:56’11; CD2:57’21 | March 27, 2001 | Bongiovanni

Leo was born in San Vito degli Schiavoni (current San Vito dei Normanni, province of Brindisi), then part of the Kingdom of Naples.
He became a student at the Conservatorio della Pietà dei Turchini at Naples in 1703, and was a pupil first of Francesco Provenzale and later of Nicola Fago. It has been supposed that he was a pupil of Pitoni and Alessandro Scarlatti, but he could not possibly have studied with either of these composers, although he was undoubtedly influenced by their compositions. His earliest known work was a sacred drama, L'infedelta abbattuta, performed by his fellow-students in 1712…
Handel - Sosarme, re di Media, HWV 30 (Anthony Lewis, Alfred Deller)

Handel - Sosarme, re di Media, HWV 30 (Anthony Lewis, Alfred Deller)
Classical | 2 CD | EAC | APE+CUE, LOG | Covers | 591.22 MB
Santa Cecilia Chamber Orchestra, Anthony Lewis
CD1:75’16; CD2:70’48 | Recording: 1955 | Released: 2001 | Label: Opera D'oro

The Good the Bad and the Ugly 1966  Video

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The Good the Bad and the Ugly 1966

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly (1966)
English | 2:42:49 | 1966 | DVD-Rip | 576x240 | FPS: 23,976 | XviD |Audio: 87 kb/s | 1450 MB
Genre: Action/Adventure/Western

A bounty hunting scam joins two men in an uneasy alliance against a third in a race to find a fortune in gold buried in a remote cemetery.

Handel - Tolomeo (Alan Curtis) [2008]  Music

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Handel - Tolomeo (Alan Curtis) [2008]

Handel - Tolomeo (Alan Curtis) [2008]
Classical | Archiv Produktion 289 477 7106 | TT: 56.11+45.25+46.27 | EAC (FLAC, cue, log) | Covers | 703 Mb

For the 1727 season – the waning days of opera's popularity in London – transplanted German composer George Frederick Handel wrote no less than three operas for the English capital's stage. Tolomeo, rè d'Egitto was the last and least enthusiastically received of them. Unsuccessfully revived in 1730 and then again in 1733, Tolomeo was unperformed for the next 200 years, and even now, it remains one of Handel's least performed and recorded operas. Prior to this Archiv set, only a 1995 Vox recording of the work with Richard Auldon Clark leading the Manhattan Chamber Orchestra had been released in the digital era.

Handel - Floridante (Alan Curtis) [2007]  Music

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Handel - Floridante (Alan Curtis) [2007]

Handel - Floridante (Alan Curtis) [2007]
Classical | Archiv Produktion 289 477 6566 | TT: 58.28+50.21+54.53 | EAC (FLAC, cue, log) | Covers | 763 Mb

Handel wrote Floridante in 1722 for a London audience infatuated with Italian opera. The plot, like that of so many Baroque operas, was taken from ancient history and concerns romantic liaisons thrown into turmoil by political rivalries, in this case between Persia and Tyre. Handel wrote over 50 Italian operas, and it's remarkable that he was consistently able to summon such a high level of inventiveness and inspiration when faced repeatedly with librettos that must have come to look depressingly alike in the conventions of their labyrinthine plots. Handel, however, had strong enough musical and dramatic convictions that he refused to make alterations to the score of Floridante that would have changed the opera's character, after London's Royal Academy of Music informed him that changes in the performing personnel would require him to rewrite the vocal parts. Handel eventually made some adjustments, but stood firm about others – a bold position, considering the relatively low status of composers in the world of opera at the time. After the premiere with a less-than-ideal cast, Handel restored the score to his original intentions and it's that version that's heard on this recording.

C.K. Harp - Prima della fine  eBooks & eLearning

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C.K. Harp - Prima della fine

C.K. Harp - Prima della fine
Italian | 2017 | 184 pages | ASIN: B01MV4WM7L | EPUB | 0,2 MB

Dieci vittime e una ragazza rapita da pochi giorni. Un killer efferato che filma i propri omicidi beffandosi della polizia e dell’FBI, senza alcuna rivendicazione, senza alcun apparente motivo se non quello di essere uno psicopatico che gode dei propri crimini. È questo il caso che sta facendo impazzire il detective Jaxon Davis, sezione omicidi di Minnetonka, a pochi giorni dal Natale. E c’è un ricordo, fra tutti, che lo spezza e lo fa vacillare, che crea nel suo cuore un’ombra mortale che rende difficile ogni pensiero coerente. Ancora di più, l’amore sbagliato che prova nei confronti di Landon Green, giovane informatico piombato nella sua vita e pronto, sembra, a cambiare radicalmente ogni certezza, ogni muro costruito nel tempo. Il tempo, che sembra scorrere troppo velocemente, senza pietà, come se non ce ne fosse mai abbastanza, come se giungesse sempre nel momento sbagliato. Come se l’amore chiedesse il permesso di entrare quando decide di farlo…

Handel - Ottone (Nicholas McGegan) [1992]  Music

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Handel - Ottone (Nicholas McGegan) [1992]

Handel - Ottone (Nicholas McGegan) [1992]
Classical | Harmonia Mundi 907073.75 | TT: 70:44+64:07+54:56 | EAC (FLAC, cue, log) | Covers | 854 Mb

With over 30 of Handel’s operas awaiting a first CD recording, it seems indecent luxury to find two splendid new recordings of Ottone, a work in the vanguard of the German Handel opera revival in the 1920s, but long since relegated to obscurity. Both benefit immensely by being based on stage performances, Nicholas McGegan’s from the Göttingen Handel Festival, of which he is artistic director, Robert King’s from a production that successfully toured the UK and Japan. Broadly speaking, McGegan’s reading is distinguished by a compelling sense of drama and a wonderful feeling for Handelian style, sometimes at the expense of tonal beauty; King’s is smoother, occasionally letting the dramatic impetus flag, but offering playing of consistent strength and fine shading. McGegan, however, fields the marginally more convincing team of singers, led by Drew Minter, whose pure bright tone, breathtaking coloratura and ardent delivery give pleasure at every hearing; Bowman, for King, sings with sensitivity but his mannered tone and technical limitations are serious drawbacks. Conversely, Dominique Visse, for King, with his inimitable reedy timbre and impeccable musicianship, is matchless as Ottone’s rival in kingship, Adelberto, fine as Ralf Popken is for McGegan. Of the female roles, Claron McFadden produces a stream of radiant tone as Teofane; but so does Lisa Saffer, who, in addition, offers a wider range of colour. Both sets are recommendable, but Minter’s charismatic performance, Saffer’s deeper perceptions and the inclusion of arias Handel wrote for later revivals tip the balance in favour of McGegan. Whatever your choice, it’s an opera not to be missed. (Antony Bye)

Il mondo non mi deve nulla - Massimo Carlotto (Repost)  eBooks & eLearning

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Il mondo non mi deve nulla - Massimo Carlotto (Repost)

Il mondo non mi deve nulla - Massimo Carlotto
Italian | 2014 | 108 Pages | ISBN: 8866324558 | EPUB | 3.53 MB

Rimini. Adelmo, un ladro stanco e sfortunato, nota una finestra aperta sulla facciata di una ricca palazzina. La tentazione è irresistibile e conduce l'uomo a trovarsi faccia a faccia con Lise, la stravagante padrona di casa, una croupier tedesca che si gode la pensione al mare. Nessuno dei due corrisponde al ruolo che dovrebbero ricoprire e tra violenza e comicità si sviluppa un rapporto strano, bizzarro ma allo stesso tempo complesso e intenso sul piano dei sentimenti. Adelmo cerca di arginare la precarietà che lo sta allontanando da un'esistenza normale, Lise invece è convinta di non avere più crediti da riscuotere dal mondo intero…

La Ragazza Arrabbiata - Elisabetta Capecci  eBooks & eLearning

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La Ragazza Arrabbiata - Elisabetta Capecci

La Ragazza Arrabbiata - Elisabetta Capecci
Italian | 2017 | 128 Pages | ASIN: B01ND05JLO | EPUB | 172.83 KB

Sara è una persona frustrata che gode a veder fallire gli altri perché la sua vita è terribilmente squallida e, anche se si odia per ciò che è diventata, non riesce a cambiare. E’ quando pensa di non poter finire più in basso di così che molla tutto e scappa da Federico, il ragazzo di cui le basta vedere il sorriso, abbagliante come il sole d’estate, per sentirsi meglio.
Lei non ha avuto il coraggio di rivolgergli la parola per dieci anni ma ha finalmente deciso di provarci. Riuscirà a conquistarlo ma soprattutto… ritroverà se stessa?