Folder Marker

Folder Marker Home / Pro 4.2 + Additional Icons  

Posted by big1ne at June 23, 2014
Folder Marker Home / Pro 4.2 + Additional Icons

Folder Marker Home / Pro 4.2 Multilingual + Additional Icons | 17.2/17.8 MB

Folder Marker Pro - a helper specially designed for office work. This Windows add-on lets you mark important folders with color-coded or image-coded icons in order to make them easier to spot among hundreds of similar-looking yellow folders. You can change folder icons to mark them by priority (high, normal, low), project completeness level (done, half-done, planned), by work status (approved, rejected, pending), and type of information stored (work, important, temp and private files). Marked folders catch the eye and let you see the kind of information they contain before you read their names or open them.

Folder Marker Pro 3.2.0  

Posted by big1ne at June 12, 2011
Folder Marker Pro 3.2.0

Folder Marker Pro 3.2.0 Multilingual | 18.3 MB

Folder Marker Home lets you mark your folders with color-coded and image-coded icons with one mouse click, which makes them easy to find and retrieve. Simply select the folder you want to mark, right-click on its icon, select a color-coded icon from the drop-down menu and it will be assigned to the folder at once.

Folder Marker Prof v3.0.1.0  Software

Posted by yeps at May 8, 2009
Folder Marker Prof v3.0.1.0

Folder Marker Prof v3.0.1.0 | 5 MB

Folder Marker is a handy shell extension that enables you to quickly change folder icons to indicate a priority level or project status (high, low, done, half-done, planned, etc.) or you can use it to mark a folder with a special icon or color of your choice. Simply right-click on any folder and select the icon or color to be used from the newly added menu option. Folder Marker supports single and multiple folder selections, and includes an option to restore the original ico

Folder Marker Pro 3.0 Portable  Software

Posted by mr-cracker at March 6, 2009
Folder Marker Pro 3.0 Portable

Folder Marker Pro 3.0 Portable
Win app | | 2.2MB

How many folders do you have on your computer? Scores of them? Hundreds? Thousands? Are all of them are alike: yellow folder, yellow folder, yellow folder, yellow folder… Its so easy to be confused with such a routine!

Folder Marker Pro  

Posted by mekong at Jan. 20, 2008
Folder Marker Pro

Folder Marker Pro | 5,24 MB

ICQ Monitor Sniffer is network utility software designed to monitor, record and capture ICQ chat conversations on all computers in a network. It is able to record all conversations automatically and export all intercepted messages to HTML files for later processing and analyzing. It is very easy to make it to work, and it will monitor all conversations in your Local Area network without the use of client software installed on the remote computer.

Comanche Marker Trees of Texas  eBooks & eLearning

Posted by readerXXI at Nov. 18, 2016
Comanche Marker Trees of Texas

Comanche Marker Trees of Texas
by Steve Houser and Linda Pelon
English | 2016 | ISBN: 1623494486 | 221 Pages | True PDF | 11 MB

In this unprecedented effort to gather and share knowledge of the Native American practice of creating, designating, and making use of marker trees, an arborist, an anthropologist, and a Comanche tribal officer have merged their wisdom, research, and years of personal experience to create Comanche Marker Trees of Texas.

Folder Icons 1.1.8 MacOSX  Software

Posted by Detvora at Dec. 3, 2016
Folder Icons 1.1.8 MacOSX

Folder Icons 1.1.8 | MacOSX | 113 MB

Add cool icons to your files/folders in 3 Steps! Choose from +300 icons: Modern, Classy, Cute, Nature, Office, Music, Pictures and much more!

Folder Lock 7.6.4  Software

Posted by melt_ at Dec. 1, 2016
Folder Lock 7.6.4

Folder Lock 7.6.4 | 10.7 Mb

Folder Lock is fast file-security software that can password-protect, lock, hide, and encrypt any number of files, folders, drives, pictures, and documents in seconds. Locked files are undeletable, unrenamable, unmovable, hidden, and inaccessible. You can lock, scramble, or encrypt depending on speed and security. Folder Lock is fully portable, so you can protect your files on USB flash drives, disks, CD-RWs, notebooks, and hard disks, and it doesn't require installation on another PC.

TunesBro Folder Unbreak  Software

Posted by speedzodiac_ at Nov. 30, 2016
TunesBro Folder Unbreak

TunesBro Folder Unbreak | 1.25 MB

Folder Unbreak is a one stop solution for all your data security needs, Not only does TunesBro Folder Lock encrypt and hide files, folders and hard drives with strong 256-bit algorithm, it also lets you disguise your personal file, folders into printer, Recycle and other icon. It provides four amazing features to protect confidentiality and integrity of your personal data.

Dr. Folder Multilingual Portable  Software

Posted by HDPRo at Nov. 6, 2016
Dr. Folder Multilingual Portable

Dr. Folder Multilingual Portable | 9.89 Mb

Dr. Folder is a software that search and replace the standard icon of a folder on any other icon. It has a pretty and friendly interface. It is a powerful software and easy to use. You can change icons of folders quickly and freely just by clicking several buttons. So, using Dr. Folder can save you lots of time. The most important is that it can make your folders lively and I think others will envy your beautiful folders!