Fatigue And Durability of Structural Materials  eBooks & eLearning

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Fatigue And Durability of Structural Materials

Fatigue And Durability of Structural Materials
ASM International | 2005-12-30 | ISBN: 0871708256 | 456 pages | PDF | 17 MB

Describes how mechanical material behavior relates to the design of structural machine components. Emphasizes fatique and failure behavior using engineering models that have been developed to predict, in advance of service, acceptable fatique and other durability-related lifetimes. Covers broad classes of materials used for high-performance structural applications such as aerospace components, automobiles, and power generation systems. Focuses on metallic materials but also addresses unique capabilities of important non-metals.

Audioburst PowerFX v2.10  Software

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Audioburst PowerFX v2.10

Audioburst PowerFX v2.10 | 3.15 MB

Audioburst PowerFX is a new technology that enhances digital audio by increasing the power output from your speakers, and has been created with help from professional recording engineers. Extensive listening tests have been used to create an outstanding sound enhancement technology like no other. Active equalisation techniques have been implemented that can dramatically raise the overall quality of your music collection. Traditional audio enhancers use multi-band compressors to make the sound louder but not necessarily kind to the ears, these techniques are prone to listeners fatique. PowerFX is different to other audio enhancers in that it truely remasters the music using exclusive AudioBurst technology and ideas, to create an inviting sound that draws the listener in and keeps thier attention for extended more enjoyable listening periods. One way to think about it is an upgrade to your sound system and your ears