Ueberschall Chillstep ELASTiK  Software

Posted by orientazure at Aug. 1, 2017
Ueberschall Chillstep ELASTiK

Ueberschall Chillstep ELASTiK | 1.51 Gb

Chillstep takes the mellow musical tastes of chill and lounge music and seasons them with some dubstep spices. The results is a collection of crossover tunes in an Elastik library format. The moods and original tempos remain relaxed throughout but the sounds are right from the top-draw of contemporary EDM.

Ueberschall Jazz Guitar 2 ELASTiK  Software

Posted by orientazure at July 11, 2017
Ueberschall Jazz Guitar 2 ELASTiK

Ueberschall Jazz Guitar 2 ELASTiK | 1.19 Gb

As a follow up to the hugely popular Jazz Guitar library, Jazz Guitar 2 delivers a further, high-class, collection of electric guitar lead lines that would be perfect for your next project. Like all the Elastik Instrument Series titles, the performances are exemplary. The German jazz musician Andreas Jaeger brings authentic passion and taste to the playing.

Ueberschall Ukulele ELASTiK  Software

Posted by orientazure at May 26, 2017
Ueberschall Ukulele ELASTiK

Ueberschall Ukulele ELASTiK | 734 Mb

If you want to create a happy and uplifting mood, the ukulele is the perfect instrument choice. Its delicate sound can create beautiful melodies if picked. In contrast, when strummed, it delivers a light, percussive, sound that fits in any mix and can bring a positive, happy, groove or a gentle sense of melancholy.

Ueberschall Neo Soul ELASTiK  Software

Posted by orientazure at April 13, 2017
Ueberschall Neo Soul ELASTiK

Ueberschall Neo Soul ELASTiK | 1.53 Gb

Neo Soul delivers the smooth, down-tempo, grooves and beats that cross-over between soul and R&B but adds a contemporary feel with some subtle electronic elements that, if desired, can deliver a modern take on the genre. Drum and percussion elements are inspired by the classics while newer sound elements are drawn from hiphop and jazz sources.

Ueberschall Synth Phunk ELASTiK  Software

Posted by orientazure at April 6, 2017
Ueberschall Synth Phunk ELASTiK

Ueberschall Synth Phunk ELASTiK | 1.43 Gb

Synth Phunk delivers radio and chart-ready pop song construction kits. Ten fully-stocked construction kits are included all perfectly prepared for use with the powerful Elastik sample loop front-end. Focussed on pure pop combining French-influenced electro with funky retro elements. Modern synths sounds are combined with real bass, drums, funk guitar and some talkbox vocal samples for instant ear-candy.

Ueberschall Sunny Moods ELASTiK  Software

Posted by orientazure at March 17, 2017
Ueberschall Sunny Moods ELASTiK

Ueberschall Sunny Moods ELASTiK | 1.99 Gb

Sometimes, you just need to make your audience feel good, relaxed, and bring a smile to their faces. If so, then Sunny Moods will set exactly the right tone. With a combination of strummed ukulele, acoustic guitar, gentle bass and drums, organ, Rhodes electric piano, a range of percussion and sing-a-long melodies provided by whistle, glockenspiel and vibraphone, Sunny Moods has all the ingredients to deliver happiness in a simple tune.

Ueberschall Resonator Guitar ELASTIK  Software

Posted by orientazure at March 13, 2017
Ueberschall Resonator Guitar ELASTIK

Ueberschall Resonator Guitar ELASTIK | 1012 Mb

The Resonator guitar is an instrument with real character. This library, from our Elastik Instrument Series, captures that classic sound made famous from National Tricone and Dobro-style instruments. Traditionally, Resonators are associated with Blues, Bluegrass and Country musical styles. The phrases included here will work perfectly in that context.

Ueberschall Finest R&B ELASTiK  Software

Posted by orientazure at Jan. 17, 2017
Ueberschall Finest R&B ELASTiK

Ueberschall Finest R&B ELASTiK | 1.25 Gb

Finest RnB. Tight groovez, dope beatz & smooth flava. The content is geared toward Urban Music producers, especially R&B producers, looking for authentic R&B sounds. All Construction Kits are filled with extraordinary samples, beatz, guitars, Rhodes, pianos, basslines, synths, pads, fx sounds and a whole bunch of Drum and Percussion sounds.

Ueberschall Chillout Lounge 2 ELASTiK  Software

Posted by orientazure at Jan. 13, 2017
Ueberschall Chillout Lounge 2 ELASTiK

Ueberschall Chillout Lounge 2 ELASTiK | 0.98 Gb

Relaxed and refined moods. Chillout Lounge 2 takes you somewhere cool with its smooth rare grooves, analog drums, old school sounds, tape effects and instantly chilled downtempo Trip Hop moods.

Ueberschall Chillout Lounge ELASTiK  Software

Posted by orientazure at Jan. 13, 2017
Ueberschall Chillout Lounge ELASTiK

Ueberschall Chillout Lounge ELASTiK | 1.03 Gb

Ueberschalls Chillout Lounge offers ideal music for the relaxed moments. Calm, electronic sounds meet jazzy solos. Chillout Lounge brings all necessary material for Chillout, Downtempo and Easy Listening. If you are working in the field of music production, jingles, movie scores or any other multimedia project, this library will always be your source of inspiration.