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Joe Pass: Virtuoso #3 (Jazz Guitar / Transcribed Solos) by Alan de Mause  eBooks & eLearning

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Joe Pass: Virtuoso #3 (Jazz Guitar / Transcribed Solos) by Alan de Mause

Joe Pass: Virtuoso #3 (Jazz Guitar / Transcribed Solos) by Alan de Mause
English | Oct 7, 1985 | ISBN: 0871669129 | 92 Pages | PDF | 14,7 MB

Conti - David (Alan Curtis) [2007]  Music

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Conti - David (Alan Curtis) [2007]

Conti - David (Alan Curtis) [2007]
Classical | Virgin 9463788772 | TT: 76.03+79.05 | EAC (FLAC, cue, log) | Covers | 734 Mb

The Florentine Francesco Bartolomeo Conti (1682-1732) was the finest theorbo player in early 18th-century Europe, and spent almost his entire career at the Habsburg court in Vienna. He composed sacred and secular vocal works special enough to warrant the attention of both Bach and Handel. Conti's oratorio David, a setting of a dramatic libretto by Apostolo Zeno, was first performed at Vienna in March 1724. The cast of singers included the tenor Francesco Borosini, soon afterwards a principal cast member for Handel in Tamerlano and Rodelinda (Conti's writing for Borosini descends to a low G, hence the decision here to cast baritone Furio Zanasi as Saul). Alan Curtis speculates that Borosini might have shown Conti's score to Handel because Conti's use of the theorbo to portray David playing the harp to soothe the insanely jealous Saul is neatly reflected in Handel's use of solo harp in his oratorio Saul (1738). Conti's difficult obbligato theorbo part in David's 'Quanto mirabile' is entrusted to the safe hands of Jakob Lindberg; the vocal part is sung by Marijana Mijanovic´, whose tuning and phrasing are better here than in her Handel recordings. Furio Zanasi's top register is stretched a notch too much for comfort at times but this never gets in the way of a convincing performance. Simone Kermes is beautifully emotive as Micol, Birgit Christensen's sparkling soprano is impressive, and Sonia Prina sings with exemplary sense of proportion and melodic line.

Handel - Fernando (Alan Curtis) [2007]  Music

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Handel - Fernando (Alan Curtis) [2007]

Handel - Fernando (Alan Curtis) [2007]
Classical | Virgin 0946 3 65483 2 | TT: 71.53+77.26 | EAC (FLAC, cue, log) | Covers | 678 Mb

Fernando is the abandoned first draft of Handel’s opera Sosarme (performed at the King’s Theatre in February 1732)… Curtis’s pacing and shaping of Handel’s music is consistently subtle, astutely rhetorical and firmly connected to the libretto text. Although it might be possible to explore firmer muscularity and create a more vivid sense of surprise in the quicker music, there is something to be said for Curtis’s shrewd reservation of such effects for when it is truly vital for the drama. For instance, Marianna Pizzolato’s powerful arias “Vado al campo” and “Cuor di madre e cuor di moglie” are potently delivered moments of severe agitated passion that are all the more effective for the sweeter elegance that pervades much of this lovely score. The sublime duet “Per le porte” is sung with poetic intimacy by Lawrence Zazzo and Veronica Cangemi. Zazzo sings his elegantly heroic aria “Alle sfere della gloria” with supple clarity. Max Emanuel Cencic is impressive as the reticent Sancio, unwilling to be used as a pawn in his ruthless grandfather Altomaro’s Machiavellian plans to tear the royal family apart. Antonio Abete gives an ideal account of the villain’s arias… Fernando is one of Curtis’s most consistent and pleasing Handel opera recordings. (David Vickers, Gramophone)
The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (Colección Trazado) #1-3 de 3

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (Colección Trazado) #1-3 de 3
Editorial Planeta | CBR/RAR | Spanish | 3 núm. (Completo) | 810 MB Totales
Autores: Alan Moore y Kevin O'Neil

Los héroes más grandes de las novelas de aventuras (Mina Murray, el capitán Nemo, el doctor Jekyll y Allan Quatermain) se unen en un grupo sin precedentes en la historia de la literatura: la Liga de los Hombres Extraordinarios. Alan Moore y Kevin O ́Neil forman equipo en este volumen y nos otorgan una oportunidad única para disfrutar de este hito de la historia del cómic.
VA - Fete de la St. Patrick et de la Bretagne - 10th Anniversary Tour (2017)

VA - Fete de la St. Patrick et de la Bretagne - 10th Anniversary Tour (2017)
MP3 CBR 320 kbps | 02:09:40 | 312 Mb
Genre: Pop, Folk, French, Ethnic / Label: Visuel Productions

Fête incontournable et populaire, célébrée par tous les irlandais sur les cinq continents, la Saint-Patrick honore le Saint Patron de l’île au trèfle vert. Depuis 10 ans maintenant, le spectacle Fête de la St Patrick réunit le temps d’une soirée les ambassadeurs les plus actifs de leur tradition. A l’occasion de cette tournée anniversaire, l’Écosse et l’Irlande convient la Bretagne à rejoindre les festivités.

Handel - Floridante (Alan Curtis) [2007]  Music

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Handel - Floridante (Alan Curtis) [2007]

Handel - Floridante (Alan Curtis) [2007]
Classical | Archiv Produktion 289 477 6566 | TT: 58.28+50.21+54.53 | EAC (FLAC, cue, log) | Covers | 763 Mb

Handel wrote Floridante in 1722 for a London audience infatuated with Italian opera. The plot, like that of so many Baroque operas, was taken from ancient history and concerns romantic liaisons thrown into turmoil by political rivalries, in this case between Persia and Tyre. Handel wrote over 50 Italian operas, and it's remarkable that he was consistently able to summon such a high level of inventiveness and inspiration when faced repeatedly with librettos that must have come to look depressingly alike in the conventions of their labyrinthine plots. Handel, however, had strong enough musical and dramatic convictions that he refused to make alterations to the score of Floridante that would have changed the opera's character, after London's Royal Academy of Music informed him that changes in the performing personnel would require him to rewrite the vocal parts. Handel eventually made some adjustments, but stood firm about others – a bold position, considering the relatively low status of composers in the world of opera at the time. After the premiere with a less-than-ideal cast, Handel restored the score to his original intentions and it's that version that's heard on this recording.

Principios de Anatomía y Fisiología (11th Edition)  eBooks & eLearning

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Principios de Anatomía y Fisiología (11th Edition)

Principios de Anatomía y Fisiología (11th Edition) by Gerard Tortora, Bryan Derrickson
Spanish | 2006 | ISBN: 9687988770 | 1154 Pages | PDF | 265.4 MB

La posibilidad de un estudio ameno de la anatomía y la fisiología puede ser la puerta de entrada a una carrera gratificante en muchas ciencias relacionadas con la salud.
Il Complesso Barocco, Alan Curtis - Handel: Alcina (2009) (Repost)

Il Complesso Barocco, Alan Curtis - Handel: Alcina (2009)
EAC | APE (image+.cue, log) | Covers + Digital Booklet | 03:23:15 | 1,01 Gb
Genre: Classical, Opera | Label: ARCHIV Produktion | Catalog: 4777374

Alan Curtis, lauded by Opera as one of our finest conductors of Baroque opera, illumines Handel s masterpiece, Alcina, by casting, as heroine, the brilliant Joyce DiDonato. Since Alcina is historically dared by virtuosic sopranos like Sutherland and Battle, this innovative recording with a mezzo is a must-have not just for Alcina freaks but all who adore sensational vocalism. As Handel did in his time, Curtis arrays our era s finest Baroque singers such as Maite Beaumont and Karina Gauvin in supporting roles around his star. With this electrifying Alcina, first ever studio recording of the rarely heard Ezio and Rolando Villazón s new album, Handel Year 2009 is being exceptionally well feted by Deutsche Grammophon.

Aringhe rosse senza mostarda - Alan Bradley (Repost)  eBooks & eLearning

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Aringhe rosse senza mostarda - Alan Bradley (Repost)

Aringhe rosse senza mostarda - Alan Bradley
Italian | 2013 | 440 Pages | ISBN: 8838930163 | EPUB | 327.87 KB

Per Flavia de Luce, undicenne avventurosa, due fronti sono sempre aperti. L'uno: la resistenza attiva contro gli scherzi feroci delle sorelle maggiori, la colta Daphne e la frivola Ophelia, così diverse ma così solidali nel tormento alla sorellina. L'altro: l'investigazione degli strani casi del villaggio inglese di Bishop's Lacey, dove sorge tra i cottage aggraziati la sua antica magione. Flavia è infatti di famiglia nobile, eccentrica come si deve e naturalmente squattrinata. La cosa più preziosa che ha ereditato da un avo è la passione fruttuosa per la chimica, che fa il paio, per affinità di metodo, con la vocazione investigativa…

Rudolf Vrba, Alan Bestic, "Je me suis évadé d'Auschwitz"  eBooks & eLearning

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Rudolf Vrba, Alan Bestic, "Je me suis évadé d'Auschwitz"

Rudolf Vrba, Alan Bestic, "Je me suis évadé d'Auschwitz"
Editions 84 | 2004 | ISBN: 2290324213 | French | EPUB | 409 pages | 0.6 MB

" Un million de Hongrois vont mourir, Auschwitz est prêt à les recevoir. Mais si vous les prévenez maintenant ils se révolteront. Ils n'iront pas dans les fours. Votre tour viendra aussi. Aujourd'hui c'est celui des Hongrois. Il faut les avertir le plus vite possible. " Voici le récit effrayant d'un homme qui a passé près de deux ans dans le camp d'extermination d'Auschwitz. Le 14 avril 1944, Rudolf Vrba et son ami Fred Wetzler parviennent à s'enfuir, et le 25 avril ils remettent leur " Rapport sur les camps de concentration d'Auschwitz, Birkenau et Maïdanek "…