YMCA Healthy Back Book  eBooks & eLearning

Posted by DZ123 at June 3, 2016
YMCA Healthy Back Book

YMCA of the USA, "YMCA Healthy Back Book"
English | 1994 | ISBN: 0873226291 | PDF | pages: 124 | 21,3 mb

On the Guard II: The Ymca Lifeguard Manual  eBooks & eLearning

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On the Guard II: The Ymca Lifeguard Manual

YMCA of the U S A, "On the Guard II: The Ymca Lifeguard Manual"
English | 2001 | ISBN: 0736039767 | PDF | pages: 356 | 42,8 mb

BBC - Panorama: Young, Homeless and Fighting Back (2015)  

Posted by notbanned at July 27, 2015
BBC - Panorama: Young, Homeless and Fighting Back (2015)

BBC - Panorama: Young, Homeless and Fighting Back (2015)
HDTV | 1280x720 | .MKV/AVC @ 2049 Kbps | 29mn 2s | Audio: English AAC 128 kbps, 2 channels | Subs: None | 426 MiB
Genre: Documentary

What's life like to be young, homeless and struggling in a town where one in four households are on benefits? Panorama has spent four weeks filming with the young residents of the YMCA in Stoke, once home to some of the world's greatest potteries. The YMCA in England and Wales provides accommodation and support to just under 10,000 16-25 year olds but fears its services may be under threat by the government's proposed cuts to housing benefit.

Tom Jones - The Greatest Hits (1987)  Music

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Tom Jones - The Greatest Hits (1987)

Tom Jones - The Greatest Hits (1987)
EAC | Flac(Image) + Cue + Log & MP3 CBR 320Kbps
Telstar Rec., TCD 2296 | ~ 350 or 143 Mb | Scans Included

Born Thomas Jones Woodward, June 7, 1940, Pontypridd, Wales. "Tiger Tom The Twisting Teddy-Boy", first recorded in 1962 under the name, "Tommy Scott & The Senators". 4 demo tracks, infamously known as the 'bathroom session', were recorded at the Wales YMCA. In 1963, as "Tommy Scott & The Playboys", recorded 7 demo's for the Innovative Joe Meek, at Meek's UK apt. In 1964, the then "Tommy Scott & The Squires", met Gordon Mills, who became Tom's manager from 1964-1986…

Various Artists - Pure Disco (1996)  

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Various Artists - Pure Disco (1996)

Various Artists - Pure Disco (1996)
FLAC+CUE+LOG - 521 MB | 76:20 mins | Full Scans | MP3 CBR 320 Kbps - 172 MB

Pure Disco contains 12" mixes and remixes of classic dance and disco songs from the late '70s, including "I Love the Nightlife," "I Will Survive," "Celebration," "That's the Way (I Like It)," "Funkytown," "YMCA," and "Dancing Queen." Though there are a few original versions of these singles on the disc, most of it is comprised of remixes, which are simply adequate, with the noticeable exception of "The Grease Megamix." Combining the most familiar segments of the biggest hits from the Grease movie soundtrack, the song is a unabashedly kitschy delight, the kind you feel guilty for liking and the kind that makes the album worth buying.

Social work with groups  eBooks & eLearning

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Social work with groups

Social work with groups
Columbia University Press | ISBN:0231116322 | Aug 15, 2001 | PDF | 525 pages | 1.6 mb

When should someone not be admitted to a group? How can a reluctant child be persuaded to participate in a group? What is the best way to deal with issues of low self-esteem? Part of the enduring appeal of this classic work is its vivid depiction of actual group work and the challenges that arise. Opening with an instructive survey of the roots and development of group social work – from the first YMCA to the establishment of the NASW – Northen and Kurland contribute to the integration of theory and research that forms the basis of group social work practice. Using an ecosystem approach, they set forth a generic framework for practice with diverse groups, establishing a common core of values, knowledge, purposes, and interventions that can be applied to different populations and situations. With clear step-by-step guidance, this book covers the major issues as well as the ethical challenges that working with groups entails. This fully revised and updated edition includes seven new chapters that reflect the most recent developments in group practice.

Village People - The Best of (Video)  Music

Posted by top23 at Oct. 10, 2006
Village People - The Best of (Video)

Video Stream:
Size: 512x384
Duration: 01:12:02 s
Data rate: 116 kbps
Frame rate: 25 fps

Audio Stream:
Duration: 01:12:02 s
Bit rate: 377 kbit/s

Размер: 692 Мб

Достаточно неординарная группа. В видео подборке: клипы и живые выступления. Наиболее известные хиты группы: YMCA, In the Navy, Macho Man, Go West…
После опубликования клипа - 3 VideoClips Global Deejays - Ymca BOOBA, NESSBEAL BABY via - наши друзья форума попросили снова выложить первые их клипы. С удовольствием выполняем их просьбу!

3 VideoClips Global Deejays - Ymca BOOBA, NESSBEAL BABY via 85МВ  Music

Posted by pasha777 at Sept. 25, 2005

Мы все с огромным удовольствием в своё время просмотрели на любимом сайте 2 клипа Global Deejays
1. global_deejays_-_the_sound_of_san_francisco-2004-pmv
2. global_deejays-what_a_feeling-real_repack-svcd-2005-pmv
Друзья мне говорят, что Global Deejays это огромная команда и этот BOOBA идин из них!
Этот клип больше стриптиз....и вообще лично у меня сложилось такое впечатление, что он своим лихим девушкам всё время напоминает о музыке!!!
В прочем главное - Бог любит троицу!