Ronny Jordan - A Brighter Day (2000)  Music

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Ronny Jordan - A Brighter Day (2000)

Ronny Jordan - A Brighter Day (2000)
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Brighter Day album by Ronny Jordan was recorded 08/1999 and released Mar 14, 2000 on the Blue Note label. A Brighter Day was nominated for the 2001 Grammy Award for Best Contemporary Jazz Album. This self-taught guitarist breezes into the "Mambo Inn" for Latin spice, over to "New Delhi" for an acoustic Middle Eastern rendezvous, and on to a beefy B3 organ BBQ that grounds his mellifluous guitar flow on "London Lowdown," with the ease of a jet-setting, six-string seducer. Guests at the party include Roy Ayers adding his intoxicating vibes to a champagne-chilled cover of his own "Mystic Voyage," renowned drummer Jeff "Tain" Watts giving "5/8 Flow" its straight-ahead Brubeck-like kick, and rapper Mos Def dropping rhymes over DJ-Spinna's remix of the title track. The acid jazz craze may have fizzled, but Jordan keeps pouring smoothies from his golden-toned guitar blender that have enough adventurous flavors to satisfy.

Ronny Yu: Legacy of rage (1986)  Video

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Ronny Yu: Legacy of rage (1986)

: Legacy of rage – Ronny Yu (1986)
Cantonese | Subtitle: English | 1:26:01 | 608 x 336 NTSC | MKV| MP3 – 99 kbps | 1590 MB
Genre: Action

Brandon plays Brandon Ma, a regular working Joe who holds down two jobs, so he can support his girlfriend May and his dream of owning a motorcycle. Brandon's best friend is Michael (played by Michael Wong), an ambitious and murderous dope peddler. How Brandon and Michael ever became friends is the biggest mystery in the film. In any case, Michael covets May and so he comes up with a plan that will win her for him, and solves a problem he's been having. It seems that an undercover cop named Sharky has been using his police connections to dominate the local cocaine trade, so Michael has him killed and uses Brandon as the fall guy. Brandon goes to jail, though he thinks that he will be released soon thanks to the efforts of his good buddy Michael. Eight years later Brandon finally gets out of jail.

Ronny Yu: Shogun and little kitchen (1992)  Video

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Ronny Yu: Shogun and little kitchen (1992)

: Shogun and little kitchen – Ronny Yu (1992)
Cantonese | Subtitle: English (hard coded) | 1: 29:013 | 480 x 320 NTSC | DivX | MP3 – 96 kbps | 750 MB
Genre: Comedy/Action

Director Ronnie Yu (a brilliant Capra-esque director, also one of the best directors in the world, but largely underrated), who directed this before directing the acclaimed The Bride with White Hair, delivered here a highly enjoyable, moving, highly underrated gem which has been virtually all but forgotten. Yuen Biao is credited as the starring role, despite the film focusing more on Leon Lai. Ng Man-Tat is the kind-hearted owner of an apartment and restaurant in a poor deprived area of Hong Kong. Yuen Biao plays his uncle (also a cook) and Leon Lai a rich kid who runs away and finds the family atmosphere of the neighborhood much more appealing.

Ronny Smith - Shake It Up (2017)  Music

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Ronny Smith - Shake It Up (2017)

Ronny Smith - Shake It Up (2017)
Jazz, Smooth Jazz | MP3 CBR 320 kbps | 00:41:03 | 95 MB
Label: Pacific Coast Jazz

Guitarist Ronny Smith is back with Shake It Up. As writer, producer, arranger and programmer, with ten well-chosen original tracks, this is a superb example of the tight melodic style that categorizes Ronny's playing. Mellow tones, subtle creativity, and his ability to groove over catchy rhythms leaves you breathless. Touches of each of his influences, Wes Montgomery, George Benson and Pat Martino, just to name a few. He grooves, caresses and works his way through a song with maturity. Take for instance the grooving, mellifluous Coast To Coast, featuring Scott Martin on sax, Tone Whitfield on bass and Will Allen on drums, that he uses to get the album started or the wonderfully easy grooving Chasing Your Love featuring Eddy Botts on keyboards.

Ronny Jordan - Light To Dark (1996)  Music

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Ronny Jordan - Light To Dark (1996)

Ronny Jordan - Light To Dark (1996)
Smooth Jazz | MP3 320 kbps CBR | 52 min | 121 MB
Label: Island Records | Rel: 1996

Ronny Jordan's Light to Dark demonstrates less of an acid-jazz and dance feel than his previous albums, preferring to stay closer to his funky soul-jazz roots. Though Jordan continues to grow as a guitarist his leads are fluid and seductive, his chord vamps tasty.

Ronny Jordan - After 8 (2004)  Music

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Ronny Jordan - After 8 (2004)

Ronny Jordan - After 8 (2004)
Jazz, Smooth Jazz | MP3 320 kbps CBR | 52 min | 121 MB
Label: N-Coded Music | Rel: 2004

Signed to the N-Coded label after leaving Blue Note, guitarist and composer Ronny Jordan is apparently reconsidering his past directions. Where Jordan fiercely applied and defended his gritty fusion of smooth jazz, funk, and hip-hop throughout the '90s, it appears that After 8 backs off from the ferocity of his earlier music. Gone are the duets with Mos Def and the presence of DJ Spinna, and in their place is elegantly played, stylishly wrought, sheen-filled smooth jazz. The drum loops are still present, but their jagged edges are glossed over and rounded. While it's true that Jordan was going for a late-night groove sound, one that employed more traditional jazz elements like horns ("7th Heaven"), he waters these things down so much that they are of little to no effect in the overall picture.

Ronny Munroe - Electric Wake (2014)  Music

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Ronny Munroe - Electric Wake (2014)

Ronny Munroe - Electric Wake (2014)
U.S.A. | MP3 CBR 320 Kbps | 101 MB
Heavy/Power Metal | Label : Rat Pak Records

Ronny Munroe's Electric Wake is by far his best work to date! Produced by Bruce Bouillet and mixed by Jon Wyman, this 3rd offering from the Metal Church front man truly captures all the magic of the classic metal genre! Electric Wake also features collaborations with guitar legend George Lynch, Tesla guitarist Dave Rude, Pamela Moore (Queensryche's "Sister Mary"), Paul Kleff (ex Firewolfe), David Donigian, Sean Baker and Tony Rossi. Ronny Munroe's Electric Wake delivers a healthy dose of fist-pumping, guitar-driven, well-conceived classic style heavy metal music and is a must-have for all fans of the genre!

Roy Ayers - Live At Ronny Scott's (2002)  Vinyl & HR

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Roy Ayers - Live At Ronny Scott's (2002)

Roy Ayers - Live At Ronny Scott's (2002)
DVD-A | Image, ISO + Ini | Audio: DVD-Audio - MLP 5.1, 24 bit/96 kHz; DVD-Video - DD 5.1, 448 Kbps
Covers Included | ~ 3,22 Gb | FileServe, Uploaded | 3% Recovery
Genre: Jazz, Funk, Soul | Label: Silverline | Catalog#: 288112-9 | USA

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Captured back in 1988 within the intimate setting of London's legendary West End jazz haunt, Ronnie Scott's in Soho, ROY AYERS delivers his unique fusion of funk, jazz and soul - topped by his trademark jazz vibe playing. The album includes infectious reworkings of such club classics as 'Running Away', 'Everybody Loves The Sunshine', and 'Can't You See Me'.

Ronny Jordan - Bad Brothers  Music

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Ronny Jordan - Bad Brothers

Ronny Jordan - Bad Brothers
MP3 | CBR | 224Kbps | | 57MB

Ronny Jordan - The Collection  Music

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Ronny Jordan - The Collection

Ronny Jordan - The Collection
MP3 | CBR | 224Kbps | 119MB