Athenian Letters, Volume 2  

Posted by cifra7 at Feb. 20, 2010
Athenian Letters, Volume 2

Athenian Letters: or the Epistolary Correspondence of an Agent of the King of Persia, Residing at Athens during the Peloponnesian War: Volume 2
Publisher: Adamant Media Corporation | ISBN: 1402155883 | edition 1792 | PDF | 525 pages | 17,8 mb

There have been feveral reports current in the city concerning the fleet, which, as I mentioned in former letters, was fent by the Peloponnefian allies to the relief of Mityline. It is now certain. that after having been difperfed by a ftorm near Crrete, they regained the coaft of Peloponnefus, and were joined near Cyllene by fixteen gallies under the command of Brasidas the Spartan, an officer of rifing reputation.