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Anaswara Yoga - Hour of Power 1 2 3  eBooks & eLearning

Posted by house23 at Sept. 26, 2015
Anaswara Yoga - Hour of Power 1 2 3

Anaswara Yoga - Hour of Power 1 2 3
MP4 | AVC 1818kbps | English | 1280x720 | 23.97fps | 3 hours | AAC stereo 160kbps | 2.52 GB
Genre: Video Training

Hour of Power 1: The first in a series of intensive Power Yoga flow classes, Hour of Power 1 is a 60-minute option designed to get you (and keep you) sweating. This class by Anaswara feature some stretching, but its focus is a strong flow practice with emphasis on cardio and strength training. A more fitness-based yoga option, Power Yoga is very vigorous and the brainchild of Western yoga teachers who wished to make Ashtanga yoga more popular among their students. No uniform series of poses exist in Power Yoga, and practice often varies by studio. Yoga poses are instead followed by strength training, such as push-ups occurring after the Surya Namaskar posture, or Sun Salutation. Enjoy this "power hour" and the benefits regular Power Yoga brings, such as increased metabolic rate and calorie-burning ability, fat reduction, back and stomach strengthening, stress reduction, and so much more. Have fun, and sweat it out!

The Fourth Power 1-2  Comics

Posted by oweyss gouissem at March 25, 2012
The Fourth Power 1-2

The Fourth Power 1-2
English | 2 Issues | CBZ | 136 MB
Genre: Sci-Fi, Erotic

Heroic Age - Prince of Power #1-2 (2010)  Comics

Posted by Coda at June 19, 2010
Heroic Age - Prince of Power #1-2 (2010)

Heroic Age - Prince of Power #1-2 (of 4) (2010)
CBR | English | 2 issues | 41.2 MB Total

Pronunciation Power 1  Software

Posted by PimPong at Oct. 29, 2006
Pronunciation Power 1

Pronunciation Power 1 | 407.3 MB

Pronunciation Power 1

New technology to improve your English quickly!

Pronunciation Power is a range of user-friendly, interactive CD programs for ESL learners to improve your English pronunciation quickly. Pronunciation Power is easy to use for all levels and ages.

CalcKit: All in One Calculator Premium v2.1.2  Software

Posted by Orten at Jan. 16, 2017
CalcKit: All in One Calculator Premium v2.1.2

CalcKit: All in One Calculator Premium v2.1.2 | 5.75 MB

CalcKit: All in One Calculator is a lightweight, clean and easy to use all in one package with over 150 unique calculators and converters. Containing a large collection of unit converter, electronic and mathematic calculators, packed in with a beautifully designed Scientific Calculator, it's the only calculator app you will ever need on your device. It contains great calculators for school and homework, but not only. If you're a scholar, student, teacher, handyman, enthusiast, engineer… and you need an all in one calculator for your device, give CalcKit a try.

Monodraw 1.2.1  Software

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Monodraw 1.2.1

Monodraw 1.2.1 | MacOSX | 7.23 Mb

Monodraw is designed for the Mac from the ground up – everything from the text layout engine to the interface is made to take advantage of OS X. Like all native apps, it just works the way you expect. When you make a mistake, undo is always ready to come to the rescue. Exporting your text art could not get any easier – just copy and paste it into your favourite text editor.

Blue Light Filter - Night Mode v1.1.2 Unlocked  Software

Posted by Orten at Jan. 13, 2017
Blue Light Filter - Night Mode v1.1.2 Unlocked

Blue Light Filter - Night Mode v1.1.2 Unlocked | 5.34 MB

Eyes feel tired during night reading on the phone? Have trouble in sleeping after long time watching phone screen? That is due to blue light. Blue light from your phone and tablet screen is the visible light spectrum (380-550nm) for circadian regulation. According to the scientific studies, exposure to blue light imposes serious threats to retinal neurons and inhibits the secretion of melatonin, a hormone that influences circadian rhythms. It is proven that reducing blue light can greatly improve sleep.

V.A. - Apollo 1-2 (1993-1995)  Music

Posted by gribovar at Jan. 12, 2017
V.A. - Apollo 1-2 (1993-1995)

V.A. - Apollo 1-2 (1993-1995)
EAC Rip | FLAC (image+.cue+log) - 1,23 GB | MP3 CBR 320 kbps (LAME 3.93) - 529 MB | Covers - 131 MB
Genre: Electronic, Ambient | RAR 3% Rec. | Label: Sony Music Japan

Here was displayed for the first time the many variants of IDM, showing that there was much more to Ambient than just atmospheric instrumental tracks: from the deep moody electronica of David Morley or Biosphere, to the dub-influenced collages of the Orb's remix of Electrotete, and the Detroit techno of Model 500 at its most subtle, every track here is a gem, making it an unrivalled release.

Veertu Desktop 1.2.97 Mac OS X  Software

Posted by Messer2 at Jan. 11, 2017
Veertu Desktop 1.2.97 Mac OS X

Veertu Desktop 1.2.97 | MacOSX | 13 Mb

Run Windows and Linux on your Mac alongside OS X. Veertu is simple, light, secure virtualization software designed for Mac. With Veertu you can run your favorite Window or Linux distribution directly on OS X. Veertu is powered by Hypervisor framework and runs entirely in sandbox,eliminating the need for root permissions and kernel extensions. That makes it the most stable and secure virtualization solution for your Mac.

Default Folder X 5.1.2 Multilingual  Software

Posted by Givaraa at Jan. 10, 2017
Default Folder X 5.1.2 Multilingual

Default Folder X 5.1.2 Multilingual | MacOSX | 11.3 MB

Default Folder X enhances the Open and Save dialogs in all of your applications so you can… Go faster: Quickly navigate through folders with hierarchical menus that expand as you mouse over them. Do it all: Preview, tag, rename, compress, delete or add comments to files in any Open or Save dialog. Just click: Need to save a file in a folder you have open in the Finder? Just click on the Finder window!