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Pigloo - La banquise MP3 192 Kbps  Music

Posted by Caesar at March 5, 2007
Pigloo - La banquise MP3 192 Kbps

Pigloo - La banquise
MP3 192 Kbps |Oct 24, 2006| 41:32 min | 56 Mb
Genre: Pop

perfecta - l'inoubliable - 94,3 mo - MP3: 192 kbps  Music

Posted by inconu at Dec. 16, 2006
perfecta - l'inoubliable -  94,3 mo - MP3: 192 kbps

Perfecta - l'inoubliable
94,3 Mb | MP3 | 192 Kbps

Informations :

French :
Avant le zouk aux Antilles il y avait LA PERFECTA. Ce groupe a de multiples facettes on peut dans le meme album y trouver de la salsa , une influence haitienne voir meme de la cadence lypso en provenance des iles anglaises de la Caraïbes comme la Dominique ou Sainte Lucie..
Pas mal de synthé et de cuivre dans cet album dont une grande partie des titres proviennent d'un albulm de 1979 intitule: " inoxydablement votre".

Before the zouk in the French West Indies, there was the PERFECTA. This group has multiple facets.
In the same album you can find salsa, influence of Haitian music and sometimes you can also hear "Cadence lypso", music who come from the English West indies like Domnica or Sainte Lucia.

Lucky Dube - Trinity - Mp3 - 192 Kbps - 81,4 mo  Music

Posted by inconu at Nov. 23, 2006
Lucky Dube - Trinity - Mp3 - 192 Kbps - 81,4 mo

Lucky Dube - Trinity - Size 81,4 mo Mp3 192 Kbps
Ella Fitzgerald - One Side On Me Vol.2 (1937-1939)

Продолжаем. Вторая часть альбома.
MP3 192 Kbps 44KHz
Представлять, я думаю, не надо. Всё она же. Божественный голос, отличная актриса, да вы сами знаете. Итак первая из, надеюсь, большой серии публикаций.

Ella Fitzgerald - One Side On Me Vol.1 (1937-1939)

MP3 192 Kbps 44KHz

Thomas "Fats" Waller - Greatest Hits - MP3 192 kbps  Music

Posted by igk7 at Dec. 26, 2005

Thomas "Fats" Waller - Greatest Hits | MP3 192 Kbps

Томас “Фэтс” Уоллер (1904-1943) – великолепный автор и пианист, излучающий такой заряд энергии и юмора, что его не спутаешь ни с кем. Стиль - “страйд пиано” (этот стиль пришел на смену рэг-тайму)... Писал песенки молниеносно, и, когда не было денег, продавал друзьям-музыкантам за булочки, которые безумно любил. Снимался в фильме “Stormy Weather”. Что еще говорить – давайте лучше послушаем!

F*ck Buttons - Tarot Sport (2009) (MP3 192 kb)  Music

Posted by MichelleM at Oct. 15, 2009
F*ck Buttons - Tarot Sport (2009)  (MP3 192 kb)

F*ck Buttons - Tarot Sport (ATP 2009)
MP3 192 kbps / 44.100kHz / Joint stereo | 59 mn | 83 Mb
Progressive Dance/ Progressive Trance

Fuck Buttons - or F*ck Buttons, according to their rather prudish press release - are two guys, Andrew Hung and Benjamin John Power. Adored by a certain kind of Pitchfork-reading indie fan, their second album's long, trance-inducing instrumentals nod to techno, noise and even the current shoegaze revival. This music, however, creates the Sagrada Família of sonic cathedrals: beautiful, organic and prone to sprout weird and wonderful tentacles of sound.

Acappella - Hymns For All The Ages (2001) [192 kbps]  Music

Posted by tvladb at Nov. 20, 2008
Acappella - Hymns For All The Ages (2001) [192 kbps]

Acappella - Hymns For All The Ages (2001)
MP3 192 kbps | 48:37 min | 59.65 MB
Pata Negra Discography (With Members Solo Albums - VAR Kbps CBR) (1977-2005)

Pata Negra Discography (With Solo Albums (Raimundo Amador+Arrajatabla+Veneno)
VAR Kbps CBR | 1,03 GB | 16 Albums | Album Covers | Rapidshare
Flamenco, Rock Blues | Years Active: 1977, 1981-2005

Gypsy group composed of Raimundo and Rafael Amador, founded after the group Veneno was dissolved. Their flamenco, rock, and blues music gave rise to an unstoppable outlet which influenced many young musicians. Their aesthetic is close to that of Veneno. Musically they were a group that was widely acclaimed for their live performances, and this opened doors to flamenco sounds and rhythms abroad. The virtuosity of their guitar-playing and their relaxed attitude were well-received outside the world of flamenco. During the decade of the nineties they made fewer public appearances until Rafael Amador was left as leader of the group, and for a time he tried to keep up the band’s activity. After the group disbanded Raimundo began a prolific solo career. Rafael did not record again until he appeared solo on the album Viejo Patio (las 3000 Viviendas).

Thyrfing - MP3 Discography (1998-2008)  Music

Posted by daggeroftime at July 6, 2009
Thyrfing - MP3 Discography (1998-2008)

Thyrfing - Discography
Viking Metal | MP3 | 466 MB | 1998-2008 | Sweden

Thyrfing is a viking metal band from Sweden. The band is named after the royal sword Tyrfing from Norse mythology. Northern mythology and the Viking age was an interest of all the members, so the lyrics and the concept is focused upon this subject.