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Fabio Antonelli Ensemble - The Art of Dreams in a Little Bottle (1998)

Fabio Antonelli Ensemble - The Art of Dreams in a Little Bottle (1998)
EAC | Flac(Image) + Cue + Log & MP3 CBR 320Kbps
Mellow Records, MMP347 | ~ 218 or 113 Mb | Scans(png) -> 67 Mb
Symphonic Progressive Rock

Mindflower is the brain/soulchild of Fabio Antonelli along with Fabrizio Defacqz and Alberto Callegari. Various albums have featured a host of other musicians but these three have been the core group. "The Art of Dreams in a Little Bottle" was released under the moniker of Fabio Antonelli Ensemble, but as far as the RPI team is concerned, as well as the presentation on the artist's website will acknowledge, the album can easily be included on the artist page of Mindflower….

Malizia (1973)  

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Malizia (1973)

Malizia (1973)
DVDRip | MPEG 4 Visual (DivX4) @ 925Kbps, 25 fps | 704 X 304 | MP3 @ 192Kbps, 48.0KHz | 01:33:20 | 752 MB
Director: Salvatore Samperi | Stars: Laura Antonelli, Turi Ferro, Alessandro Momo
Country: Italy | Language: Italian | Subtitle: English
Genre: Comedy, Fantasy

A widower and his sons fall in love with Angela (Laura Antonelli), the beautiful housekeeper. Each man uses his particular way to approach and capture the - apparently innocent and naive - young woman, and to see more of her sexy body. But only one of them succeeds in dominating and conquering her.

Sessomatto (1973)  Video

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Sessomatto (1973)

Sessomatto (1973)
(How Funny Can Sex Be?)
XVID 688x368 25.00fps 1499Kbps | Italian MP3 stereo 128Kbps | IT subs .srt | 01:50:26 | 1.26 GB
Erotic Comedy | Director: Dino Risi | Starring: Laura Antonelli, Giancarlo Giannini

SESSO MATTO is an episodic comedy in which Dino Risi generated a series of grotesque episodes concerning sexual deviations. The main actors are Laura Antonelli and Giancarlo Giannini.

Divina creatura (1975)  Video

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Divina creatura (1975)

Divina creatura (1975)
(aka "The Divine Nymph")
XVID 640x336 25.00fps 1298Kbps | Italian MP3 stereo 128Kbps | FR subs .srt | 01:49:12 | 1.09 GB
Erotic Drama | Director: Giuseppe Patroni Griffi | Starring: Laura Antonelli, Michele Placido, Marcello Mastroianni, Terence Stamp

A beautiful woman (Laura Antonelli) engages in affairs with two men, playing them against each other. Set in the decadent Roaring Twenties, the triangle dissolves against suicide and fascism. A dark and faintly nasty story, yet one that is overpoweringly gorgeous to behold. The walls of Stamp's villa glow with Art Nouveau paintings by Klimt and Moreau, and these set a visual style for the entire film. Every single frame shimmers with exotic colours, voluptuous flowers and jewelled surfaces. Intertitles (as in a silent movie) spice up the narrative with quotations from Pushkin and Stendhal, Baudelaire and Mallarme and, of course, Proust. Costume designer Gabriella Pescucci may, in fact, be the film's real star - her clothes are so elegant and atmospheric, they could act out the story with no help from the actors.

Grandi magazzini (1986)  Video

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Grandi magazzini (1986)

Grandi magazzini (1986)
aka "Department Store"
DivX 5 720x400 25.00fps 785Kbps | Italian MP3 stereo 96Kbps | sorry, no subs | 01:50:35 | 707 MB
Comedy | Directors: Franco Castellano, Giuseppe Moccia | Paolo Villaggio, Nino Manfredi, Laura Antonelli, Ornella Muti, Michele Placido

Perhaps taking a cue from the popular 1970s Brit television comedy "Are You Being Served?," this Italian department store comedy is a series of skits involving customers and store personnel from several departments. In one skit, Elena (Laura Antonelli) and her husband the personnel director, are certain that an inept salesman in the bathroom fixtures department is actually the son of the store's owner. They launch into a campaign to woo him over without bothering to check up on his credentials. In another skit, the famous Italian actress Ornella Muti, playing herself, walks into one of the men's departments and sends a salesclerk into near heart failure.
Grandi magazzini è un film del 1986, diretto dai registi Castellano e Pipolo. È un film corale, che vede la partecipazione di molte tra le più famose star del panorama comico cinematografico e televisivo italiano dell'epoca.

Rimini Rimini (1987)  

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Rimini Rimini (1987)

Rimini Rimini (1987)
Xvid 704x400 25.00fps 1220Kbps | 3 soundtracks: Original Italian + 2 Russian dubbed | Dolby AC3 48000Hz stereo 192Kbps | no subs | 01:54:42 | 1.45 GB
Sex Comedy | Director: Sergio Corbucci | Starring: Serena Grandi, Laura Antonelli, Paolo Villaggio

Gildo (Paolo Villaggio) is a moralistic magistrate who shuts down red light districts in this sex comedy. His enemies conspire to photograph him in a compromising position with sex goddess Lola (Serena Grandi). Laura Antonelli plays a wealthy woman who believes her husband has drowned. A priest is forced to put his mouth on a topless nun as the battle of morality verses misbehavior unfolds.
Смешная, развлекательная комедия с несколькими сюжетными линиями. Все их объединяет одно развеселое место - курортный город Римини под синим небом Италии. В центре, пожалуй, стоит сюжетная линия судьи (Вилладжо), приехавшего провести отпуск. Душитель всего,что связанно с эротикой или сексом, он сам становится жертвой мести прекрасной владелицы кабаре (Серена Гранди), которое он закрыл перед отъездом на курорт. Она соблазняет его и компроментирует, а тот открывает в себе склонность к гомосексуализму. Есть еще умопомрачительные три брата, толстые жлобы, тупицы и обжоры, с сексуально озабоченной сестрой. Имеются две подруги, одна из которых должна отомстить мужу, изменявшему ей 12 лет. Есть неудачливый бизнесмен, нанявший проститутку для роли своей жены, человек, от которого зависит подписание контракта, привык "трахать" жен тех, кто обращается к нему с подобными одолжениями. Есть хороший, легкий юмор, множество комичных ситуаций, веселая музыка и… Римини, Римини, который уже так хорошо знаком русским туристам.

Malizia (1973)  

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Malizia (1973)

Malizia (1973)
DIVX 704x304 25.00fps 925Kbps | Italian Dolby AC3 stereo 192Kbps | ENG, ESP subs .srt | 01:33:20 | 752 MB
Erotic Comedy/Romance | Director: Salvatore Samperi | aka "Malicious" | Starring: Laura Antonelli, Tina Aumont, Pino Caruso

"Malizia" was a big hit in 1973 - it launched Laura Antonelli's career and established the reputation of director Salvatore Samperi, an "iconoclast" film-maker. The film is not vulgar at all. It tells the story of a young maid, Angela, who works in a house for a widow and his sons. One of them will conquer, a teenanger who's discovering sexual instincts, will blackmail and conquer her…

[18+] Le Malizie Di Venere (Venus In Furs) (1975)  

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[18+] Le Malizie Di Venere (Venus In Furs) (1975)

[18+] Le Malizie Di Venere (Venus In Furs) (1975)
DivX 1188 kbps | 25 fps | Italian MP3 128 kbps | no subs | 640x368 | 1:20:12 | 700 MB
Genre: Drama | Director: Massimo Dallamano | Starring: Laura Antonelli, Régis Vallée

Based on the novel by Leopold Sacher-Masoch "Venus In Furs" (updated to the 60s) this fine film follows the perverted passions of a young couple as Severin (Régis Vallée) watches the beautiful Wanda (Laura Antonelli) writhing naked amongst furs. His passion triggers off a whirlpool of emotions due to a childhood episode which punishes voyeurism with pain.

Laura Giraudi - Sylvio Testa Photoshoot  Girls

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Laura Giraudi - Sylvio Testa Photoshoot

Laura Giraudi - Sylvio Testa Photoshoot
9 jpg | up to 1610*1000 | 1.94 MB
French model

Laura Mvula - The Dreaming Room (Special Edition) (2016)  Music

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Laura Mvula - The Dreaming Room (Special Edition) (2016)

Laura Mvula - The Dreaming Room (Special Edition)
Soul, R&B | MP3 CBR 320 kbps | 58:10 min | 134 MB
Label: RCA Records Label | Tracks: 18 | 2016

LAURA MVULA DREAMING ROOM: SPECIAL EDITION This is a re-package of the critically acclaimed 'Mercury Music Prize' nominated x12 trk album which was released in June of this year. Now includes x6 extra tracks, including Laura's brilliant rendition of The Delfonics/Fugee's single "Ready Or Not" which will feature in this years prestigious 'House Of Fraser' Christmas TV advert. Radio support across all mainstream national & ILR networks.