Lalo Schifrin Jazz Meets

Lalo Schifrin - Jazz Meets the Symphony (1999) {4CD set with 1 Bonus CD Aleph Records Aleph 012}

Lalo Schifrin - Jazz Meets the Symphony (1999) {4CD set with 1 Bonus CD Aleph Records Aleph 012}
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Jazz / Third Stream / Piano / Bop / Modern Post Bebop / Modern Arrangement

Here's yet another composer-performer who abhors the idea of building walls and fences between musical cultures. He's been carrying on parallel activities in the jazz and classical worlds ever since he was a youth in his native Argentina. Schifrin has composed a series of suites putting such jazz greats as Ray Brown and Grady Tate together with the London Philharmonic in a mix of originals, arrangements of standards, and several 13-14 minute tributes to the giants of jazz.
Lalo Schifrin - There's A Whole Lalo Schifrin Goin' On (1968) {Dot Records-Universal 534 293 8 rel 2013}

Lalo Schifrin - There's A Whole Lalo Schifrin Goin' On (1968) {Dot Records-Universal 534 293 8 rel 2013}
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Jazz / Third Stream / Piano / Modern Post Bebop / Stage & Screen / Modern Arrangement

Though it may seem unlikely that Frank Zappa had much of an influence on the work of Lalo Schifrin, one can detect some cultural crossover on There's a Whole Lalo Schifrin Goin' On. Schifrin was as much a jazz-pop genius as ever, but on this album rock rhythms, musical satire, sound effects, and exotica are all used as camp in a way that is eerily reminiscent of Zappa's more thoughtful efforts. Schifrin being Schifrin, every cut has a distinct and catchy melody, but there are whimsical and satirical themes embedded in the music. Nowhere is this more obvious than in "Hawks Vs. Doves," in which a cheery carnival-like theme is played in counterpoint to a martial air, each interfering with the other.
Lalo Schifrin - My Life in Music (2012) {4CD Boxset Aleph Records 047}

Lalo Schifrin - My Life in Music (2012) {4CD Boxset Aleph Records 047}
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Jazz / Classical / Stage & Screen / Soundtracks / Bop / Chamber Music

Aleph Records is proud to release Lalo Schifrin: My Life in Music, a four-CD boxed set of music from the legendary composer's career in film, jazz, and classical music. The set features music from three-dozen films, jazz and symphonic pieces composed by Schifrin, and unreleased music from films including Charley Varrick, The Beguiled, Joe Kidd, and Coogan's Bluff. Along with over five hours worth of music, a forty-eight page book is included with archival photos and notes.
Lalo Schifrin - Caveman: Original MGM Motion Picture Soundtrack (1981) CD Release 2005 [Re-Up]

Lalo Schifrin - Caveman: Original MGM Motion Picture Soundtrack (1981) CD Release 2005
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Soundtrack, Score, Classical | Label: Aleph Records | # 032 | 00:54:11

A movie as appealing and savory as the heaping piles of dinosaur sh*t that pass for its sight gags, 1980's Caveman ranks among the worst bombs Hollywood ever produced. Though a vehicle for Ringo Starr, the erstwhile Beatle did not record the film's soundtrack, with that, uh, "honor" going to the great screen composer Lalo Schifrin. Somehow Schifrin manages to rise above it all – especially given the circumstances, his Caveman score ain't half bad: though its epic sweep would have been far better suited for a movie worth watching, this is the kind of melodramatic score harking back to Hollywood's golden era, complete with eruptions of brass and strings. And in keeping with the prehistoric plot, there's even a tribal energy to the percussion – sounds silly, but it works.
Johnny Hodges Quintet with Lalo Schifrin - Buenos Aires Blues & The Eleventh Hour (2009) 2 LP in 1 CD

Johnny Hodges Quintet with Lalo Schifrin - Buenos Aires Blues & The Eleventh Hour (2009)
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Genre: Mainstream Jazz, Swing | Label: Lone Hill Jazz | # LHJ10373 | Time: 01:07:17

This release presents two albums by Johnny Hodges, recorded outside of the Ellington setting and both appearing here on CD for the first time ever. The first, which was originally released as PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED RECORDINGS, is in quintet format and marks Hodges only recorded encounter ever with Argentinean pianist and composer Lalo Schifrin, who contributes two compositions. While the second album, THE ELEVENTH HOUR, showcases the saxophonist soloing on standard tunes with a big band of winds & strings, conducted & arranged by Oliver Nelson.
Lalo Schifrin - Cool Hand Luke: Original Soundtrack Recording (1967/2001)

Lalo Schifrin - Cool Hand Luke: Original Soundtrack Recording (1967/2001)
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Genre: Soundtrack, Score | Label: Aleph Records | # Aleph Records 022 | Time: 00:56:27

With an iconic, Academy Award®-nominated lead performance by Paul Newman as the free spirit who refuses to be broken by cruel Southern justice, director Stuart Rosenberg's Cool Hand Luke has rightly taken its place as a modern American classic. One of the key elements to the film's deft balance of drama and humor is also its most unlikely: the Oscar®-nominated score of Argentine-born composer Lalo Schifrin. As he's done throughout a career that's moved gracefully between jazz recordings, classical podiums, and scoring stages, Schifrin's music fuses seemingly disparate genres–bluegrass, symphonic, rhythmic jazz–into a soundtrack that evokes them all yet becomes distinctly more than the sum of its parts. Given that gratifying sensibility, it's a soundtrack full of surprising twists and turns, crackling with energy. Such is its dynamic nature that one reedited cut ("Tar Sequence") has taken on a second life as the ubiquitous "Eyewitness News" theme music at local TV stations across America.
Lalo Schifrin - The Bossa Nova & Latin Albums (2015) {2CDs Malanga Music MM828}

Lalo Schifrin - The Bossa Nova & Latin Albums (2015) {2CDs Malanga Music MM828}
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Jazz / Bop / Latin Jazz / Bossa Nova / Piano

Recorded 1955, 1959, 1962. This set presents five complete albums from the initial years of Lalo Schifrin's career as a leader: "Lalo=Brilliance: The Piano of Lalo Schifrin" (Roulette SR 52088); "Bossa Nova: New Brazilian Jazz (Audio Fidelity AFLP-1981)"; "Insensatez [aka Piano, Strings & Bossa Nova] (MGM SE-4110); "Piano Español: The Magic Touch of Lalo Schifrin, His Piano & Orchestra" (Tico LP-1070), and "Rendez-Vous Dansant a Copacabana" (Vogue LD-236). Born in Argentina, Schifrin was gaining fame as a member and arranger of Dizzy Gillespie's Quintet and Big Band during these formative years. He is backed on these albums by such important guitarists as Jim Hall and Jimmy Raney, plus the brilliant saxophonist Leo Wright from Gillespie's formation.
Lalo Schifrin - Towering Toccata (2003) (Recording CTI Epic / Legacy 1976)

Lalo Schifrin - Towering Toccata (2003) (Recording CTI Epic / Legacy 1976)
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Jazz | Label: Epic / Legacy | Rel: 2003

After scoring an unexpected high-profile success with the disco/jazz fusion of Black Widow, Lalo Schifrin quickly recorded a follow-up album in a similar vein. 1977's Towering Toccata replicates the elegant yet dance-friendly style of Black Widow to the tee, right down to the unconventional cover choices. The best of these is the title track, an insistently rhythmic piece that transforms Bach's gothic-organ extravaganza "Toccata and Prelude in F Minor" into a mid-tempo disco workout that backs up Schifrin's jazzy explorations on the electric piano and synthesizer.

Lalo Schifrin - Gypsies (1978) [2014 Remaster]  

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Lalo Schifrin - Gypsies (1978) [2014 Remaster]

Lalo Schifrin - Gypsies (1978) [2014 Remaster]
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Jazz | Label: Tabu / Demon | Catalog Number: TABU-1037

It’s never been easy to pigeonhole Lalo Schifrin. The four-time Grammy-winning Argentinian composer created one of the most memorable television themes of all time with his “Mission: Impossible,” recorded jazz albums for labels including Verve and Creed Taylor’s CTI, worked with Count Basie, Cannonball Adderley and Sarah Vaughan, and scored innumerable films, racking up six Oscar nominations in the process. Now, Demon Music Group has reissued two lost gems of the Schifrin oeuvre, both originally recorded for Clarence Avant’s Tabu label, for the first time on CD. Gypsies (1978) and No One Home (1979) have recently arrived in deluxe, casebound expanded editions as part of Demon’s long-running Tabu series.

Lalo Schifrin - Latin Jazz Suite (2007)  

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Lalo Schifrin - Latin Jazz Suite (2007)

Lalo Schifrin - Latin Jazz Suite (2007)
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Genre: Jazz, Classical | Label: Aleph Records | Copy: Untouched | Release Date: 14 Feb 2007 | Runtime: 86 min. | 4,09 GB (DVD5)

Lalo Schifrin may ultimately be most famous for his "Mission Impossible" theme, but his jazz credentials are more than solid. A distinctive composer, arranger, and pianist, the Argentine-born Schifrin had a famous stint as pianist for Dizzy Gillespie's small group during the early 1960s, and composed a number of large-scale projects for the master trumpeter. Schifrin has a deep understanding of both Latin and jazz idioms, abundant evidence of which can be found on the sprawling and infectious Latin Jazz Suite. Schifrin's six-movement composition echoes his momentous work for Gillespie, and the significant contributions of virtuoso trumpeter and Gillespie protégé Jon Faddis only highlight the influence.