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Brian Eno & David Byrne - My Life in the Bush of Ghosts  Music

Posted by Helden at Dec. 26, 2005

Brian Eno & David Byrne - My Life in the Bush of Ghosts (1981)
MP3 320 Kbps |95 Mb - RAR

My Life in the Bush of Ghosts

Both Brian Eno and David Byrne had, for a number of years, been interested in non- Western music styles, particularly those of sub-Saharan African of the Arabic cultural sphere; In the Talking Heads /Eno records, such influences function implicitly, but on the album 'My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts' they became explicit.

Over Rhythmic and harmonic backing tracks, played by Eno, Byrne and eleven other musicians, Eno and Byrne superimposed taped voices from a variety of sources. 'It's almost collage music, like grafting a piece of one culture onto a piece of another onto a piece of another, and trying to make them work as a coherent musical idea, and also trying to make something you can dance to' mentioned Eno."

The title of the album is inspired by Amos Tutuola's novel with the same title.

Track listing
1. America is Waiting (3:36)
2. Mea Culpa (3.35)
3. Regiment (3:56)
4. Help Me Somebody (4:18)
5. The Jezebel Spirt (4:55)
6. Very, Very Hungry (3:20)
7. Moonlight in Glory (4:19)
8. The Carrier (3:30)
9. A Secret Life (2:30)
10. Come With Us (2:38)
11. Mountain of Needles (2:35)

Total Time: 39:41

All songs written by Brian Eno/David Byrne, excpet
1.(Brian Eno/David Byrne, arr. by Brian Eno/David Byrne/Bill Laswell/Tim Wright/David van Tieghem)
3.(Brian Eno/David Byrne/Busta Jones, arr. by Brian Eno/David Byrne/Busta Jones/Chris Frantz/Robert Fripp)

Brian Eno & David Byrne / guitars, basses, synthesizers, drums, percussion and "found objects"

Guest musicians:
- John Cooksey / drums (4)
- Chris Frantz / drums, additional arranging (3)
- Robert Fripp / additional arranging (3)
- Busta Jones / bass, additional writing and arranging (3)
- Dennis Keeley / Bodhran (2)
- Bill Laswell / bass and additional arranging (1)
- Mingo Lewis / Bata, sticks (5, 8)
- Prairie Prince / can, bass drum (5, 8)
- Jose Rossy / congas, agong-gong (7)
- Steve Scales / congas, metals (4)
- David van Tieghem / drums, percussion (1, 3), additional arranging (1)
- Tim Wright / click bass (1)
(1) Unidentified indignant radio show host, San Fransisco, April 1980;
(2) Inflamed caller and smooth politician replying, both unidentified.
Radio call- in show, New York, July 1979;
(3) Dunya Yusin, Lebanese mountain singer;
(4) Reverend Paul Morton, broadcast sermon, New Orleans, June 1980;
(5) Unidentified exorcist, New York, September 1980;
(7) The Moving Star Hall Singers, Sea Islands, Georgia;
(8) Dunya Yusin;
(9) Samira Tewfik, Egyptian popular singer;
(10)Unidentified radio evangelist, San Fransisco, April 1980.

Releases information
(Some older editions apparently contain a track called "Qur'an" instead of "Very Very Hungry" , but it was not on this one.)

Recorded at RPM, Blue Rock, Sigma, New York, Eldorado, Los Angeles and
Different Fur, San Fransisco, August 1979 to October 1980
Engineer at RMP : Neal Teeman
Assistant : Hugh Dwyer
Engineer at Blue Rock : Eddie Korvin
Assistant : Michael Ewasko
Engineer at Eldorado : Dave Jerden
Assistant : Georg Sloan
Engineer at Different Fur : Stacy Baird
Assistants : Don Mack and Howard Johnston
Engineer at Sigma : John Potoker
Produced by Brain Eno and David Byrne
Mastered by Greg Calbi at Sterling Sound

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Posted by mapusi at Nov. 24, 2016
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Posted by MirrorsMaker at Sept. 23, 2015
In the Name of My Daughter / L'homme qu'on aimait trop (2014)

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Posted by notbanned at Sept. 7, 2014
Channel 4 - The Worst Jobs in History (2004)

Channel 4 - The Worst Jobs in History (2004)
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As befits the man behind Baldrick, Tony Robinson has uncovered life in the underbelly of history. Whether it's swilling out the crotch of a knight's soiled armour after the battle of Agincourt, risking his neck in the rigging of HMS Victory, or as 'Groomer of the Stool' going to places where none of Henry VIII's six wives would venture, Tony endures the worst jobs imaginable to get to the bottom (sometimes literally) of the story. From the Roman invasion to the reign of Queen Victoria, Tony has met the challenge of seeking out the worst jobs of each era. The Gunpowder Plot drew Tony to the role of the Saltpetre Man who collected human waste because its nitrate content could be turned into gunpowder. In the same vein, he has revealed some of the worst jobs behind the building of the great medieval cathedrals. With Tony we discover the dire conditions of Nelson's Victory, where the most common form of retirement was being sewn into a hammock with a couple of cannon balls and dropped over the side. Then there's the impact of the Industrial Revolution, a source of wealth and power for the few, but a cornucopia of lousy jobs for the many.
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Posted by TinyBear at June 17, 2011
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IMDb Rating: 7.4/10 (30,237 votes)

In Monroe, Tennessee, Hank Deerfield, an aging warrior, gets a call that his son, just back from 18 months' fighting in Iraq, is missing from his base. Hank drives to Fort Rudd, New Mexico, to search. Within a day, the charred and dismembered body of his son is found on the outskirts of town. Deerfield pushes himself into the investigation, marked by jurisdictional antagonism between the Army and local police. Working mostly with a new detective, Emily Sanders, Hank seems to close in on what happened. Major smuggling? A drug deal gone awry? Credit card slips, some photographs, and video clips from Iraq may hold the key. If Hank gets to the truth, what will it tell him?
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The Klezmer Conservatory Band - A Jumpin' Night in the Garden of Eden (1992)
MP3 CBR 320 kbps | 12 Tracks | ~110 MB | 14 February 1992 | Covers
Genre : World, Ethnic, Folk & Klezmer | Label: Rounder / Umgd | Cat. No.: CD3105

Straight out of Massachusetts comes this album from the Klezmer Conservatory Band. It's a lively piece of work, with all of the vigor common to klezmer in general. The songs are somewhat more traditional than one would likely find on, say, the Klezmatics albums, but still thoroughly enjoyable. The bits that make klezmer stand out are all present: the thumping piano accompaniment, the occasional wailing horns, the slithery clarinet work. The style, in some ways represents the midpoint between German music and Middle Eastern music, with both backgrounds represented by the Jews. This album does well to show off both sides of it all. Pick it up if you're a fan of klezmer; if not already a fan, it wouldn't be a bad choice to test the waters, though something slightly more contemporary like the Klezmatics may be more appropriate.