Hajime Sorayama Artworks

Hajime Sorayama Artworks  Comics

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Hajime Sorayama Artworks

Hajime Sorayama Artworks
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Erotic Art

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Artworks of Hajime Sorayama

Artworks of Hajime Sorayama
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Japanese illustrator

Relativision, Hajime Sorayama  Comics

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Relativision, Hajime Sorayama

Relativision, Hajime Sorayama
Graphic-Sha Publishing, 2009 | English/Japanese | CBR | 120 pages | 810 MB

Venom: Hajime Sorayama  Comics

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Venom: Hajime Sorayama

Author, "Venom: Hajime Sorayama"
Graphic-Sha Publishing | 2004 | ISBN: 4766114469 | 145 pages | jpg | 32 MB

Hajime Sorayama, "Venom Artbook"  Magazines

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Hajime Sorayama, "Venom Artbook"

Hajime Sorayama, "Venom Artbook"
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Hajime Sorayama  Graphics

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Hajime Sorayama
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Hajime Sorayama was born in 1947 in Imabari. He received his basic education at Imabari Kita High School. In 1965 he was admitted to the Shikoku Gakuin University, where he began to study Greek- and English literature. In 1967, he transferred to Tokio's Chuo School where he began to study art. Sorayama graduated in 1969 at the age of 22, and gained an appointment in an advertising agency. He became a freelance illustrator in 1971.

Hajime Sorayama  Graphics

Posted by RDx at June 24, 2006
Hajime Sorayama

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Делал я сегодня пост Художники H & I , и не стал вкладывать туда Hajime Sorayama, хотя и буква-то <H> присутствовала, помятуя, что не далее как 27 марта сего года сам Avax постил вот здесь этого славного творца.
Avax писал:
Hajime Sorayama is a famous Japanese illustrator. His art style is much more realistic than typical anime and manga, he does some very famous ASFR drawings of sexy robot women. He also draws cyborgs and other meldings of humans and animals.
И возникли у меня сомнения…
Но разрешились они, после общения со старшими (не по возрасту) комрадами этого уважаемого ресурса!!!
Так что – смотрите, качайте и не выключайтесь!!!
Команды AvaxHome.ru и Art-menu.ru всегда с вами!

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Alexandre Salles Artworks

Alexandre Salles Artworks
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Inside Installations: Theory and Practice in the Care of Complex Artworks (RCE Publications)

Inside Installations: Theory and Practice in the Care of Complex Artworks (RCE Publications) by Tatja Scholte
English | Apr. 1, 2012 | ISBN: 9089642889 | 272 Pages | PDF | 12 MB

Anything is possible in installation art—but that freedom comes with a cost, as the mutability of the intended experience along with the typically short lifespan of the techniques and materials used can present great difficulty to the custodian of the work.