Highfashion Essentials SuperHose XPansion  Graphics

Posted by Alexpal at May 31, 2010
Highfashion Essentials SuperHose XPansion

Highfashion Essentials SuperHose XPansion | 32 Mb

Required: Highfashion Essentials SuperHose

HIGHFASHION: Synergy for V4  Graphics

Posted by Alexpal at Oct. 6, 2009
HIGHFASHION: Synergy for V4

HIGHFASHION: Synergy for V4 | 17 MB

HIGHFASHION: Outrage for M4/H4  Graphics

Posted by Alexpal at Sept. 12, 2009
HIGHFASHION: Outrage for M4/H4

HIGHFASHION: Outrage for M4/H4 | 76 Mb

The seventh Release in the HIGHFASHION series is dedicated to the males in Poser universe! Get him sexy, classy and cool! HIGHFASHION: Outrage is a high-quality conforming clothing set for Michael 4 and Hiro 4. This package brings you 5 conforming clothing items for M4/H4: a sleeky denim jeans, a V-Neck Sweater, a Vest, a pair of laced Sneakers and a pair of stylish sunglasses.
- Now includes morphs for the Hiro 4 Bodymorphs (Base, Stylized, Built & Realistic)
- Bulge Size AddOn Magnet with 4 different bulge size poses

HIGHFASHION: Formality for V4  Graphics

Posted by Alexpal at Dec. 26, 2008
HIGHFASHION: Formality for V4

HIGHFASHION: Formality for V4 | 57 Mb

With this fifth Release in the HIGHFASHION series, Formality brings you a full wardrobe of high quality formal fashion for Victoria 4! Beginning with the tightest Pants ever and ending with the highest high heels Vicky has ever worn! This package brings you 8 conforming clothing items for V4: a Tube Pants, a Wide Collar Blouse, a Vest, a pair of high heeled Peep-Toe Pumps (L + R), a flared Skirt, a glamorous Necklace, Glasses as well as a set of smartpropped Earrings. All items ready to be mixed and match to create a wide range of different outfit styles.

HIGHFASHION: Overload for V4  Graphics

Posted by Alexpal at Dec. 26, 2008
HIGHFASHION: Overload for V4

HIGHFASHION: Overload for V4 | 71 Mb

With the fourth Release in the HIGHFASHION series, Overload brings you a full wardrobe of different clothing pieces for Victoria 4!
This package brings you a stylish capri jeans, a sweet top, a 6-buttoned coat, stylish platform knee-length boot, a pair of glamorous evening sandals and a big, modern handbag. Everything just to be ready for the warmer days!
3D: EF-MefistoReturns | T Concept Reloaded V4/A4/G4 | Trends for TC

EF-MefistoReturns | 5 Mb
T Concept Reloaded V4/A4/G4 | 44 Mb
Trends for TC | 33 Mb

XtaSy for V4/A4  Graphics

Posted by Alexpal at May 25, 2009
XtaSy for V4/A4

XtaSy for V4/A4 | 52 Mb

With the eighth Release in the HIGHFASHION series, XtaSy brings you a set of sensual lingerie combined with adventure / fantasy elements. XtaSy brings you 4 conforming clothings items for V4 and A4: a flared Pantie, a Bra, Cheststraps and a pair of HIGH heeled platform shoes.
The Hi-Quality clothing meshes come with a big set of hi-res and highly-detailed texture styles to give you tons of different looks. Please have a look at the pictures for the 6 included texture styles.