PBS NOVA - Everest: The Death Zone (1998)  Video

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PBS NOVA - Everest: The Death Zone (1998)

PBS NOVA - Everest: The Death Zone (1998)
DVDRip | 480x368 | .AVI/XviD @ 3010 Kbps | 56mn 46s | 700 MiB
Audio: English AC3 224 kbps, 2 channels | Subs: None
Genre: Documentary

"Because it is there" is the reason so many men and women have risked death to climb Mount Everest, the tallest mountain on earth. NOVA follows a scientific investigation of high-altitude physiology in Everest: The Death Zone, which examines the biological and psychological changes experienced by a group of climbers during their ascent. Jodie Foster's narration accompanies the team as the NOVA photographers capture the stark, alien beauty of the mountain; the drama reaches a crescendo on the descent as it becomes unclear whether or not an ill climber will make it. Well worth watching by anyone interested in mountain climbing or the limits of human endurance, Everest: The Death Zone is at once cautionary and inspiring. Narrated by Jodi Foster.

The Man Who Skied Down Everest (1975)  Video

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The Man Who Skied Down Everest (1975)

The Man Who Skied Down Everest (1975)
DVDRip | 720x308 | .MKV/AVC @ 1339 Kbps | 1h 24mn | 853 MiB
Audio: English AAC 68 kbps, 2 channels | Subs: None
Genre: Documentary

A Japanese skier ultimately dreamed of literally skiing Mt. Everest. He planned to ski some 8,000 feet down an icy glacier at a 40 to 45 degree angle, from the 26,000 foot level near the summit. This documentary chronicles this incredible feat and the tremendous task of climbing Everest itself. The narrator reads from the diary that the skier personally kept.

The Everest Effect: Nature, Culture, Ideology  eBooks & eLearning

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The Everest Effect: Nature, Culture, Ideology

The Everest Effect: Nature, Culture, Ideology (Albma Rhetoric Cult & Soc Crit) by Elizabeth Mazzolini
2015 | ISBN: 0817318933 | English | 184 pages | PDF | 2 MB

National Geographic: Earthquake On Everest (2015)  Video

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National Geographic: Earthquake On Everest (2015)

National Geographic: Earthquake On Everest (2015)
1080i HDTVRip | mkv | x265 HEVC @ 2 498 kb/s, 25 fps | 1920 x 1080 | 43min 56sec | 873 MB
2-Ch English AC-3 @ 224 Kb/s | Subtitle: none
Genre: Documentary, Natural Disaster

On April 25th 2015, an earthquake unleashed terror on Everest. Eighteen people died and 61 were injured in the worst disaster in the mountain's history. Now, never-seen-before footage from the moment the earthquake struck reveals the horror of those fatal minutes both on Everest and in surrounding Nepal where over 8,500 people died. Eyewitness accounts tell of survival and loss while scientists on the ground reveal how this disaster impacted the scientific community's knowledge of Himalayan earthquakes.

Miracle on Everest (2008)  Video

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Miracle on Everest (2008)

Miracle on Everest (2008)
PDTV | 720 x 576 | .MKV/AVC @ 3372 Kbps | 52mins | English AC-3 256 Kbps, 2 channels | 1.34 GB
Genre: Documentary, Adventure

Experienced mountaineer, Lincoln Hall, is invited to join an expedition as high altitude cameraman. It is his second attempt on the mountain, having turned back just short of the summit 22 years earlier. In 2006, the deadliest season on Mount Everest in a decade, Lincoln Hall fulfilled his lifelong ambition of climbing the famous mountain, but things started to go wrong on the way back down. He was to become the only person to be declared dead so high on Everest who then lived to tell the tale.
Ernie Wilkins - The Everest Years (1959-60) {Re-Everest 545 450 756-2 rel 2005}

Ernie Wilkins - The Everest Years (1959-60) {Re-Everest 545 450 756-2 rel 2005}
EAC rip (secure mode) | FLAC (tracks)+CUE+LOG -> 429 Mb | MP3 @320 -> 158 Mb
Full Artwork @ 300 dpi (jpg) -> 13 Mb | 5% repair rar
© 1959-60, 2005 Re / Everest / Universal | 545 450 756-2
Jazz / Bop / Modern Big Band / Modern Arragement

Arranger Ernie Wilkins' two Everest LPs, Here Comes the Swingin' Mr. Wilkins and The Big New Band of the '60s, are reissued in full on this single CD. Recording during 1959-1960, Wilkins used an overlapping personnel of Count Basie members (both past and of the time), some of the top jazz-oriented studio players, and various miscellaneous jazz musicians. There is no way that this could have been a full-time big band, not with such soloists as Duke Ellington's tenor saxophonist Paul Gonsalves, trumpeters Clark Terry and Thad Jones, and the Basie players, but Wilkins' swinging arrangements gave his short-lived orchestra its own sound.

Everest / Эверест (2015)  Video

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Everest / Эверест (2015)

Everest / Эверест (2015)
DVD Video | 1hr 56mn | PAL 16:9 | 720x576 | 7.55 Gb
English \ Russian \ Czech \ Magyar \ Polish: Dolby AC3, 6 ch
Subtitles: English, Czech, Magyar, Polish, Russian, Bulgarian, Hrvatski, Estonian, Greek, Hebrew, Latvian, Lithuanian, Romanian, Slovenian, Ukrainian
Genre: Adventure | Biography | Drama

A climbing expedition on Mt. Everest is devastated by a severe snow storm.

Everest (2015)  Video

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Everest (2015)

Everest (2015)
BDRip | MKV / AVC@1777 kb/s | 720x304 | 2h 1mn | 2.05 GB | Italian: AC3, 640 kb/s (6 ch) | Subtiltes: Italian (forced)
BDRip 720p | MKV / AVC@4602 kb/s | 1280x536 | 2h 1mn | 4.44 GB | Italian: AC3, 640 kb/s (6 ch) | Subtiltes: Italian (forced, full)
BDRip 1080p | MKV / AVC@10.4 Mb/s | 1920x804 | 2h 1mn | 9.31 GB | Italian: AC3, 640 kb/s (6 ch) | Subtiltes: Italian (forced, full)
Genre: Adventure | Biography | Drama | History | Thriller

1996. Diverse compagnie con le loro spedizioni sfidano i limiti della natura per tentare di far scalare le cime dell'Everest agli scalatori di tutto il mondo. Mettendo alla prova il proprio coraggio e la propria resistenza, gli scalatori si troveranno ad affrontare ostacoli naturali quasi impossibili da superare e a iniziare una dura lotta per la sopravvivenza.

Everest (2015)  Video

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Everest (2015)

Everest (2015)
A Film by Baltasar Kormákur
BDRip LD | AVI | 720x304 | Xvid @ 1285 Kbps | 02:01:10 | 5% Recovery | 1.2 GB
Languages Available: Italian Mp3 @ 128 Kbps CBR | Subtitles: None
Genre: Adventure, Drama, Biography

Ispirato da una serie di incredibili eventi accaduti durante una pericolosa spedizione volta a raggiungere la vetta della montagna più alta del mondo, EVEREST documenta le avversità del viaggio di due diverse spedizioni sfidate oltre i loro limiti da una delle più feroci tempeste di neve mai affrontate dall'uomo. Il loro coraggio sarà messo a dura prova dal più crudele dei quattro elementi, gli scalatori dovranno fronteggiare ostacoli al limite dell'impossibile come l'ossessione di una vita intera che si trasforma in una lotta mozzafiato per la sopravvivenza.

Everest (2015)  Video

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Everest (2015)

Everest (2015)
HDTVRip | AVI / XviD, 1429 Kbps | 720x304 | 2h 0mn | 1.36 GB | English: AC3, 192 Kbps (2 ch) | Subtitles: Korean HC
HDTV 720p | MKV / AVC, 2917 Kbps | 1280x536 | 2h 0mn | 2.68 GB | English: AC3, 192 Kbps (2 ch) | Subtitles: Korean HC
HDTV 1080p | MKV / AVC, 5879 Kbps | 1920x800 | 2h 0mn | 5.23 GB | English: AC3, 192 Kbps (2 ch) | Subtitles: Korean HC
Genre: Adventure | Drama | Thriller

On the morning of May 10, 1996, climbers (Jason Clarke, Josh Brolin) from two expeditions start their final ascent toward the summit of Mount Everest, the highest point on Earth. With little warning, a violent storm strikes the mountain, engulfing the adventurers in one of the fiercest blizzards ever encountered by man. Challenged by the harshest conditions imaginable, the teams must endure blistering winds and freezing temperatures in an epic battle to survive against nearly impossible odds.