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Emmanuelle 3: A Lesson in Love (1994) [Re-Up]  Video

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Emmanuelle 3: A Lesson in Love (1994) [Re-Up]

Emmanuelle 3: A Lesson in Love (1994)
English | DVDRip | AVI | DivX, 863 Kbps | 640x480 | 23.976 fps | 690 MB
Audio: MP3, 128 Kbps | 2 channels | 44.1 KHz | Runtime: 01:36:45 minutes
Genre: Romance, Sci-Fi

Emmanuelle and Tasha visit Las Vegas where the two becomes close friends. Emmanuelle teaches Tasha the finer elements of pleasing oneself, so that she may better understand what it takes to please a partner. After a sensual bubble bath, Tasha learns exactly how to best please her first partner: Emmanuelle herself. The two seem quite content the following morning when they are served strawberries, chocolate and champagne. There is still more to be learned, as Emmanuelle prepares Tasha for her first encounter with a man on earth, which Emmanuelle supervises in a classic voyeur style.

Emmanuelle in Space 1-7 (1994)  Video

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Emmanuelle in Space 1-7 (1994)

Emmanuelle in Space 1-7 (1994)
English | DVDRip | DivX 876 kbps | 640x480 | 29.97 fps | 7х ~700 Mb
Audio: MP3, 128 kbps | Stereo | 44100 Hz | Runtime: ~651 minutes
Genre: Romance, Sci-Fi

Emmanuelle in Space was an American erotic science fiction television series produced for both cable and syndication in 1994. It is loosely based upon the character Emmanuelle created by Emmanuelle Arsan in the 1960s and featured in dozens of softcore films over the years.
The series starred Krista Allen as Emmanuelle, a hedonistic young woman who finds herself teaching the ways of sexuality to a group of aliens who land on Earth, and Paul Michael Robinson.

Emmanuelle's Love / L'amour d'Emmanuelle (1993)  Video

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Emmanuelle's Love / L'amour d'Emmanuelle (1993)

Emmanuelle's Love / L'amour d'Emmanuelle (1993)
English | TVRip | Xvid 946 kbps | 512x304 | 25.00 fps | 654 Mb
Audio: WMA, 64 kbps | Stereo | 44100 Hz | Runtime: 01:29:47 minutes
Genre: Drama, Romance

Emmanuelle withdraws into a temple in Tibet, where she wants to find to her true self. She's given a mystic substance which will give her youth and allow her to enter the souls of other women. Now she sets out and searches her true love Mario from 20 years ago. When he sees young Emmanuelle, he doesn't believe it's really her, but she retells all the juicy details of her past to prove it to him.
Emmanuelle Bertrand - Saint-Saëns: Cello Concerto No. 1 - Cello Sonatas Nos. 2 & 3 (2017) [Official Digital Download 24/96]

Emmanuelle Bertrand - Saint-Saëns: Cello Concerto No. 1 - Cello Sonatas Nos. 2 & 3 (2017)
FLAC (tracks) 24-bit/96 kHz | Time - 66:49 minutes | 1.15 GB
Studio Master, Official Digital Download | Artwork: Digital booklet

"That’s it done at last, this blasted sonata! Will it please or not? That is the question." So wrote Saint-Saëns, not without humour, of his second ‘quadruped’ for cello and piano. He adored the cello, as is shown by much more than the famous 'Swan'. He wrote three sonatas for it, but unfortunately the last two movements of the Third Sonata have been lost and what is left survives only in manuscript. Emmanuelle Bertrand and Pascal Amoyel play it here with emotion and total respect. The Concerto also included here is today one of the ‘musts’ of the concertante repertory for cello.
Emmanuelle Bertrand - Saint-Saëns: Cello Concerto No. 1 - Cello Sonatas Nos. 2 & 3 (2017)

Emmanuelle Bertrand - Saint-Saëns: Cello Concerto No. 1 - Cello Sonatas Nos. 2 & 3 (2017)
EAC Rip | FLAC (Tracks) +cue, log, m3u, digital booklet - 245 MB | 01:06:50
Classical | Label: harmonia mundi

The French cellist-star Emmanuelle Bertrand (who seems to have forgotten a little something on the cover photo of the album …) embarks here in an exploration of several masterpieces of Saint-Saëns, one of the French composers who most enriched the repertoire of the instrument with two concertos, two other concert works, two completed sonatas and some other isolated works. His first Concerto, given here with the Lucerne Symphony Orchestra, dates from 1872 - the first creative period, still marked by Schumann or Mendelssohn, even though in the harmonic and orchestral limpidity "à la française" of which Saint-Saëns Would always be the defender.

Emmanuelle the Private Collection: Jesse's Secret Desires (2006)  Video

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Emmanuelle the Private Collection: Jesse's Secret Desires (2006)

Emmanuelle the Private Collection: Jesse's Secret Desires (2006)
DVDRip | MKV | 700x394 | x264 @ 989 Kbps | English AAC 2.0 @ 115 Kbps | 92 min | 732 Mb
Genre: Drama, Erotic

High powered attorney Jesse has received threats from a man about to be released from prison. The added stress makes it harder for her to open up emotionally and physically in her sessions with Emmanuelle. The threats continue and Jesse soon finds she may have to fear for her very life.

Goodbye Emmanuelle (1977)  Video

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Goodbye Emmanuelle (1977)

Goodbye Emmanuelle (1977)
BRRip 720p | MKV | 1280 x 720 | x264 @ 2560 Kbps | 1h 38mn | 2,02 Gb
Audio: French AC3 2.0 @ 192 Kbps + English AC3 2.0 @ 192 Kbps | Subs: English
Genre: Drama, Romance, Erotic | Director: François Leterrier

Emmanuelle and her architect husband continue their amoral lifestyle in the Seychelles. But when a casual dilliance between her and a film director starts to turn serious her husband shows very traditional signs of jealousy.

Emmanuelle 2000: Emmanuelle Pie (2003)  Video

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Emmanuelle 2000: Emmanuelle Pie (2003)

Emmanuelle 2000: Emmanuelle Pie (2003)
DVDRip | MKV | 706x522 | x264 @ 1030 Kbps | English AAC 2.0 @ 115 Kbps | 83 min | 685 Mb
Genre: Drama, Romance

A young man uses a mind-control power for his own sexual needs. Miss Emmanuelle shows up to give him more than a slap on the wrist.
Emmanuelle, Queen of the Galaxy (1994) Emmanuelle in Space: First Contact

Emmanuelle, Queen of the Galaxy (1994)
BRRip 720p | MKV | 1280 x 720 | x264 @ 2560 Kbps | 1h 28mn | 1,86 Gb
Audio: English AC3 5.1 @ 448 Kbps | Subtitles: None
Genre: Comedy, Romance, Sci-Fi | Director: Lev L. Spiro

Krista plays the lead role of Emmanuelle-an earth woman chosen by a group of space travelers to teach them about love, and human sexuality. Emmanuelle takes the aliens to such places as Las Vegas, Egypt, and Asia to teach them the wonders about sexuality. While doing this she forms a bond with the leader, Haffron, who falls in love with her.

Emmanuelle (1974)  Video

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Emmanuelle (1974)

Emmanuelle (1974)
1080p BDRip | MKV | 1760x1080 | x264 @ 11.3 Mbps | 1h 34mn | English DTS (2 ch) @ 768 Kbps | 7.95 GB
Sub: None
Genre: Drama

Emmanuelle is a beautiful young model and lives in Bangkok together with her husband Jean, who's several years older. She likes him because he's taught her much, and he likes her because she's learning so well - and wants to often. Both are very tolerant in matters of extramarital affairs, so he doesn't mind the young Marie-Ange coming over every so often, although she obviously wants more than talk from his wife. But Emmanuelle is more fascinated by the older Bee, and joins her on a trip into the jungle.