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Guibert - Brune - One Shot  Comics

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Guibert - Brune - One Shot

Brune - One Shot - (1992)
Scénario & Dessin: Emmanuel Guibert | Roman graphique | PDF | French | 18MB

Juste avant la deuxième guerre mondiale. Les ténèbres s'abattent sur l'Allemagne. Une étonnante épopée, la naissance d'un grand dessinateur.

David B. & Guibert - Le capitaine écarlate - One Shot - (re-up)  Comics

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David B. & Guibert - Le capitaine écarlate - One Shot - (re-up)

Le capitaine ecarlate - One Shot - (2000)
Scénario : David B. (David Beauchard) | Dessin : Emmanuel Guibert | Fantastique | PDF | French | 30MB

Un masque d'or, des pluies magiques, une chaloupe accostée au premier étage d'un immeuble parisien, des têtes qui volent, une vague apprivoisée. Au cœur de ce récit fantastique, un jeune écrivain vivra la plus extraordinaire des aventures qui soient. Et sera confronté aux figures les plus obsessionnelles de son imaginaire. Le personnage de l'écrivain est directement inspiré de Marcel Schwob (1867-1905), auteur, entre autres, du "Roi au masque d'or".

Sfar & Guibert - Les Olives noires - complet  Comics

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Sfar & Guibert - Les Olives noires - complet

Les Olives noires - 3 Tomes
Scénario : Joann Sfar | Dessin : Emmanuel Guibert | Historique | PDF | French | 58MB

Les olives noires raconte l'histoire du Bassin méditerranéen à travers le regard de Gamaliel, un petit garçon juif. Sfar et Guibert explorent toute la richesse de l'Histoire et de la tradition juives pour les faire partager au lecteur. Le trait sobre et la structure immuable du découpage chaque planche est partagée en six cases selon la technique traditionnelle du " gaufrier " donnent toute sa force à ce récit d'une grande originalité.

Guibert & Lefèvre - Le Photographe - complet  Comics

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Guibert & Lefèvre - Le Photographe - complet

Le Photographe - 3 Tomes
Scénario : Emmanuel Guibert & Didier Lefèvre| Dessin : Emmanuel Guibert | Biographie | PDF | French | 64MB

En 1986, le reporter-photographe Didier Lefèvre accompagne une équipe de Médecins Sans Frontières en Afghanistan, alors que le pays traverse une guerre qui oppose l'armée soviétique aux résistants Moudjahedins.

Sfar & Guibert - La Fille du professeur - One shot  Comics

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Sfar & Guibert - La Fille du professeur - One shot

La Fille du professeur - One shot - (1997)
Scénario : Joann Sfar | Dessin : Emmanuel Guibert | Roman graphique | PDF | French | 24MB

"Je n'aime que vous", dit la jeune demoiselle Liliane Bowell en fixant ses grands yeux sur la momie du pharaon Imhotep IV. L'essence de ce très bel album nous est révélée dans cette simple phrase."

Tommy Emmanuel - Little by Little (2010) 2CDs [Re-Up]  Music

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Tommy Emmanuel - Little by Little (2010) 2CDs [Re-Up]

Tommy Emmanuel - Little by Little (2010) 2CDs
EAC | FLAC | Image (Cue&Log) ~ 480 Mb | Mp3 (CBR320) ~ 192 Mb | Scans ~ 203 Mb
Label: Favored Nations | # FN2700-2 | Time: 01:23:42
Guitar Virtuoso, Fingerpicking, Folk, Jazz, Country, Folk-Rock

As an Australian, guitar virtuoso Tommy Emmanuel doesn't seem to be much bothered about musical categories. Is his music jazz, folk, bluegrass, new age? Depending on the track, it can be any one. Like his mentor, Chet Atkins, Emmanuel is simply a guitar player, and on Little by Little, a two-CD set, he sticks mostly to acoustic guitar, playing mostly originals, tunes that he has used in concert but not recorded before. He is also mostly solo, although the double-disc length allows him room to share space with guests including singers Pam Rose (on her co-composition "Haba Na Hava") and Anthony Snape (on the folk-rock "Willie's Shades"). Among the covers are two versions of "Moon River," one with a bass countermelody, the other with an Emmanuel vocal, Carole King's "Tapestry," Atkins' "Mountains of Illinois," and "The Tennessee Waltz." Emmanuel plays fast runs, slows down for delicate passages, and adds harmonics on tunes that evoke players including Will Ackerman and John Fahey. He also likes folk-pop; "Papa George" needs only a James Taylor vocal to fit into that category. But Little by Little is a tour de force by a musician who usually leaves categories behind.

Tommy Emmanuel - Midnight Drive (1997)  Music

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Tommy Emmanuel - Midnight Drive (1997)

Tommy Emmanuel - Midnight Drive (1997)
EAC | FLAC | Image (Cue&Log) ~ 279 Mb | Mp3 (CBR320) ~ 102 Mb | Scans included
Label: Sony/Higher Octave Music | # HOMECD 7096 | Time: 00:40:55
Guitar Virtuoso, Guitar Jazz, Smooth Jazz, Instrumental Pop/Rock

Though he has shown a mastery and affinity for both electric and acoustic axes, Tommy Emmanuel's Higher Octave debut, Midnight Drive, finds him focusing almost exclusively on warm yet frequently aggressive acoustic melodies, complemented here and there by the raw, plugged-in energy of Robben Ford and Larry Carlton. The overall mix is the kind that smooth jazz lovers find easy to swallow, but offers more bite and adventure than most like-minded releases in the genre. Smooth jazz radio may find an easy mark with a laid-back take of Sting's "Fields of Gold," but Emmanuel's other tracks dig deeper, showing off a stylistic chameleon drawing from the many phases of his career. His soft pop side comes out on power ballads "No More Goodbyes" and "Stay Close to Me," the latter reminding us why guest saxman Warren Hill's biggest hit to date was called "The Passion Theme." Emmanuel's more aggressive blues-rock side (honed no doubt by a few years in the progressive mid-'80s ensemble Dragon) emerges with Carlton's help on "Can't Get Enough." The striking contrast between the pastoral, folksy roads of "Drivetime" and the disc's best track, "Villa de Martin" best reflects the gamut of Emmanuel's approaches.

Tommy Emmanuel - It's Never Too Late (2015)  Music

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Tommy Emmanuel - It's Never Too Late (2015)

Tommy Emmanuel - It’s Never Too Late (2015)
EAC | FLAC | Image (Cue&Log) ~ 293 Mb | Mp3 (CBR320) ~ 135 Mb | Scans included | 00:46:33
Guitar Virtuoso, Fingerpicking, Jazz, Country, Folk, Word | Label: CGP Sounds | # CGP-002

Quality is laced throughout It s Never Too Late, the first regular studio album featuring Emmanuel completely solo without guests since 2000. A friend and follower of the late Chet Atkins who christened Emmanuel a Certified Guitar Player, making him one of only five musicians to receive the C.G.P. distinction from the master Emmanuel easily skates between musical styles, playing with blues in One Mint Julep, infusing Spanish tradition in El Vaquero and exploring folk in The Duke. An accomplished fingerstyle player, Emmanuel frequently threads three different parts simultaneously into his material, operating as a one-man band who handles the melody, the supporting chords and the bass all at once. That expert layering is evident in It's Never Too Late on the quixotic Only Elliott, the calming title track and the gorgeous Hellos And Goodbyes.

Angelic Echoes: Herve Guibert and Company  eBooks & eLearning

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Angelic Echoes: Herve Guibert and Company

Ralph Sarkonak, "Angelic Echoes: Herve Guibert and Company"
2000 | pages: 342 | ISBN: 0802047947 | PDF | 17,0 mb

Tommy Emmanuel - Accomplice One (2018)  Music

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Tommy Emmanuel - Accomplice One (2018)

Tommy Emmanuel - Accomplice One (2018)
EAC Rip | FLAC (image)+cue, log, sacans | 411 MB
Label: The Players Club ‎– PLC75422 | Tracks: 16 | Time: 63:46 min
Jazz, Country, Blues

Tommy Emmanuel has achieved enough musical milestones to satisfy several lifetimes. Or at least they would if he was the kind of artist who was ever satisfied. At the age of six, he was touring regional Australia with his family band. By 30, he was a rock n’ roll lead guitarist burning up stadiums in Europe.