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Eddie Hazel - Rest In P (1994)  Music

Posted by TestTickles at May 24, 2016
Eddie Hazel - Rest In P (1994)

Eddie Hazel - Rest In P (1994)
MP3 CBR 320kbps | RAR | 144 mb
Genre: R&B, soul, funk

Rest In P is a 1994 compilation album by the late guitarist Eddie Hazel. This was a Japan-only compilation of material from the P-Funk archives, released by P-Vine Records.

Eddie Hazel's New Funkadelic - Live In Philly (1992)  

Posted by John Wang at Nov. 1, 2012
Eddie Hazel's New Funkadelic - Live In Philly (1992)

Eddie Hazel's New Funkadelic - Live In Philly (1992)
scans | 62:00 | mp3@320cbr | 157mb

Edward Earl Hazel, born 10 April 1950 Brooklyn, NY, was one of the original Parliament / Funkadelic members in the beginning of the 70’s. He’s probably the first lead guitarist to play hard-rock / funk fusion twenty years before Living Colour, Fishbone or the Red Hot Chili Peppers. With great solos like on the legendary « Maggot brain », it is obvious that Eddie Hazel is the biggest funk guitar-hero and his influence on other funk guitarists is indeniable. His involvement with the George Clinton posse became less preeminent in the 80’s when P.Funk turn more electro-funk oriented and after some drug problems Eddie Hazel died on 23 december 1992 at the age of 42. funkstore.com
Eddie Hazel - Game, Dames and Guitar Thangs (1977) [2006] [Re-post]

Eddie Hazel - Game, Dames and Guitar Thangs (1977) [2006] [Re-post]
EAC | FLAC IMG,CUE+LOG = 227MB | MP3@320 = 94MB | 600 dpi Scans
Funk/Rock | Label: Collector's Choice Music - CCM-695 | FSe/FSo/FF/NL

Eddie Hazel - Games, Dames And Guitar Thangs  

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Eddie Hazel - Games, Dames And Guitar Thangs

Eddie Hazel - Games, Dames And Guitar Thangs (1977)
FLAC (227MB) | MP3 (320kbps CBR, 79MB) | CD Rip | TT: 34:24 | RS.com | Funk

A hidden gem among the many Parliament/Funkadelic-affiliated albums released during the mid- to late '70s, Eddie Hazel's only official solo album may not sport any perennial classics and may be a bit short on content, yet it became incredibly revered in subsequent years following its quiet release.

Charles & Eddie - Duophonic  Music

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Charles & Eddie - Duophonic

Charles & Eddie - Duophonic (1992)
EAC secure mode FLAC (image+cue+log) + MP3 (320 kbps) | 414.76 Mb (FLAC) + 147.96 Mb (mp3) | 57:58 minutes | Full artwork.
soul, pop | Capitol Records. Cd published on September 8, 1992

At a time when urban radio was obsessed with the hip-hop-minded new jack swing of Bell Biv DeVoe, Bobby Brown, and Guy (among others), Charles & Eddie turned to pre-1980 African-American music for inspiration. The male vocal duo's first album, Duophonic, owes a major debt to the classic Northern soul of the '60s and '70s...

VA - Strange Games & Strange Breaks Series (11 CDs)  Music

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VA - Strange Games & Strange Breaks Series (11 CDs)

VA - Strange Games & Strange Breaks Series (11 CDs)
EAC | FLAC IMG,CUE+LOG = 4.2GB | 400 dpi Scans
Funk/Soul | Label: BBE | MU/HF

Eddie Higgins Trio - Bewitched (2007)  Music

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Eddie Higgins Trio - Bewitched (2007)

Eddie Higgins Trio - Bewitched (2007)
Jazz | MP3 320 kbps CBR | 64 min | 158 MB
Label: Venus | Rel:2007

Edward Haydn Higgins (February 21, 1932 - August 31, 2009) was a jazz pianist, composer, and orchestrator. Born and raised in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Higgins initially studied privately with his mother. He started his professional career in Chicago, Illinois, while studying at the Northwestern University School of Music…

Eddie & Suzanne (1975) Eddie og Suzanne  Video

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Eddie & Suzanne (1975) Eddie og Suzanne

Eddie & Suzanne (1975)
DVD9 | VIDEO_TS | PAL 16:9 | 01:26:00 | 7,59 Gb
Audio: Norwegian AC3 2.0 @ 192 Kbps | Subs: Norwegian, English
Genre: Crime, Drama

Eddie og Suzanne is a 1975 Norwegian drama film written and directed by Arild Kristo, starring Sverre Horge and Yvonne Sparrbåge. The film, a road movie inspired by such films as Bonnie and Clyde and Easy Rider, has been called a "modernist classic" of Norwegian cinema. Eddie is a young Norwegian man who has recently been released from prison, and moves to Sweden to start a new life. At a disco, he meets Suzanne and the two fall in love. Suzanne's father, however, is a tyrannical policeman who tries to put an end to the relationship, so the two elope to France.

Eddie Jobson - Theme Of Secrets (1985)  Music

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Eddie Jobson - Theme Of Secrets (1985)

Eddie Jobson - Theme Of Secrets (1985)
EAC Rip | APE (image+.cue+log) - 171 MB | MP3 CBR 320 kbps (LAME 3.93) - 96 MB | Covers - 24 MB
Genre: Progressive Electronic | RAR 3% Rec. | Label: Private Music (1501)

Edwin "Eddie" Jobson is an English keyboardist and violinist noted for his use of synthesizers. He has been a member of several progressive rock bands, including Curved Air, Roxy Music, UK, Jethro Tull and (very briefly) Yes. "Theme of Secrets" is his second solo album. "Theme of Secrets" contains very dreamy electronic tracks, showing evidence of progressive elements, although there are no drums, no guitars, no violins and no bass: actually this record could be a reference when it is time to define what is progressive New Age. He uses state-of-the-art technology for the year, on the occurrence the synclavier: it gives multi-layered, mystic, mysterious, melancholic and nostalgic tracks, with just a small amount of never frightening darkness. Jobson creates here atmospheric & ethereal textures through symphonic and melodic sequenced patterns.

Eddie Levert - Did I Make You Go Ooh (2016)  Music

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Eddie Levert - Did I Make You Go Ooh (2016)

Eddie Levert - Did I Make You Go Ooh (2016)
EAC Rip | FLAC (Tracks) +CUE, LOG | 402 MB | Covers Included
Genre: Funk / Soul | Label: Twenty Two Recordings | Catalog Number: BLK-CD-7054

Levert and his supporting musicians and vocalists, most of whom have been working with the singer for decades, roll through a strong and varied set that has echoes of the past while sounding in the present. It's full of life, and Levert has retained more power than many a singer much younger than him. He couldn't be faulted for sticking to nothing but soul-steeped belters and relaxed grooves, but he ventures into hard rock and reggae with full force, and isn't above telling someone to "get a life" in "Shit Starter." Otherwise, Levert and company play it straight with sweetly finessed material rooted in gospel and Philly-flavored soul tradition. Oddly, the booklet credits the writers of only one song, "I Let Go," a breakup ballad written by Eddie with late son Gerald that recalls Lionel Richie's "Hello." Eddie presumably had a hand in the rest, including "Never Miss Your Water," which is not a Whispers cover.