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Toolbox PRO - Smart, Handy Measurement Tools v2.3.7 [Paid]  Software

Posted by Orten at Sept. 6, 2017
Toolbox PRO - Smart, Handy Measurement Tools v2.3.7 [Paid]

Toolbox PRO - Smart, Handy Measurement Tools v2.3.7 [Paid] | 28.3 MB

"Toolbox" is a set of handy and elegant measuring tools kit. It turns your smart device into a swiss-army-knife that measure everything you will ever need.

Shortcutter Quick Settings​ v2.8.7 (Premium)  Software

Posted by Sigha at July 20, 2017
Shortcutter Quick Settings​ v2.8.7 (Premium)

Shortcutter Quick Settings​ v2.8.7 (Premium) | Android | 9.75 MB

Designed and developed to make your life easier, taking advantage of the excellent TileService API in android N. Feature packed & an ideal replacement for many standalone apps: Immersive Mode, Screenshot, Screen Recording & much more. Shortcutter offers a multitude of additional quick setting tiles over and above those available on your standard device, constantly under development with new features added daily.

2Do v2.3.7 Multilingual Mac OS X  Software

Posted by sveta.sevas at June 22, 2017
2Do v2.3.7 Multilingual Mac OS X

2Do v2.3.7 Multilingual MacOSX | 25 MB

2Do lets you take a completely different approach to managing your tasks. With its extremely simple-to-use interface and a comprehensive and flexible set of powerful features, it lets you focus on what's most important to you: your life. There is no wrong way of using 2Do, and unlike other to-do apps, it won't force you in adhering to a particular task management methodology.

Unit Converter Pro v2.3.7  Software

Posted by HDPRo at Oct. 26, 2016
Unit Converter Pro v2.3.7

Unit Converter Pro v2.3.7 | Android | 1.90 Mb

New! 1A Unit Converter is a powerful and easy to use app with a clean and beautiful user interface. This useful tool is user friendly, intuitive, customizable and feature rich and comprises the most commonly used conversions as well as some unusual categories.

Mathway - Math Problem Solver v2.3.7  Software

Posted by Orten at April 2, 2016
Mathway - Math Problem Solver v2.3.7

Mathway - Math Problem Solver v2.3.7 | 36 MB

With millions of users and billions of problems solved, Mathway is the world's #1 math problem solver. Got a tough algebra equation to solve, or a polynomial to factor? Having a difficult time with Calculus integrals and limits? Simply type your problem in (or point your phone camera and snap a pic!) to receive instant answers. Mathway's problem solving engine answers Basic Math, Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Trigonometry, Precalculus, Calculus, Statistics, Finite Math, Linear Algebra, and Chemistry questions. In addition, Mathway's built-in graphing calculator provides detailed graphs to accompany your solutions. Mathway is an automated tutor that provides math homework help anywhere, anytime - no network access required!

Cymera – Photo Editor, Collage v2.3.7 Mod Ad Free for Android  Software

Posted by mohzohdi25 at Aug. 6, 2015
Cymera – Photo Editor, Collage v2.3.7 Mod Ad Free for Android

Cymera – Photo Editor, Collage v2.3.7 Mod Ad Free for Android | 26.7 MB

Over 150 million users, Cymera is the best and perfect way to edit your selfie!
No retouch necessary! With live filters and silent mode, take the best selfie and express your personality!

ThemeForest - Metrika v2.3.7 - Responsive OnePage WordPress Theme  Graphics

Posted by art_links at June 4, 2015
ThemeForest - Metrika v2.3.7 - Responsive OnePage WordPress Theme

ThemeForest - Metrika v2.3.7 - Responsive OnePage WordPress Theme | 40 MB

Metrika - a modern, dynamic, high-quality OnePage WordPress Theme. Following the trends in design, we tried to create, first of all, convenient and functional product that will not take a lot of time to configure and setup. And most importantly, it will fit almost everyone. Flat design, simple and expressive animation will make your content unique. One can go to talk about all the advantages and opportunities of the template, but enough to see the live preview and everything will be understandable to you.

CodeKit v2.3.7 (Mac OS X)  Software

Posted by C2U at May 1, 2015
CodeKit v2.3.7 (Mac OS X)

CodeKit v2.3.7 (Mac OS X) | 46 MB

CodeKit helps you build websites faster and better. Its flagship features are listed below and the one-minute teaser video to the right is a good place to start.

Product Key Explorer v2.3.7.0 + Portable  Software

Posted by Dr-007 at March 24, 2010
Product Key Explorer v2.3.7.0 + Portable

Product Key Explorer v2.3.7.0 + Portable | 6.13 MB

Product Key Explorer displays product key for Windows, MS Office, Exchange Server, SQL Server, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe CS and 1000 other software products installed on your local or remote network computers.In order to install or reinstall Microsoft Office, Windows, or other commercial software, you must have access to a product key (CD Key) for that product. Product Key Explorer retrieves product keys from network computers and allows to protect your company from having pirated software on your network.With this software you will be able to track the number of software licenses installed in your business, find and recover a lost or forgotten product keys. You can backup product keys to Registry File (.reg), save as Tab Delimited Txt File (.txt), CSV Comma Delimited (.csv), Excel Workbook (.xls), Access Database (.mdb), Web Page (.html) or XML Data (.xml) file, print key list or copy all to clipboard. This utility can be useful if you lost the product key and you want to reinstall it.

Quick Macros v2.3.0  Software

Posted by egent006 at June 14, 2009
Quick Macros v2.3.0

Quick Macros v2.3.0
Win App | 7.0 MB | RS.COM

Quick Macros (QM) is a universal and extensible Windows automation program, designed to make your work more convenient and productive. With QM, you can create or record macros to automate repetitive tasks, e.g., insert text, launch programs, copy files, simulate clicks on menu items, buttons and links, automatically close annoying popup windows. You can program QM to perform complex tasks, e.g., process text, programmatically interact with applications. You can add custom toolbars to any window, use hot keys or mouse movements to switch to another window or show a custom menu.