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New Atlantis Audio Lost Found REASON REFiLL  Software

Posted by Yevgenyi at July 4, 2013
New Atlantis Audio Lost Found REASON REFiLL

New Atlantis Audio Lost Found REASON REFiLL | 163 MB

Based on several years of late night NYC field recording footage, Lost & Found takes you on an unusual sonic trip through the streets of the Big Apple. Haunting carriage rides through Central Park, tourist chatter in Times Square, traffic, trains, and lots more orignal material power this unusual collection of dreamy sounds from the city that never sleeps.

New Atlantis Audio Physical Therapy II REASON REFiLL  Software

Posted by Yevgenyi at July 4, 2013
New Atlantis Audio Physical Therapy II REASON REFiLL

New Atlantis Audio Physical Therapy II REASON REFiLL | 93 MB

Physical Therapy II blends exotic physical modeled plucked strings and tuned percussion, organic wind tones, lush textures, real nature field recordings and more to provide a set of expressive playable instruments that sound like nothing else on the planet.

New Atlantis Audio Recoustics REASON REFiLL  Software

Posted by Yevgenyi at July 4, 2013
New Atlantis Audio Recoustics REASON REFiLL

New Atlantis Audio Recoustics REASON REFiLL | 104 MB

oin us for peek inside the sampling archives of Berklee's Dr. Richard Boulanger, and the Open Path Music Custom Sample Library, where we focus on some sampled acoustic instruments from around the world.

Edgar Cayce's Atlantis  eBooks & eLearning

Posted by thingska at April 19, 2017
Edgar Cayce's Atlantis

Edgar Cayce's Atlantis by Gregory L. Little
English | 2006 | ISBN: 0876045123, 9780876045121, B001DY5A3Y | 279 Pages | PDF | 1.00 MB

Hearts in Atlantis (2001)  Video

Posted by MirrorsMaker at March 22, 2017
Hearts in Atlantis (2001)

Hearts in Atlantis (2001)
WEB-DL 720p | MKV | 1280x542 | x264 @ 4135 Kbps | 100 min | 3,25 Gb
Audio: English AC3 5.1 @ 384 Kbps | Subs: English (embedded in MKV)
Genre: Drama, Mystery

This is a gentle, innocent film about the reflections of an aging man, who returns to his home town after the death of his best friend. Memories of life at age 11 floods back as it was a magical time that changed his life. Three 11 year old children (Bobby, Carol, and Sully) share their lives. Carol and Bobby have a special affection for one another including sharing a kiss "by which all others will be measured". Bobby lives with his mother, a bitter, vain woman who looks for pleasures for herself without sharing much with her son. Into their lives comes a mysterious new boarder, who befriends the boy but generates distrust from the mother. As time passes, the man and boy share confidences and special powers are revealed. The man warns the boy to be on the lookout for the "lowmen", who were seeking him. The two share a summer's adventures and come to love one another before the inevitable happens. A confrontation with a school bully also changes everyone.

Atlantis Chronicles 1-7  Comics

Posted by Lebedev30 at March 20, 2017
Atlantis Chronicles 1-7

Atlantis Chronicles 1-7
English | CBR | 7 Volumes | 521.9 Mb

Nova - Atlantis (1976) [2CD, 40th Anniversary Edition, 2016]  Music

Posted by gribovar at Feb. 15, 2017
Nova - Atlantis (1976) [2CD, 40th Anniversary Edition, 2016]

Nova - Atlantis (1976) [2CD, 40th Anniversary Edition, 2016]
EAC Rip | FLAC (image+.cue+log) - 519 MB | MP3 CBR 320 kbps (LAME 3.93) - 196 MB | Covers - 270 MB
Genre: Progressive Rock | RAR 3% Rec. | Label: Svart Records (SRE062CD)

Nova was formed in early 1975 in Helsinki. Most of the band members had played together earlier in a band called Isojako, which apparently played more pop-orientated music. From the start, Nova's main figure was Antti Ortamo who was the main composer, lyricist and also played keyboards and sang for the band. In february 1976 Nova started recording their debut "Atlantis" in Stockholm, Sweden. The music on this album will probably remind you of Pink Floyd, Procol Harum, Wigwam, perhaps even Eloy and Yes at times. It's not the most innovative album to walk the earth, but it's a nice effort full of warm keyboard sounds and atmospheres…

Discovery Channel - Finding Atlantis (2011)  Video

Posted by Tutorial at Feb. 12, 2017
Discovery Channel - Finding Atlantis (2011)

Discovery Channel - Finding Atlantis (2011)
HDTV | 1280 x 720 | .MKV/AVC @ 3437 Kbps | 45mn 31s | English AC-3 384 Kbps, 6 channels | 1.24 GB
Genre: Documentary, Technology, History

They say it was the most advanced society in the world: the most powerful army and navy, the most incredible architecture and riches beyond imagination. And, they say it vanished in a single day and a single night. The most extraordinary civilization, lost forever.

Atlantis, the Lost Continent (1961)  Video

Posted by Without at Jan. 10, 2017
Atlantis, the Lost Continent (1961)

Atlantis, the Lost Continent (1961)
BDRip 720p | MKV | 1280x720 | AVC@3579 kb/s | English DTS@1509 kb/s | 2 channels | 1 h 30 min | 3.20 GB
Genre: Adventure, Sci-Fi

A Greek Fisherman brings an Atlantean Princess back to her homeland which is the mythical city of Atlantis. He is enslaved for his trouble. The King is being manipulated by an evil sorcerer who is bent on using a natural resource of Atlantis to take over the world. The Atlanteans, or rather the slaves of Atlantis, are forced to mine a crystalline material which absorbs the suns rays. These crystals can then be used for warmth. The misuse of science has created weapons out of the crystals that can fire a heat ray to destroy whatever it touches.

History Channel - Atlantis Found (2015)  Video

Posted by Tutorial at Dec. 24, 2016
History Channel - Atlantis Found (2015)

History Channel - Atlantis Found (2015)
HDTV | 1280 x 720 | .MP4/AVC @ 3049 Kbps | 1h 22mn | English AAC 160 Kbps, 2 channels | 1.85 GB
Genre: Documentary, History

This documentary attempts to make history by finding the lost city of Atlantis once and for all. Adventurer-geologist Dr. Martin Pepper sets out to prove his theory – that the true Atlantis existed on the Greek island of Santorini, and was destroyed in the biggest volcanic eruption in human history. In order to achieve his goal, Pepper will use new scientific evidence gathered using state-of-the-art sonar scans of the sea bed and microscopic analysis of the ancient landscape.