Anna Galiena

La Pazza Gioia (2016)  Video

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La Pazza Gioia (2016)

La Pazza Gioia (2016)
A Film by Paolo Virzì
DVDRip | AVI | 720 x 304 | Xvid @ 1859 Kbps | 01:51:19 | 5% Recovery | 1.8 GB
Audio: Italian AC3 @ 448 Kbps CBR | Subtitles: English, Italian (.dix .sub)
Genre: Comedy, Drama

Beatrice Morandini Valdirana è una chiacchierona istrionica, sedicente contessa e a suo dire in intimità coi potenti della Terra. Donatella Morelli è una giovane donna tatuata, fragile e silenziosa, che custodisce un doloroso segreto. Sono tutte e due ospiti di una comunità terapeutica per donne con disturbi mentali, entrambi classificate come socialmente pericolose. Il film racconta la loro imprevedibile amicizia, che porterà ad una fuga strampalata e toccante, alla ricerca di un po' di felicità in quel manicomio a cielo aperto che è il mondo dei sani.

Senso '45 (2002)  Video

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Senso '45 (2002)

Senso '45 (2002)
aka: Black Angel
DVDRip | MPEG-4 Visual (DivX 4) @ 2273 Kbps, 30 fps | 704 X 480 | MP3 @ 128 Kbps, 48.0 KHz | 02:01:51 | 2.05 GB
Director: Tinto Brass | Stars: Anna Galiena, Gabriel Garko, Franco Branciaroli
Country: Italy | Language: Italian | Subtitle: English
Genre: Drama, Romance

March 1945 Asolo, Italy. Livia Mazzion, the attractive wife of a top ministry official, slips into the car of lawyer Ugo Oggiano, Livia's admirer and her husband's informer. Livia must reach Venice and her lover Helmut Schultz, a Wermacht lieutenant, as beautiful and accursed as a pagan god, with whom she is having a burning love affair. During the trip she relives the high points of her devastating sexual abandonment gone adrift, one that has shattered her life and her destiny, swallowing her up in the ruinous vortex of a sybaritic and bituminous Venice. The city, in the throes of the final months of the war, is rife with traffickers, officials, nabobs, military brass, sharks and adventurers of every kind. Yet a surprise awaits Livia upon her arrival in Venice, a surprise in which the heroes' own personal defeats interweave with those public, as historical and political events now seek to settle accounts.

Senso '45 (2002)  Video

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Senso '45 (2002)

Senso '45 / Black Angel (2002)
A Film by Tinto Brass
DVD9 (VIDEO_TS) | PAL 16:9 (720x576) | 02:01:50 | 7,81 Gb
Audio: Italian AC3 2.0 @ 192 Kbps | Subtitles: English (hardcoded)
Genre: Drama, Romance | Colr, Black & White | Italy

Directed by Tinto Brass, Senso '45 takes place during the waning period of Nazi occupation in Venice, and is based on an 1882 novella written by Camillo Boito. When a wealthy, politically connected older woman named Livia (Anna Galiena) develops a relationship with Helmut (Gabriel Garko), a rakish, opportunistic SS officer, both are sucked into a state of moral decline similar to that which the country itself has gone into since the occupation. Senso '45 also features Franco Branciaroli, Antonio Salines, Loredana Cannata, Erika Savastani, and Simona Borioni.
DG Foto Art v5.2 + All Templates from Anna Mironova (2008 - 2009)

DG Foto Art v5.2 + All Templates from Anna Mironova (2008 - 2009) | 2.7 GB

DG Foto Art is a handy tool for creating not only interesting but also beautiful collages, design of wedding books. Everyone who zanimaetsya photography, design footage (for kindergartens, schools, weddings and just the different activities) will appreciate a wide range of possibilities this programmy.DG Foto Art is complete and standalone software. This program allows you to create unique album pages, without requiring any additional tools, plug-ins, and additional programs. From you only need your imagination and desire to create beauty.

(Comedie) Les Parrains [DVDrip] 2005  Video

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(Comedie) Les Parrains [DVDrip] 2005

(Comedie) Les Parrains [DVDrip] 2005
RIP+UP | XviD-1130 | mp3@128 | 688x288 | French (Dutch idx+sub in file) | DVD Cover & Sticker | 1h48 | 900 Mb
France 19 oct 2005
Realisation Frédéric FORESTIER

Avec Gérard Lanvin, Jacques Villeret, Gérard Darmon, Pascal Reneric, Anna Galiena, Hélène Seuzaret, Firmine Richard, Gérard Chaillou, Pierre Poirot …

Surpris par la police alors qu'ils sont en train de braquer une bijouterie Place Vendôme, Lucien, Henri et Gérard parviennent à s'échapper tandis que le quatrième larron, Max, est arrêté par la police. Vingt ans après, ce dernier est mort derrière les barreaux non sans avoir auparavant réservé à ses amis de longue
date deux surprises de taille, histoire de fêter dignement la prescription de leur délit: les charger d'une mission - un nouveau braquage - au cours de laquelle ils devront tester son fils, et leur révéler ensuite le lieu où est planqué le magot afin de pouvoir enfin le partager en… quatre parts. Après deux décennies passées en cavale, les trois quinquagénaires se voient contraints de reprendre du service. Nostalgique hommage aux polars français des années 50-60, célèbres avant tout pour leurs jouissifs dialogues signés Michel Audiard. Dans cette version moderne, Jacques Villeret, Michel Darmon et Gérard Lanvin remplacent en quelques sortes Jean Gabin, Lino Ventura et Bernard Blier.

(In 1980, four crooks – Max, Lucien, Serge and Henri – fail to pull off a daring jewel robbery. Max ends up in prison whilst his three partners in crime escape and settle into humdrum, semi-respectable lives. Twenty-five years after the robbery, Lucien, Serge and Henri are summoned to the offices of Max’s solicitor to attend the reading of his will. It appears that, before his arrest, Max managed to hide the stolen booty, and this he has bequeathed to his three friends and his son, Rémy. The ex-crooks will only receive their share of the inheritance once they have given Rémy’s his. Unfortunately, shortly after Lucien, Serge and Henri have made Rémy’s acquaintance, the suitcase containing his share is destroyed. Having failed to trick Rémy with a substitute suitcase, the three friends allow him to talk them into carrying out another heist planned by his father. However, things aren’t quite what they seem…)


Anna Nevskaya (Playboy 04 2009 / Russia)  Magazines

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Anna Nevskaya (Playboy 04 2009 / Russia)

Anna Nevskaya (Playboy 04 2009 / Russia)
PDF | Russian | 6 pages | 5,1 MB

Anna Maria Jopek & Makoto Ozone - Haiku (2011)  Music

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Anna Maria Jopek & Makoto Ozone - Haiku (2011)

Anna Maria Jopek & Makoto Ozone - Haiku (2011)
Jazz, Contemporary Jazz | MP3 320 kbps CBR | 59 min | 147 MB
Label: Universal Music | Rel:2011

What happens when the piercing sound of the kabuki Flute meets wistful Slavic Dumka?
HAIKU is an attempt to find a common ground for Polish and Japanese musical traditions. It is a joint project created by AMJ and Makoto Ozone. There have been legends circulating about how the two had met. But the truth is that Ozone heard AMJ’s concert at Tokyo’s Blue Note and was so impressed he asked her to perform parts on his album ‘Road to Chopin’. The recording session lasted 4 minutes, one take (AMJ did not even take her coat off). Once the very last chord of this song rang, they both knew that there is a metaphysical bond of understanding between them, unusual unity in music that is often only imagined after years of collaboration.

Anna Zaires - Strapazzami Vol.03. Stringimi a te  eBooks & eLearning

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Anna Zaires - Strapazzami Vol.03. Stringimi a te

Anna Zaires - Strapazzami Vol.03. Stringimi a te
Italian | Mozaika Publications | 2017 | EPUB | Pages 408 | ASIN: B01N6G52PU | 0.40 Mb
Gedichten van Anna Roemersdochter Visscher: Een bloemlezing (Amazone-reeks) (Dutch Edition)

Gedichten van Anna Roemersdochter Visscher: Een bloemlezing (Amazone-reeks) (Dutch Edition) by Anna Roemers Visscher
Dutch | 1999 | ISBN: 9053564136 | 143 Pages | PDF | 2 MB

Zo’n ‘vraagje’ krijgt menigeen niet graag voorgelegd. Het is slechts één van de talloze vragen die het meisje Mietje stelt gedurende haar opgroeien. In dit geval in het hoofdstuk ‘Ik zie een dode’, in het eerste deel van het Geschrift eener bejaarde vrouw (hierna GEBV), door de weduwe Wolff en Agatha Deken. Dit boek verscheen in 1802, in twee delen.

Anna Freud  eBooks & eLearning

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Anna Freud

Anna Freud by
German | 2014 | ISBN: 3205794974 | 144 Pages| PDF | 2 MB

Die Psychoanalytikerin Anna Freud ist nicht nur Insidern ein Begriff. Als Dichterin aber kennt sie kaum jemand. Brigitte Spreitzer macht die literarischen Texte von Sigmund Freuds jüngster Tochter zum ersten Mal vollständig zugänglich und liest sie in der Einführung zur Edition als paradigmatische Dokumente der Auseinandersetzung einer jungen Frau aus dem assimilierten jüdischen Bürgertum mit den sozialhistorischen und kulturellen Bedingungen im Wien der Jahrhundertwende.