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Before and Beyond the Niihau Zero  

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Before and Beyond the Niihau Zero

Before and Beyond the Niihau Zero by Syd Jones
English | 14 July 2014 | ISBN: 1500590177 | 210 Pages | AZW4/PDF (True) | 67.01 MB

On the day of the attack on Pearl Harbor, a battle damaged Japanese Zero landed on a remote, privately owned Hawaiian island. The Zero pilot survived for almost a week on what locals call the "Forbidden Island", assisted by a local worker while terrorizing the island's population before being killed by a native Hawaiian.

Channel Zero - The Complete Collection (2012)  Comics

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Channel Zero - The Complete Collection (2012)

Channel Zero - The Complete Collection (2012)
English | CBR | 294 pages | 201.40 MB

A blistering take on media control in a repressive future America! DMZ and The Massive creator Brian Wood launched an all-out assault on the comics medium in 1997 with Channel Zero, an influential, forward-thinking series that combined art, politics, and graphic design in a unique way. Touching on themes of freedom of expression, hacking, cutting-edge media manipulation, and police surveillance, it remains as relevant today as it did back then.
The Channel Zero collection contains the original series, the prequel graphic novel Jennie One (illustrated by Becky Cloonan), the best of the two Public Domain design books, and almost fifteen years of extras, rarities, short stories, and unused art. Also featuring the now-classic Warren Ellis introduction and an all-new cover by Wood, this is the must-have edition. See where it all began!

Takashi Miike: Crows zero 2 (2008)  Video

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Takashi Miike: Crows zero 2 (2008)

Crows zero 2 – Takashi Miike (2009)
Japanese | Subtitle: English | 2:12:59 | 640 x 272 NTSC | DivX | MP3 – 448 kbps | 1400 MB
Genre: Action/Drama

Takeshi Miike returns to helm the second installment of Crows Zero, which is arguably amongst his more mainstream work, based upon the manga by Hiroshi Takahashi. Bringing back almost all the major cast from the first film, one should expect more of the same story of high school violence given the thuggish micro-society amongst the academic community, where it's sans teachers and books, replaced by life's experience though the school of hard knocks (at times literally), coupled with the opening of old wounds and settling them through some good 'ol fisticuffs.

Takashi Miike: Crows zero (2007)  Video

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Takashi Miike: Crows zero (2007)

Crows zero – Takashi Miike (2007)
Japanese | Subtitle: English | 2:09:56 | 640 x 352 NTSC | DivX | MP3 – 128 kbps | 850 MB
Genre: Action/Drama

Takashi Miike is an extraordinary filmmaker, even if he works sometimes in circumstances that other directors might find ordinary, such as all of the genres that Miike tackles… which are, by a mild estimation, almost all of them. Name a kind of movie, Miike's probably done it, from family movie to samurai epic to just totally f***ed up way-past X-rated stuff, not to mention all of the Yakuza crime movies that by this time should be coming out of his nose from going over so often. But with Crows: Episode Zero, he found a way to tell a Yakuza story just a little different, by making it about the teenage kids (some of them, anyway) of the Yakuza who enroll in an "extreme" high school where it's basically not about learning anything but fighting and ascending the ranks to become the head of the school's bad-ass fightin' kids. It's the kind of movie that, if you are fourteen and watching it, it's like a near wet-dream of awesomeness. For the rest of us, the movie serves as lots of good fun.

BBC: Absolute Zero (2007)  Video

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BBC: Absolute Zero (2007)

BBC: Absolute Zero (2007)
English | XviD MPEG-4 codec | 740 x 504 | MP3 VBR ~122 kbps | 25 fps | 2x45 min | 1660 MB

This two-part scientific detective tale tells the story of a remarkable group of pioneers who wanted to reach the ultimate extreme: absolute zero, a place so cold that the physical world as we know it doesn't exist, electricity flows without resistance, fluids defy gravity and the speed of light can be reduced to 38 miles per hour.

Each film features a strange cast of eccentric characters, including: Clarence Birds Eye; Frederic 'Ice King' Tudor, who founded an empire harvesting ice; and James Dewar, who almost drove himself crazy by trying to liquefy hydrogen.

Absolute zero became the Holy Grail of temperature physicists and is considered the gateway to many new technologies, such as nano-construction, neurological networks and quantum computing. The possibilities, it seems, are limitless.
Starbrand & Nightmask - Eternity's Children (Attend University) (2016)

Starbrand & Nightmask - Eternity's Children (Attend University) (2016)
English | CBR | 141 pages | 274.38 MB

Collects Star Brand & Nightmask #1-6.
They're former Avengers with tremendous power, but almost zero life experience. Now, Starbrand and Nightmask are out on their own, trying to find their place as heroes, cosmic entities and…students? College — it's a whole new universe for this pair, posing more questions than their mid-term exam. Can two all-powerful friends share a tiny dorm room? How hard is intergalactic teleportation after partying all night long? And will they keep their grades up while putting bad guys down? Time to find out! But when Kevin and Adam try to get to freshman orientation, they instead end up trapped between Graviton, Nitro and Blizzard! Is someone else pulling these villains' cosmic strings? And when time comes for final evaluation, will Starbrand still exist to pass the test? School's in — time to get learning!

TTC Video - Zero to Infinity: A History of Numbers [Repost]  eBooks & eLearning

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TTC Video - Zero to Infinity: A History of Numbers [Repost]

TTC Video - Zero to Infinity: A History of Numbers
Course No. 1499 | .AVI, XviD, 1200 kbps, 640x480 | English, MP3, 128 kbps, 2 Ch | 24x30 mins | 6.7 GB
Lecturer: Edward B. Burger, Ph.D.

Google Analytics Breakthrough: From Zero to Business Impact  eBooks & eLearning

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Google Analytics Breakthrough: From Zero to Business Impact

Feras Alhlou, Shiraz Asif, Eric Fettman, "Google Analytics Breakthrough: From Zero to Business Impact"
English | ISBN: 1119144019 | 2016 | EPUB | 624 pages | 15 MB

Io sono zero - Luigi Ballerini  eBooks & eLearning

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Io sono zero - Luigi Ballerini

Io sono zero - Luigi Ballerini
Italian | 2015 | 184 Pages | ISBN: 8880339230 | EPUB | 401.39 KB

Zero sta per compiere quattordici anni. Non ha mai toccato un altro essere vivente, non ha mai patito il freddo o il caldo, non sa che cosa sia il vento o la neve. Zero è vissuto nel Mondo, un ambiente protetto, dove è stato educato, allenato e addestrato a combattere attraverso droni. La sua guida da sempre è Madar, una voce che lo premia quando raggiunge gli obiettivi, lo consola quando sente il vuoto intorno a sé. A suo modo, Zero è felice, orgoglioso dei risultati che ottiene, disciplinato e allo stesso tempo impaziente di capire che cosa gli riserva il futuro. Quando un giorno il Mondo si spegne, e diventa tutto buio, Zero pensa si tratti di una nuova grande prova. Cerca delle porte, in qualche modo esce…

Beyond Zero and One  eBooks & eLearning

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Beyond Zero and One

Beyond Zero and One by Andrew Smart
English | 2015 | ISBN-10: 1682190064 | 197 pages | PDF | 5,2 MB