3ivx Mpeg4 Codec

3ivX MPEG4 CODEC v5.0.1.208  

Posted by kalayaan at Dec. 31, 2007
3ivX MPEG4 CODEC v5.0.1.208

3ivX MPEG4 CODEC v5.0.1.208 | 29.9 Mb

3ivx MPEG-4 is an MPEG-4 Part 2 Advanced Simple Profile implementation for Mac OS X, Windows Vista and Linux. New in 3ivx MPEG-4 5.0.1 is an internal re-architecting that effectively eliminates deadlocks and race conditions that can occur under certain circumstances while dramatically reducing memory requirements. The decoder's performance has been enhanced and memory usage while decoding has been reduced by up to 76%. Intel and PowerPC Assembly routines have been implemented for YUV image output and psychovisual post-processing, which dramatically boosts performance and subjective video quality. Due to improved frame allocation strategies pathological B-frame sequences can now be decoded without stalling.
Video Codec Design: Developing Image and Video Compression Systems

Video Codec Design: Developing Image and Video Compression Systems
Wiley; 1 edition | ISBN: 0471485535, 0470847832 | 328 pages | PDF | May 13, 2002 | English | 28 Mb

K-Lite Codec Pack Full 7.7.0  

Posted by karakalpak1979 at Oct. 4, 2011
K-Lite Codec Pack Full 7.7.0

K-Lite Codec Pack Full 7.7.0 | 15.83 mb

K-Lite Codec Pack Full 7.7.0 - collection of codecs: DivX Pro, DivX , MPEG-4 Low and Fast motion, XviD (Koepi's), Microsoft MPEG-4, Fraunhofer MPEG-2 A/V, MP3 audio, DivX WMA Audio, Ogg Vorbis audio, AC3 audio, DivX Anti-Freeze & more.

Cole2k Media Codec Pack 7.3.0 Standard/Advanced  

Posted by dani89 at Feb. 5, 2009

Cole2k Media Codec Pack 7.3.0 Standard | 9,56 MB / Advanced | 17,0 MB

This site is aimed at providing applications suited to the use of MPEG-4, along with many other compression methods associated with the format, Even if you're not interested in compressing video you'll still find some useful applications and methods for audio. Compression methods include: DivX, XviD, 3ivx, On2 VP6, AVC, h.264, MP4, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, AC3, DTS, AAC, FLAC, APE, MPC, OFR, MP3, OGG and ATRAC3.

XP Codec Pack 2.4.6  

Posted by LordMAX at Jan. 4, 2009
XP Codec Pack 2.4.6

XP Codec Pack 2.4.6 | 7,3 Mb

XP Codec Pack - один из самых полных пакетов кодеков для просмотра видео в разнообразных форматах, а также прослушивания аудиозаписей. В состав XP Codec Pack входит множество известных кодеков, среди которых FFDShow MPEG-4 Video Decoder, Matroska Splitter, AVI Splitter.

Vista Codec Package ver. 4.5.0  

Posted by kkrap at Sept. 8, 2007
Vista Codec Package ver. 4.5.0

Vista Codec Package ver. 4.5.0 | 21.1 MB

With Vista Codec Package installed, you won't need to install any other codec or filter. Many user suggested default settings are implemented. It does not contain a media player. It does not associates filetypes. With this package installed you will be able to use any media player (limited only by the players capabilities) to play DVD's, movies and video clips of any format. Streaming video (real and quicktime) is supported in web browsers. Visit the homepage to get a 64bitAddon which enables xvid, divx and DVD playback in Vista's MediaCenter.

Les Voyages Fantastiques de Jules Verne DVD3 Fr and En  Video

Posted by kakiklo at Dec. 19, 2006
Les Voyages Fantastiques de Jules Verne DVD3 Fr and En

Genre : animation

deux épisodes de 47 mns:
Voyage au centre de la terre (330 Mo- résolution 608x336- 833kbps)
La Jangada (250 Mo- résolution 608x336- 539 kbps)

DVD Rip |Codec Video: XviD Mpeg4 |Codec Audio : Lame MP3 / 128 Kbps
Langue : Fr and En |Sous-titres indépendants : Fr and En

Un célèbre savant, le professeur Lidenbrock découvre un ancien manuscrit indiquant la route à suivre pour atteindre le centre de la Terre.
Point de départ, l'Islande. Il se lance dans l'aventure avec son neveu favori Axel et un guide aussi intelligent que vif, Hans. Mais avant d'atteindre leur objectif, ils vont devoir passer dans des cratères géants, rencontrer des créatures aussi effrayantes les unes que les autres, lutter contre des monstres marins…
Une très belle aventure de Jules Verne en dessin animé avec la voix de Pierre Richard.

Bonus : La Jangada

Xp Codec Pack 2.0.5  Software

Posted by RAMM1981 at Oct. 8, 2006
Xp Codec Pack 2.0.5

Xp Codec Pack 2.0.5
Win 32 | October 06, 2006 update | Size, MB: 5.97 MB

XP Codec Pack is one of the most complete codec pack which helps you to play all major audio and video formats. And to complete your multimedia experience, instead of 3 or 4 different players you get one, simple integrated player that plays almost all audio and video files: Media Player Classic.

K-Lite Mega Codec Pack v3.40 Full [Update Sep 2007]  Software

Posted by 35001a1 at July 22, 2006
K-Lite Mega Codec Pack v2.73 Full
CODEC | RAR | 16,1MB

A Complete Collection of Codecs (Audio and Video) and related tools DivX Pro, 3ivX Pro, CoreAVC, On2 VP6, On2 VP7, Cyberlink DVD decoder, InterVideo DVD decoder, MPEG-1/2, VFW video, XviD, x264, Windows Media 9, On2 VP7, Intel Indeo, huffyuv, MS MPEG-4, DirectShow, MP3, AC3/DTS/LPCM, Vorbis, AAC (3ivX Pro), ….. and more!!!

FastPictureViewer Codec Pack (x86/x64)  Software

Posted by big1ne at Aug. 14, 2016
FastPictureViewer Codec Pack (x86/x64)

FastPictureViewer Codec Pack (x86/x64) | 35.8 MB

The FastPictureViewer Codec Pack adds fast thumbnail and preview support to Microsoft Windows for many image formats, including RAW formats from more than 580 digital cameras, Photoshop PSD, OpenEXR, TGA, DDS, HDR, Maya IFF, SGI RGB, JPEG 2000 and more!