3D Butterfly Screensaver

Lixell 3D Megapolis Screensaver 1.5  Software

Posted by Dweu at April 5, 2010
Lixell 3D Megapolis Screensaver 1.5

Lixell 3D Megapolis Screensaver 1.5 | 22 MB

The 3D Megapolis screensaver is a stunning visual trip deep into the imagination to explore a thematic city of the future. While listening to captivating music and engaging sounds of the future, you will be amazed as the city comes to life right before your eyes…

3D Titanic Screensaver 1.2  Software

Posted by fishgoat at July 4, 2009
3D Titanic Screensaver 1.2

3D Titanic Screensaver 1.2 | 16.6MB

She was the biggest and the most luxurious liner of her time.
But the maiden voyage of the "ship of dreams" ended as a nightmare. Dive into the depths of the Atlantic and explore the mysterious world of the Titanic imbued with the spirit of the past. See flashbacks of this beautiful vessel sailing across the ocean. This truly realistic setting will bring memories of the Titanic back to life. The story lives on…

Desktop Butterfly 3D Screensaver 1.0  Software

Posted by Regal at Oct. 14, 2007
Desktop Butterfly 3D Screensaver 1.0

Desktop Butterfly 3D Screensaver 1.0 | 4.5 MB

3D Desktop Butterfly Screensaver will fill your desktop with many adorable butterflies. They'll appear right on the desktop and start to shine with vivid colors, with which nature endowed them lavishly. All the presented butterflies are the exact copies of the real ones. This nice 3D butterfly screensaver will serve as an ideal remedy to make you spry and vigorous in no time.

Beautiful Reef 3D Aquarium Screensaver (Full)  Software

Posted by Kuh-Cool at Aug. 27, 2007
Beautiful Reef 3D Aquarium Screensaver (Full)
Win OS | English | 8 MB

“Beautiful Reef” is an Animated Screensaver from the series of 3D products of EleFun Multimedia. “Beautiful Reef” is one of the products of the product line devoted to the Amazing 3D Aquarium theme. Do you enjoy your desktop having beautiful and animated screensaver? Just have a look — amazingly beautiful fish are swimming against the background of the splendid coral reef overgrown with marine flora. Additional function of this aquarium is clocks showing real time. Indeed, some say that watching aquarium life helps to relax and recover from stresses. Install Animated Screensaver “Beautiful Reef” and make sure that it is really like that.

3D Earth Screensaver  Software

Posted by gosiaiza at Feb. 3, 2007
3D Earth Screensaver

3D Earth Screensaver | 1,7 Mb

3D Earth Screensaver is one of the most tranquil, soothing, and hypnotic screensavers that you will have to see to experience! It will bring back to you a sense of wonder when you stare in awe at the magnificent beauty of our very own planet Earth, spinning slowly on its axis in glorious 3D. Inspirational quotes float by to remind you of your place and responsiblity on this fragile Earth, and about what should truly matter in your life…

AquaReal 3D Aquarium Screensaver v1.5.1  Software

Posted by mpe38 at Dec. 21, 2006
AquaReal 3D Aquarium Screensaver v1.5.1

AquaReal 3D Aquarium Screensaver v1.5.1 | 8.2 Mb | Windows OS

Never seen a 3D aquarium like this REAL? The first 3D aquarium utilizes the most advanced technology in 3DVR and Biomechanics. Guarantee to bring you the most beautiful and lovely creature in aqua world. You will be able to play with those lovely aqua creature, touch them, tickle them, even feed them, and watch them to swim elegantly in the most dazzling 3D aquarium!

3D Matrix Screensaver:  Software

Posted by softwaresaurus at Nov. 26, 2006
3D Matrix Screensaver:

3D Matrix Screensaver: "Inside THE MATRIX" - Aprox. 2 MB

Living 3D Dinosaurs ScreenSaver  Software

Posted by Yourbill at Aug. 14, 2006
Living 3D Dinosaurs ScreenSaver

Living 3D Dinosaurs ScreenSaver | 6 Mb

Go back to prehistoric times where amazing 3D dinosaurs again roam the earth. The dinosaurs are on constant alert due to the presence of the carnivore, 3D Tyrannosaurus Rex. The scene evolves beneath the smoke of an active volcano and the action is reflected in the life-like lake. Dinosaurs include tyrannosaur, alamosaur, triceratops, thescelosaurus, hadrosaur and pterodactyl. The sounds of the dinosaur world will immerse you totally in the land of dinosaurs.

3D DNA Screensaver  Software

Posted by bgtip at Jan. 8, 2006

3D DNA Screensaver | 1.32 MB

AutoWorld 3D Garage Screensaver 2.24  Software

Posted by Kuh-Cool at Aug. 31, 2007
AutoWorld 3D Garage Screensaver 2.24
Win OS | English | 9 MB

Let yourself be touched by the magic of AutoWorld 3D Garage Screensaver. You will be carried away by the soft lightening of a spacious modern 3D garage which reveals every shadow of the surrounding objects and attracts your attention to the car in the center. Enjoy the rotating view of the world-wide most popular cars: Audi TT, Audi A3, Lamborghini Gallardo, Lamborghini Murcielago, Mitsubishi Eclipse, Mercedes-Benz SL. Accompanied by the music of your preference.Hard to believe but it's true–all of these babies will be standing in splendour right on your desktop and only for you challenging you to drive them all.