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Melissa & Joey S01E23-24  Video

Posted by emjlio at Aug. 25, 2011
Melissa & Joey S01E23-24

Melissa & Joey S01E23-24
HDTV 720p | English | MKV | 1276 x 718 | x264 @ 3034kbps & 3247kbps 23.976fps | AC-3 @ 384kbps | 21min/ep | 533MB + 564MB
HDTV | English | AVI | 624 x 352 | XviD @ 969kbps & 973kbps 23.976fps | MP3 @ 128kbps | 21min/ep | 174MB x 2
Genre: Comedy

"Melissa & Joey," a half-hour multi-cam comedy with Melissa Joan Hart and Joey Lawrence executive producing and starring, finds Hart portraying Mel, the grown-up former wild child of a political family who is now a local politician herself. When her sister ends up in prison and brother-in-law flees after a scandal hits, Mel must take responsibility for her teenaged niece Lennox and pre-adolescent nephew Ryder. Spread too thin to manage by herself, help comes in the unlikely form of Joe (Lawrence) who, desperate for a job, moves in and becomes the family's "manny." David Kendall & Bob Young are executive producers and writers; Paula Hart also serves as executive producer.
Lindisfarne - Nicely Out Of Tune (Charisma CAS 1025) (UK 1970) (Vinyl 24-96 & 16-44.1)

Lindisfarne - Nicely Out Of Tune
FLAC | Artwork | 24Bit 96kHz: 832 MB | 16Bit 44.1kHz: 251 MB
Cat#: Charisma CAS 1025 | Country/Year: UK 1970 (original pink charisma)
Genre: Folk, Folk Rock | Hoster: Fileserve/Hotfile/Filesonic

Nicely Out of Tune is the debut album by Lindisfarne, released in late 1970. It was thus titled as the group considered themselves 'nicely out of tune' with other prevailing musical trends at the time. It charted more than a year after release, thanks to the huge success of their second album Fog on the Tyne, which topped the charts early in 1972.
Allman Brothers Band, The - Brothers And Sisters (Capricorn K47507) (FR 1973) (Vinyl 24-96 & 16-44.1)

Allman Brothers Band, The - Brothers And Sisters
FLAC | Artwork | 24Bit 96kHz: 818 MB | 16Bit 44.1kHz: 272 MB
Cat#: Capricorn K47507 | Country/Year: France 1973
Genre: Blues Rock, Jam Rock | Hoster: Fileserve/Hotfile/Filesonic

The group's first album recorded completely after the death of leader Duane Allman, and mostly after the death of bassist Berry Oakley, Brothers and Sisters saw the Allmans reach a commercial peak.
Rigoni / Schoenherz - Victor (Bacillus Records BRO 8501) (GER 1975, 2LP) (Vinyl 24-96 & 16-44.1)

Rigoni / Schoenherz - Victor (A Symphonic Poem)
FLAC | Artwork | 24Bit 96kHz: 1,58 GB | 16Bit 44.1kHz: 631 MB
Cat#: Bacillus Records BRO 8501 | Country/Year: Germany 1975
Genre: Symphonic Rock, Krautrock | Hoster: Fileserve/Hotfile/Filesonic
Supertramp - Paris (A&M 396 702-1) (GER 198_, ReIssue) (Vinyl 24-96 & 16-44.1)

Supertramp - Paris
FLAC | Artwork | 24Bit 96kHz: 1,85 GB | 16Bit 44.1kHz: 616 MB
Cat#: A&M 396 702-1 | Country/Year: Germany 198_, ReIssue
Genre: Pop Rock, Prog Rock | Hoster: Fileserve/Hotfile/Filesonic

Paris is a live album by progressive rock band Supertramp, released in 1980. The album was recorded on Supertramp's Breakfast in America tour in November 1979 in Paris, France.

Eurythmics - Revenge (RCA PL 71050) (GER 1986) (Vinyl 24-96 & 16-44.1)  Vinyl & HR

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Eurythmics - Revenge (RCA PL 71050) (GER 1986) (Vinyl 24-96 & 16-44.1)

Eurythmics - Revenge
FLAC | Artwork | 24Bit 96kHz: 944 MB | 16Bit 44.1kHz: 307 MB
Cat#: RCA PL 71050 | Country/Year: Germany 1986
Genre: Synth Pop | Hoster: Fileserve/Hotfile/Filesonic

Revenge is the sixth album by the British pop duo Eurythmics, released in 1986. Following on from their previous album, Be Yourself Tonight, Revenge continued further in this direction as the duo embraced a more commercial "rock band" style. The album included several hit singles and was a commercial success. Its release was followed by an extensive world tour.
Eurythmics - Be Yourself Tonight (RCA PL 70711) (GER 1985) (Vinyl 24-96 & 16-44.1)

Eurythmics - Be Yourself Tonight
FLAC | Artwork | 24Bit 96kHz: 0,99 GB | 16Bit 44.1kHz: 328 MB
Cat#: RCA PL 70711 | Country/Year: Europe 1985
Genre: Synth Pop | Hoster: Fileserve/Hotfile/Filesonic

This album saw Eurythmics move away from their previous more experimental, synthesizer-based songs, to a more commercial pop/rock sound, incorporating a more traditional band line-up/instrumentation. Nonetheless, the recordings still possessed an atmospheric and cutting edge sound, winning Stewart awards for his production work on the album. The release of the album also coincided with a new look for singer Annie Lennox, who ditched the androgynous look of the previous albums and became, in biographer Lucy O'Brien's words, "a bleach-blonde rock 'n' roller." wikipedia
Schroeder Roadshow - Anarchie In Germoney (Zarah Zylinder 16412 ZZ) (GER 1979) (Vinyl 24-96 & 16-44.1)

Schroeder Roadshow - Anarchie In Germoney
FLAC | Artwork | 24Bit 96kHz: 858 MB | 16Bit 44.1kHz: 275 MB
Cat#: Zarah Zylinder Records 16412 ZZ | Country/Year: Germany 1979
Genre: Krautrock, Politrock | Hoster: Fileserve/Hotfile/Filesonic

Schroeder Roadshow was a german politrock band in the late 70s and early 80s, which gained a lot of popularity in the anarcho and squatter scene. Stylistic it is a fusion of Krautrock, Bluesrock and Jazzrock.
New Model Army - No Rest For The Wicked (EMI 1A 064 24 0335 1) (NL 1985) (Vinyl 24-96 & 16-44.1)

New Model Army - No Rest For The Wicked
FLAC | Artwork | 24Bit 96kHz: 868 MB | 16Bit 44.1kHz: 290 MB
Cat#: EMI 1A 064 24 0335 1 | Country/Year: Netherlands 1985
Genre: New Wave, Folk Rock | Hoster: Fileserve/Hotfile/Filesonic

No Rest For The Wicked (1985) is the second album release of British rock band New Model Army. According to the sleeve it is in fact a compilation, but it is generally regarded as a studio album and is therefore counted as the band's second studio album, Vengeance (1984) being their first. It also marks the band's first release on major record label EMI. It was released in 1985, and was to become the last album of founding member, Stuart Morrow. The album reached #22 in the UK albums chart.
Uriah Heep - Live (Bronze Records 86796 XDT) (GER 1973, 2LP) (Vinyl 24-96 & 16-44.1)

Uriah Heep - Live
FLAC | Artwork | 24Bit 96kHz: 1,45 GB | 16Bit 44.1kHz: 516 MB
Cat#: Bronze Records 86796 XDT | Country/Year: Germany 1973
Genre: Hard Rock | Hoster: Fileserve/Hotfile/Filesonic

Uriah Heep Live is a 1973 double live album by the British rock group Uriah Heep. In addition to a live version of the band's hit "Easy Livin'", the record includes classic live cuts such as "Sweet Lorraine", "Sunrise", and an extended live version of "July Morning". wikipedia