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UFO - Showtime (2014) [Bluray-rip 1080p]  Music

Posted by juanchito at Feb. 17, 2015
UFO - Showtime (2014) [Bluray-rip 1080p]

UFO - Showtime (2014)
Bluray-rip 1080p | MKV | 1920x1080 (16:9), 23.976 fps, AVC, Nominal bit rate: 9 290 Kbps | 7.94 GB
Audio: FLAC, 48.0 KHz, 16 bits, 6 channels | Length: 01:36:00
Rock, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal
Trondheim Solistene - Divertimenti (2008, 2L # 2L-050-SABD) (Pure Audio BluRay Rip)

Trondheim Solistene - Divertimenti: Britten, Bacewicz, Bartok
FLAC 2.0 24bit/192 kHz: 2,31 GB | FLAC 5.1 24bit/192 kHz: 6,18 GB | Artwork
Label/Cat#: 2L # 2L-050-SABD | Country/Year: Norway 2008 | 5% Recovery Info
Genre: Classical | Style: Early 20th Century, Contemporary

"The sound is spectacular in whatever format you choose but the jump to Blu-ray is, as in vision, a leap forward. None of which would matter were the performances not also uniformly excellent: This is a superbly alive performance of the Britten Simple Symphony, making it sound a much more ambitiouswork than usual. A demonstration recording!" ~Grammophone

Space Junk 3D (2012) 1080p BluRay Half-SBS DTS x264-PHD  Video

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Space Junk 3D (2012) 1080p BluRay Half-SBS DTS x264-PHD

Space Junk 3D (2012) 1080p BluRay Half-SBS DTS x264-PHD
Language(s): English | Subtitles: none
37mn 28s | 3D 1080p | 1920x1080 | mkv @ 12500 Kbps | DTS @ 1510 Kbps | 3.73 GB
Genre(s): Documentary | Short

50 years after launching our dreams into space, we’re left with a troubling legacy: a growing ring of orbiting debris that threatens the safety of earth’s orbits. SPACE JUNK is a visually explosive journey of discovery that weighs the solutions aimed at restoring our planet’s orbits.
Miles Davis with Quincy Jones & The Gil Evans Orchestra - Live At Montreux 1991 (2013) [720p BluRay Rip] {Eagle Rock}

Miles Davis with Quincy Jones & The Gil Evans Orchestra - Live At Montreux 1991 (2013) [720p BluRay Rip] {Eagle Rock}
MKV - > 2.74 Gb | 720p BluRay Rip H264 | 1280x720 (16:9) | DTS 5.1 @ 1509 Kbps | ~ 60 m
© 2013 Eagle Rock | 51807 3
Jazz / Modal Music / Trumpet

Miles Davis and storied producer/arranger Quincy Jones shared a long friendship and working history, despite the jazz trumpeter's legendary reputation as an intimidating and difficult collaborator. Their last partnership comes to light Tuesday in Miles Davis With Quincy Jones and the Gil Evans Orchestra Live at Montreux 1991, a concert from the Montreux Jazz Festival captured shortly before Davis died. Evans died in 1988.

Die Fantastischen Vier - Heimspiel (2009) {BluRay Rip}  Vinyl & HR

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Die Fantastischen Vier - Heimspiel (2009) {BluRay Rip}

Die Fantastischen Vier - Heimspiel
Stereo FLAC: 1,96 GB | Multichannel FLAC: 5,08 GB | Lossless Artwork & Recovery Info
Label/Cat#: Columbia # 88697588609 | Country/Year: Europe 2009 | Genre: Hip Hop

1989 hatten die Fantas­tischen Vier ihren ersten Auftritt – in einem ehemaligen Stuttgarter Kindergarten. 20 Jahre später feiern die Urväter des deutschen Sprechgesangs Jubiläum – natürlich in der alten Heimat. Nur die Location ist diesmal etwas größer: 60.000 Fans pilgerten zum Cannstatter Wasen, um mit dem Quartett Geburtstag zu feiern. Begleitet von einer Liveband und dem Orchester der Bolschoi-Oper Minsk beschenkten die Fantas sich und ihre Fans mit einem großartigen Streifzug durch zwei Jahrzehnte deutschen Hip Hop. Alle Hits und eine aufpolierte Version von "Die da" gab man zum Besten….
Nirvana - Live At The Paramount [DGC 060257779003] {Europe 2011} -BluRay Rip-

Nirvana - Live At The Paramount
Stereo FLAC @ 24/48: 1 GB | Multichannel FLAC @ 24/48: 2,24 GB | Full Artwork | Recovery Info & PAR2
Label/Cat#: DGC 060257779003 | Country/Year: Europe 2011 | Genre: Grunge

Live at the Paramount is a live video by the grunge band Nirvana released in 2011. It was released on DVD and Blu-ray Disc as part of the 20th anniversary of Nirvana's Nevermind album. It showcases a live performance at the Paramount Theatre in Seattle from October 31, 1991. The footage is taken from the only Nirvana show ever to be shot on 16 mm film….

Megadeth - Rust In Peace Live [Universal] {Europe 2010} -BluRay Rip-  Vinyl & HR

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Megadeth - Rust In Peace Live [Universal] {Europe 2010} -BluRay Rip-

Megadeth - Rust In Peace Live
Stereo FLAC @ 24/48: 555 MB | Multichannel FLAC @ 24/48: 1,56 GB | Recovery Info
Label: Universal | Country/Year: Europe 2010 | Genre: Heavy Metal

No surprise here: Megadeth: Rust in Peace Live simply rocks on Blu-ray. Shout! Factory's DTS-HD MA 5.1 lossless soundtrack is a butt-kicker and name-taker. This track never lets up and literally engulfs the listener in a barrage of crisp and powerful sound that's got to be the next best thing to attending a live Megadeth concert…
Leonard Cohen - Songs From The Road [Sony Legacy 88697759099] {Europe 2010} -BluRay Rip-

Leonard Cohen - Songs From The Road
Stereo FLAC @ 24/96: 1,53 GB | - | Lossless Artwork & Recovery Info
Label/Cat#: Sony Legacy 88697759099 | Country/Year: Europe 2010| Genre: Songwriter | Hoster: FP/FF

…Songs from the Road seems a bit pale compared to the excellence of Live in London, but both albums are enough to convince anyone that even at the age of 74, Leonard Cohen remains one of the most vital figures in contemporary music, and his gifts as a performer nearly match his abilities as a writer, no small accomplishment.

Midnight in Paris (2011) [Full BluRay]  Video

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Midnight in Paris (2011) [Full BluRay]

Midnight in Paris (2011)
A Film by Woody Allen
Full BluRay 1:1 | 1080p MPEG-4 AVC @ 26906 Kbps | 01:34:15 | 24,12 Gb
Audio: DTS-HD MA 5.1 - English; Spanish; Catalan | Subs: Spanish, Catalan
Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Romance | Spain, USA

Gil and Inez travel to Paris as a tag-along vacation on her parents' business trip. Gil is a successful Hollywood writer but is struggling on his first novel. He falls in love with the city and thinks they should move there after they get married, but Inez does not share his romantic notions of the city or the idea that the 1920s was the golden age. When Inez goes off dancing with her friends, Gil takes a walk at midnight and discovers what could be the ultimate source of inspiration for writing. Gil's daily walks at midnight in Paris could take him closer to the heart of the city but further from the woman he's about to marry.

Captain America: The First Avenger (2011) [Full BluRay]  Video

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Captain America: The First Avenger (2011) [Full BluRay]

Captain America: The First Avenger (2011)
Full BluRay 1:1 | 1080p MPEG-4 AVC @ 28788 Kbps | 02:04:11 | 44,78 Gb
Audio: English DTS-HD MA 7.1; English, French, Portuguese, Spanish - AC3 5.1
Subtitles: English, French, Portuguese, Spanish
Genre: Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi | USA

It is 1942, America has entered World War II, and sickly but determined Steve Rogers is frustrated at being rejected yet again for military service. Everything changes when Dr. Erksine recruits him for the secret Project Rebirth. Proving his extraordinary courage, wits and conscience, Rogers undergoes the experiment and his weak body is suddenly enhanced into the maximum human potential. When Dr. Erksine is then immediately assassinated by an agent of Nazi Germany's head of its secret HYDRA research department, Johann Schmidt aka the Red Skull, Rogers is left as a unique man who is initially misused as a propaganda mascot. However, when his comrades need him, Rogers goes on a successful adventure that truly makes him Captain America and his war against Schmidt begins.